NBA 2K21 - Official Age of Heroes Trailer


The Age of Heroes has arrived in MyTeam. Build a superstar lineup with all-new hero-themed cards in Season 5.
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  • ZX
    ZX2 dni temu

    I can't wait! 😎

  • Burna 26
    Burna 263 dni temu

    Just keep ppl out of the Rec who don't know how to play team ball. Point guard avg only 2 assist per, shouldn't even be allowed to load up.

  • MG
    MG3 dni temu

    dont care about your gambaling for kids...why is youtube recommending

  • Cyberdemon Mike
    Cyberdemon Mike5 dni temu

    I'm glad I don't care about basketball. Imagine getting ripped off like this lol

  • Afro Jack
    Afro Jack5 dni temu

    The incredible Zulk (Zion) The white knight (herro) The splash (curry) Michael Jordan, he doesn’t need a superhero name he already is a superhero name

  • LimitedSpartan
    LimitedSpartan5 dni temu

    Now they're legit just ripping off what madden did last year and the year before

  • pJohn09
    pJohn095 dni temu

    This game will cost u $500 including VC/outfits/boosts and upgrades🤦🏽‍♂️💯

  • Botzz
    Botzz5 dni temu

    There lot of negative reactions on steam..

  • Moses Ramos
    Moses Ramos5 dni temu

    Imagine your game being so garbage you have to borrow from 2 other franchises to make it interesting, the NBA game franchise is a travesty

  • Terror Doida
    Terror Doida5 dni temu

    ROFL gonna get Jordan for USD 2000 on loan for 6 months and then a new game comes out.

  • Mr. Dee
    Mr. Dee5 dni temu

    No thanks I can do that in blacktop on my own custom court, I'll keep my money and storage space

  • Chris Schelstraete
    Chris Schelstraete6 dni temu

    So glad I've never spent a dime on NBA games or Football games anymore I do miss playing them though

  • iloveplayingpr
    iloveplayingpr6 dni temu

    Microtransactions and Re-selling the same version.

  • BW IV
    BW IV6 dni temu

    Assemble new devs first

  • mrbigman006
    mrbigman0066 dni temu

    Hope u can unlock the Kobe copter

  • tym mazhin
    tym mazhin6 dni temu

    haha another waste of money

  • Andres Vasquez
    Andres Vasquez6 dni temu

    At this point, sports game should be free, they still get money from micro transactions anyways

  • Robert Thomas

    Robert Thomas

    6 dni temu

    I swear all they do is charge u 4 every damn thing

  • Macyle
    Macyle6 dni temu

    Just don't buy this crap...and if you do You're the main part of problem.

  • PsychoSavage88
    PsychoSavage886 dni temu

    unleash your wallets!

  • Jason King 1381From BKNY
    Jason King 1381From BKNY6 dni temu

    @ them dislikes 🤣

  • Cruz Richard
    Cruz Richard6 dni temu

    uhhhhh what were we supposed to see?

  • DEEZY 99
    DEEZY 996 dni temu

    Did y’all peep Tyler herro 💀💀💀

  • Lester Brown
    Lester Brown6 dni temu

    Age Of Heroes equals Age of Zeroes on people’s bank account.

  • Ryze Introvert
    Ryze Introvert6 dni temu

    More dislikes than likes....keep it going

  • Ryze Introvert
    Ryze Introvert6 dni temu


  • Shut up
    Shut up6 dni temu

    00:29 Tyler Herro looks like he's having a stroke

  • Jam Bro

    Jam Bro

    6 dni temu


  • Battsci
    Battsci6 dni temu

    No thanks. The nba supports forced labor camps

  • Lord Zaiden
    Lord Zaiden6 dni temu

    I was hoping this was gonna be a new mode or something

  • Tron Gray

    Tron Gray

    6 dni temu

    Thought it was DLC like from 2k12

  • OHiWONder Gaming
    OHiWONder Gaming6 dni temu

    So NBA basketball sims have basically devolved into Marvel’s Avengers (MCU). 😒

  • Alex Barton
    Alex Barton6 dni temu

    2k is just funny bad now😂😂

  • Danny Camacho
    Danny Camacho6 dni temu

    RNG: The Video Game

  • ReggieRegg
    ReggieRegg6 dni temu

    2k so underwhelming to me now

  • Gang time
    Gang time6 dni temu

    What is this ?

