Guilty Gear Strive - Official I-No Gameplay Reveal Trailer


The final character in Guilty Gear Strive's starting roster has been revealed, and it's the musician in red, I-No. Check out I-No's reveal trailer and gameplay and get ready for Guilty Gear Strive's impending release on April 9 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.
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  • Miguel Gomez
    Miguel Gomez18 godzin temu

    So no baiken? Hmmmmmm

  • AzwraithPL
    AzwraithPLDzień temu

    Shiina Ringo best character.

    ECO BRAVODzień temu

    Why no bra! because she use mágic xD. Witches dont worry about gravity

  • WannabeeCoolGuy
    WannabeeCoolGuyDzień temu

    So she's who all the H-artists have been drawing these days.

  • Ozner
    Ozner2 dni temu

    Oh an Official I! it's a shame we got no gameplay reveal trailer....

  • Anthony Thompson
    Anthony Thompson2 dni temu

    Ngl I thought it said "No gameplay trailer"

  • Damnedinfaith
    Damnedinfaith2 dni temu


  • TheOnlyDD4E
    TheOnlyDD4E2 dni temu

    No Slayer I cry :(

  • Арсалан Дамдинжапов
    Арсалан Дамдинжапов2 dni temu

    Who's missing to Testament? Venom and Testament are two my fav characters

  • adham adyatma
    adham adyatma2 dni temu

    Where is Johnny?

  • magnificent10304
    magnificent103042 dni temu

    Haven't played since GG2 or 3 maybe. Where's my boy Johnny? I-no was fun. I'll probably pick her up again. Here's hoping for Johnny n Testament, who had the illest instakill in that game, with the demon woman in bed

  • velliamtube
    velliamtube2 dni temu


  • Massa Young
    Massa Young2 dni temu

    My two mains have always been millia and I-no ,but giovanna came in ,somebody has to go and this design seems like it’s not i-no lol

  • Perwirakasa Solutions
    Perwirakasa Solutions3 dni temu

    What we won't get to play as Johnny & Jam the chef girl? Is it because Jam is from China & they gave us all coronavirus?

    RAYNE3 dni temu

    She looks like female alucard with a guitar...

  • Dranucus Khaor
    Dranucus Khaor3 dni temu

    man fml, why does she have to look so amazing but i cant play her at all :/

  • Clive Lynch
    Clive Lynch3 dni temu

    Where is my girl Dizzy!!!

  • Mitrion Ice cream
    Mitrion Ice cream3 dni temu

    Now we just need Baiken and Jack-O and i am satisfied

  • Benny Washington
    Benny Washington3 dni temu


  • Morpheus
    Morpheus3 dni temu

    Nice frames I-No

  • Divatox
    Divatox3 dni temu

    wait....i saw Megalomania move in the end?

  • jelly gilly
    jelly gilly3 dni temu

    i can't stop re-watching this epic trailer

  • KoX-kill Z Cymerii
    KoX-kill Z Cymerii3 dni temu

    Imagine 2 Players local/online vs 1cpu boss battles. Guilty Gear on a next level. It should be an option. Don't need something like FighterZ just smaller option to play togheter with mates. Playing vs is fun but coop... Well from Time to time it coud be cool.

  • Wolfenstein absolutely

    Wolfenstein absolutely

    3 dni temu

    Sounds more like Streets of Rage

  • K1ngsW0lf
    K1ngsW0lf3 dni temu

    Dang, not gonna lie, I saw the thumbnail and that Lady Dimestriscu with glasses🤣

  • GnosisZX
    GnosisZX4 dni temu

    Description of I no an evil bayonetta I think the glasses are a shout out

  • Jim Tiberius
    Jim Tiberius4 dni temu

    All Your Fetishes Combined...

  • paulo gonzales
    paulo gonzales4 dni temu

    No instant kill?

  • yusuf ardiansyah
    yusuf ardiansyah4 dni temu

    15 characters aren't final right?