  • Aragorn7884
    Aragorn78846 dni temu

    Because: capitalism 🙄🤑

  • J Folks
    J Folks6 dni temu

    Charles Barkley: Ginobiliiiii!!!!!

  • IEnvy Hxr
    IEnvy Hxr6 dni temu

    where tf is Kobe at?

  • Mario Duarte
    Mario Duarte6 dni temu

    WOW! It legit looks like every NBA game before it, astonishing!

  • Mike
    Mike6 dni temu

    0:30 wtf tyler herro 😂

  • Rich Mula
    Rich Mula6 dni temu

    2K just pack it up at this point

  • Bzake
    Bzake6 dni temu

    Best game ever

  • NoLimit Theo
    NoLimit Theo6 dni temu

    We can’t even get into the mode without an error

  • Zero Altima
    Zero Altima6 dni temu

    I’m still waiting for another NBA Street.



    6 dni temu

    Ask EA for that one.

  • willib323
    willib3236 dni temu

    This game is terrible

  • ACExAlmighty 934
    ACExAlmighty 9346 dni temu

    Everybody get ready to drop 180$ on the same exact game as last year! If u wait 2 months it will be 30 bucks used

  • SociaLight
    SociaLight6 dni temu

    Does Tyler Herro really do the snarl in 2k? Lol

    IAMBTJGAMING6 dni temu

    I can hear Troydan now😂😂

  • Kj
    Kj6 dni temu

    Don’t spend a single cent I guarantee u won’t get anything worth having

  • Amin Ef
    Amin Ef6 dni temu

    00:25 I remember that dunk animation from 2k13 on 360

  • Who Dis
    Who Dis6 dni temu

    Does lib wrong james pop up to scold you about being white, while his child labor made uniform realistically flutters akin to the Chinese flag in the muslim internment camps?

  • Who Dis

    Who Dis

    6 dni temu

    @Benjamin K. supporting blm and the Chinese government isn’t enough proof?

  • Who Dis

    Who Dis

    6 dni temu

    @L. E anyone that opposes your pov is white?

  • Young Ace

    Young Ace

    6 dni temu


  • L. E

    L. E

    6 dni temu

    @Benjamin K. he’s just in his white boy feelings

  • Benjamin K.

    Benjamin K.

    6 dni temu

    can you link me to an article and/or video where he scolds people for being white?

  • ElvenKing 992
    ElvenKing 9926 dni temu

    Disgusting game, insult to peoples intelligence.

  • Etiti Yulolo
    Etiti Yulolo6 dni temu

    Age of microtransaction.

  • demonwares
    demonwares6 dni temu

    Every hero needs a villain, where is Dennis Rodman? Oh... I forgot that the villains are micro transactions

  • Lovell Legato
    Lovell Legato6 dni temu

    no kobe? tf?

  • Josh Boose
    Josh Boose6 dni temu

    Dead game

  • Perris Drew
    Perris Drew6 dni temu

    How was Kobe NOT shown once in this vid smh

  • Perris Drew

    Perris Drew

    6 dni temu

    @Jcrow21 I actually made a typo

  • Jcrow21


    6 dni temu

    Y does he need to be shown alot

  • IC3ZZ X
    IC3ZZ X6 dni temu


  • Wyvborn
    Wyvborn6 dni temu


  • GamingBlizzardA
    GamingBlizzardA6 dni temu

    Just here for the comments...

  • TheBRUNO
    TheBRUNO6 dni temu

    Same game Just more cassino

  • Fred P

    Fred P

    6 dni temu

    No more casino. And it actually changed but you can’t change the base

  • Saiyan Prince
    Saiyan Prince6 dni temu

    2K been garbage since 2K17

  • Kris Hatake

    Kris Hatake

    6 dni temu

    That's the last one I got

  • Mo Ali
    Mo Ali6 dni temu

    That’s crazy FIX THE GAME

  • Carlos Herrera
    Carlos Herrera6 dni temu

    Age of micro transactions

  • Gesni B tight pink pussy

    Gesni B tight pink pussy

    6 dni temu

    Au revoir!