  • Eveline Caroline Huang [Lienhua MingMei Huang]
    Eveline Caroline Huang [Lienhua MingMei Huang]4 dni temu

    Perfection is Impossible; just Strive to Do Your Best. Go Go Female Player, Go Beyond the Sky. Heaven or Hell, Let's Rock!!! 😎😎😎

  • Patrick Hocking
    Patrick Hocking4 dni temu

    Man, this and Demon Slayer. Very cool

  • jeesh
    jeesh4 dni temu


  • shobhit lackchoura
    shobhit lackchoura4 dni temu

    Doesn't she look like fubuki???🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Timelymirror78
    Timelymirror784 dni temu

    😉 that's ohya from persona 5

  • Medicated Nixon
    Medicated Nixon4 dni temu

    When I read "Guilty Gear Strive" it makes me think of "Metal Gear Survive" and my PTSD from that game kicks in

  • MSGSlayer1
    MSGSlayer14 dni temu

    Did Sol just flip I-No at 0:55?

  • carlos diplan
    carlos diplan4 dni temu

    Give me King of Fighters in this format please!!!

  • Fabmatt Art
    Fabmatt Art4 dni temu

    I want bridget xd

  • iconocast
    iconocast4 dni temu

    i wanna see that super, very nice

  • Gordiesang
    Gordiesang4 dni temu

    ArcSys make Strive better the gameplay is boring af

  • Timelymirror78


    4 dni temu

    ;-) it's beta footage of course it will change

  • El Ratigato
    El Ratigato4 dni temu

    IGN why u dont support SNK showing Chizuru Kagura trailer

  • Aswad Chowdhury

    Aswad Chowdhury

    3 dni temu

    Exactly show both waifus

  • nal 648
    nal 6484 dni temu

    Best trailer so far.

  • Martín Enemigo
    Martín Enemigo4 dni temu

    Does the game looks a little bit worse than what it was shown for the first time? I remember being shocked by the graphics and not so much now.

  • Ife Obasa

    Ife Obasa

    4 dni temu

    You got used to the graphics is all.

  • KicKAzzBMTH
    KicKAzzBMTH4 dni temu

    1:19 Nice little nod to Orange Amplification at the end there

  • Brujo Hernandez
    Brujo Hernandez4 dni temu

    Sonic fox already is the master of this game.

  • Soulfide
    Soulfide4 dni temu

    Eh... wish it was someone else

  • Hisham Shoblaq
    Hisham Shoblaq4 dni temu

    How jump force should’ve been made

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez4 dni temu

    Its a shame that this will not come to XBOX, but i see me buying a PS5 at some point, did not spect need to buy it before christmass 😩

  • Augusto
    Augusto4 dni temu

    The character design and animation in this game, it's just perfect.

  • JayGamerShow
    JayGamerShow4 dni temu

    Check it out, its Bayonettas rebellious kid sister ;)

  • Timelymirror78


    4 dni temu

    More like ohya from persona 5

  • Andrew Dawson
    Andrew Dawson4 dni temu

    So hyped 🙃

  • Drago87
    Drago874 dni temu

    Top Waifu!

  • Lilhoodie Energizer
    Lilhoodie Energizer4 dni temu

    Did they tease tag team in the game

  • Makayla W
    Makayla W4 dni temu

    I don't know how to feel about this design

  • RprSonic
    RprSonic4 dni temu

    0:59 My ears just creamed themselves

  • Patrick Tierney
    Patrick Tierney4 dni temu

    INO wearing a bra? This seems twisted and unnatural.

  • Ife Obasa

    Ife Obasa

    4 dni temu

    It's not a bra.

  • DOomArt Gaming
    DOomArt Gaming4 dni temu

    Day 1

  • Clint Stryzer
    Clint Stryzer4 dni temu

    Art style is amazing 🤩

  • therealbahamut
    therealbahamut4 dni temu

    Oh great...SHE'S back.

  • blaze229
    blaze2294 dni temu

    No thanks, I’ll wait for the game of the year definitive edition to come out. That Version will have more characters.

  • blaze229


    3 dni temu

    @Jacob Kelley The game yes, the anime never seen it.

  • Jacob Kelley

    Jacob Kelley

    4 dni temu

    @blaze229 do u like naruto ninja storm boruto

  • blaze229


    4 dni temu

    @Michael Fox it’s true.When I buy a game I want to fall game from the start. Like it should be.

  • blaze229


    4 dni temu

    @Jacob Kelley I don’t play fighting games online.

  • Michael Fox

    Michael Fox

    4 dni temu

    @Jacob Kelley Damn shots fired :)

  • Rekktt
    Rekktt4 dni temu

    Anime crap for 13 yo

  • Timelymirror78


    4 dni temu

    😉 this is for all ages

  • Hailstormful
    Hailstormful4 dni temu

    The absolute madlads made I-no look even hotter, that's some evil 3D sorcery at work...

  • KDP
    KDP4 dni temu

    My heart broke a little more when It wasn't Jam

  • KDP


    4 dni temu

    @HyperNova yeah but the fact you commented your heart broke a little too

  • HyperNova


    4 dni temu

    We both knew jam wasn’t gonna be the final char man

  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love4 dni temu

    This should be under the entertainment category, not technology

  • Dropkick Pherby
    Dropkick Pherby4 dni temu

    Love that she has her signature Gretsch

  • Media Punchlines: Gaming And Reaction Videos
    Media Punchlines: Gaming And Reaction Videos4 dni temu

    Wouldve MUCH rather had A.B.A. come back than this chick but... I mean great for I-No players...I guess

  • Media Punchlines: Gaming And Reaction Videos

    Media Punchlines: Gaming And Reaction Videos

    3 dni temu

    @Andre00x you couldnt be more wrong she would be top 5 in a poll

  • Andre00x


    3 dni temu

    No one cares about a.b.a.

  • Media Punchlines: Gaming And Reaction Videos

    Media Punchlines: Gaming And Reaction Videos

    4 dni temu

    @K A I and while I get that...with all due respect no one gives a fk about a fighting games story fighting games are played for the multiplayer like first person shooters.

  • K A I

    K A I

    4 dni temu

    I want her too but I-No is more important than A.B.A lore wise

  • Yokai Challenger
    Yokai Challenger4 dni temu

    I'm still hoping for GG vs Blazblue. One can dream...

  • Timelymirror78


    4 dni temu

    😶 they had a chance to include guilty gear in cross tag battle

  • Golden Chair

    Golden Chair

    4 dni temu

    As a fan I just don't want to see blazblue die a slow death in a mobile game when guilty gear gets a huge new release. The series is just a brilliant as guilty gear in its own ways and deserves way more love.

  • Dennis
    Dennis4 dni temu

    why wouldnt they try and use same dude from smallville. What a waste

  • Kupiin Gaming
    Kupiin Gaming4 dni temu

    WhY iS ShE WeAr A bRa NoW!

  • K A I

    K A I

    4 dni temu

    @Kupiin Gaming I mean the people complaining

  • Kupiin Gaming

    Kupiin Gaming

    4 dni temu

    @K A I i have a wife....and why talking to a real girl is hard?

  • K A I

    K A I

    4 dni temu

    People need to talk to a real girl 😂

  • Buster_WOLF Hopkins
    Buster_WOLF Hopkins4 dni temu

    The game is beautiful, but personally i prefer Xrd. Strive feels too slow and limited. Just my opinion

  • K A I

    K A I

    4 dni temu

    @Buster_WOLF Hopkins But people are having fun it's not gonna be old guilty gear it's a new game and honestly most of that stuff for the most past doesn't matter it's cool but doesn't matter and there is enough freedom this whole weekend people hare all been finding unique combos from one another.

  • Buster_WOLF Hopkins

    Buster_WOLF Hopkins

    4 dni temu

    @K A I fair enough. There isnt enough freedom in the gattling combos. The air gattlings are almost non-existent. I hope they do some revisions before it drops. It emphasizes very heavily on the neutral and hit/ block stun. I can see what they're going for, but its not as fast, fun or frantic as past guilty gear games

  • K A I

    K A I

    4 dni temu

    @Buster_WOLF Hopkins I was being sarcastic

  • Buster_WOLF Hopkins

    Buster_WOLF Hopkins

    4 dni temu

    @K A I um no it isn't. It takes practice and most fighters

  • K A I

    K A I

    4 dni temu

    @Buster_WOLF Hopkins Yeah because xrd is the hardest game ever🤨🤨🤨

  • dscholes
    dscholes4 dni temu

    Looks like a whole bunch of goods guys gonna be fighting each other lol there must be more bad guys coming right it can't just be i-no

  • Brujo Blanco
    Brujo Blanco4 dni temu

    once again i-no is bringing the riffz, boys.

  • No Name
    No Name4 dni temu

    I-No this joke is old, but she looks like Yoko Ono.

  • NiceGuy Tonio
    NiceGuy Tonio4 dni temu

    I-No great addition, I'm still hoping for Jack-O though

  • NiceGuy Tonio

    NiceGuy Tonio

    4 dni temu

    @Mok-axe Ohh, Thanks for telling me that man

  • Mok-axe


    4 dni temu

    @NiceGuy Tonio SPOILERS She merged with Justice and turned into Aria(Sol's Girlfriend before she was Justice)

  • NiceGuy Tonio

    NiceGuy Tonio

    4 dni temu

    @Mok-axe She die or something?

  • Mok-axe


    4 dni temu

    Sadly she will never come back

  • Kit
    Kit4 dni temu

    Elphelt when? :(

  • Taquito-Blade
    Taquito-Blade4 dni temu

    Why do I get this awesome feeling there's more to come?

  • Ludwig Karsten
    Ludwig Karsten4 dni temu

    Am I the only one who read NO GAMEPLAY trailer...

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo4 dni temu

    They made the Hex Girls a playable fighter!!!!

  • Carmine Bastevole
    Carmine Bastevole4 dni temu

    what is the point of pre-order on pc?

  • Carmine Bastevole
    Carmine Bastevole4 dni temu

    when is the beta comeing to pc

  • Trix
    Trix4 dni temu

    Preordered already

  • Basilaras 01
    Basilaras 014 dni temu

    Plz tell tell me that there is a character with a bass...!

  • The Amazing Spiral-Man

    The Amazing Spiral-Man

    4 dni temu

    Play potemkin if you wanna turn up the bass

  • Mank
    Mank4 dni temu

    Why isn't this a Netflix Anime in 3D form like the game yet!

  • onepogi
    onepogi4 dni temu

    My favorite character next to Dizzy and Maya hehehe

  • Luciano Arrieta
    Luciano Arrieta4 dni temu

    Now we only need Baiken

  • RodukenPSN
    RodukenPSN4 dni temu

    Hyped!! Capcom needs to make street fighter 6 in this art style and animation or something similar

  • K A I

    K A I

    4 dni temu

    And make this art style less unique??? Please stop

  • Cold Blizzard
    Cold Blizzard4 dni temu

    She looks awesome. But I’m not sure if she’s the character I want to use. But as of right now, she’s caught my attention just like Chipp did

    ROGELIO CANELA4 dni temu

    I have my new fighting game waifu

  • stacy williams
    stacy williams4 dni temu

    Well theres ino there's buy

  • Jezza Lenko
    Jezza Lenko4 dni temu

    What's with the hat though

  • ronin
    ronin4 dni temu

    They save lives... If you know you know

  • osricen
    osricen4 dni temu

    The only thing I was it had more is female fighters! Not because of PC stuff, but because they'd be damn beautiful with these incredible graphics.

  • Pahoa Productions
    Pahoa Productions4 dni temu

    These guys should absolutely remake “Marvel vs Capcom”

  • Allen Guillory

    Allen Guillory

    3 dni temu

    I think they should share game engine resources.

  • Kazuki Sena
    Kazuki Sena4 dni temu

    0:58 This looks gets me so tingly inside.

  • DaBlacc$aiyan
    DaBlacc$aiyan4 dni temu

    This is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥 damn wish my boy Venom made it in though.....still got my boy Leo though

  • lopy
    lopy4 dni temu

    Ugh! Welcome microtransactions cause the gaming community accepted you with open arms.

  • K A I

    K A I

    4 dni temu

    If you mean dlc characters that completely fine It keeps the game alive

  • Bupperoni


    4 dni temu

    ?????? What are you talking about

  • Bacchus Endo
    Bacchus Endo4 dni temu

    Bayonetta's new look Bayonetta 3 looks great

  • Kou D3x
    Kou D3x4 dni temu

    Predicting IGN's dumbass "the roster is lacking" critique in their review of the game now.

  • KiDult’NPlay
    KiDult’NPlay4 dni temu

    I-No who I'll be using! ✌🏼😏

  • Nyghtmare6380
    Nyghtmare63804 dni temu

    Why do they keep playing with Dizzy

  • Lux Ferre
    Lux Ferre4 dni temu

    Can the mommys start cosplaying this instead of the big tall vampire lady?