  • RaptorFromThe6IX
    RaptorFromThe6IX6 dni temu


  • RicoSystem
    RicoSystem6 dni temu

    The age of Mirco

  • Braden Pierce
    Braden Pierce6 dni temu

    The game won't even load

  • Random Hajile
    Random Hajile6 dni temu

    *Stop supporting bad business practices sports gamers.* What's wrong with y'all?

  • Robert Thomas

    Robert Thomas

    6 dni temu

    People hard headed they keep throwing money at the game smh they gonna keep micro transacting us to death

  • Dre2timezz


    6 dni temu

    @Se3ker 018 mane

  • Danny Camacho

    Danny Camacho

    6 dni temu

    @Dre2timezz you really think you’re nice when the game determines if you make a shot or not? That’s called RNG lmao

  • Se3ker 018

    Se3ker 018

    6 dni temu

    @Dre2timezz English please...

  • Gang time

    Gang time

    6 dni temu

    If you guys don’t purchase you guys put pressure on 2k and they will make a better game it simple

  • Cheat Activated
    Cheat Activated6 dni temu

    2k is 🗑

  • Froge
    Froge6 dni temu

    Assemble your heroes Made in partner with ea The game cost 300 dollars and the players cost 50000000

  • Albert
    Albert6 dni temu

    Looks the same as all the old NBA 2k.

  • Fred P

    Fred P

    6 dni temu

    Hell nah

  • Jules
    Jules6 dni temu

    Heroes don't rob the ppl blind

  • Tron Gray

    Tron Gray

    6 dni temu

    Is it blind tho?

  • sly Rivers

    sly Rivers

    6 dni temu


  • Tokur 9000
    Tokur 90006 dni temu

    For 43 seconds you guys put a crapload of Zion and Jordan in there...

  • Benjamin K.

    Benjamin K.

    6 dni temu

    because you have to lock in the cards that come out in the two sets to get Dark Matter Zion and Dark Matter Jordan

  • Aaron Barber
    Aaron Barber6 dni temu

    2k is so lazy

  • Phantom Thief
    Phantom Thief6 dni temu

    Assemble your heroes just for a small price of $99.99 to get no to miniscule chance of getting that said hero.

  • dr. Doom369

    dr. Doom369

    2 godzin temu

    And infinite unskipable ads like mobile games

  • Stratocast83


    6 dni temu

    Basically lol

  • Riot man

    Riot man

    6 dni temu

    EA: Nah for 5 payments of $99.99 ull get the character u want or maybe not

  • Andrew J. Young
    Andrew J. Young6 dni temu

    Great start 2k....I love getting error codes when loading up MyTeam 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • tarx
    tarx6 dni temu

    The hell was that

  • lil CAPalot
    lil CAPalot6 dni temu

    Let me take yo money 2k21

  • Daryl Frosty
    Daryl Frosty6 dni temu

    Damn these games come out fast

  • Elizabeth Real wife Beatuful SAX V!D3os

    Elizabeth Real wife Beatuful SAX V!D3os

    6 dni temu


  • AC
    AC6 dni temu

    Why this vid?

  • JUST
    JUST6 dni temu

    You can't even log in the mode.

  • Roman Nazario
    Roman Nazario6 dni temu

    1500$ to get Jordan.

  • MG


    3 dni temu

    probobly more

  • Mitchell Latimer

    Mitchell Latimer

    5 dni temu

    Worth it

  • Sergio Next

    Sergio Next

    5 dni temu

    how much for lebron?

  • Rafael Diaz

    Rafael Diaz

    6 dni temu


  • Hostile Environment

    Hostile Environment

    6 dni temu

    This has got to be an out of season early April fools joke....

  • The Pittsburgh Man
    The Pittsburgh Man6 dni temu

    Lmfao big money grab

  • Chrysostomos Kazonis
    Chrysostomos Kazonis6 dni temu

    casino simulator-age of heroes trailer

  • Reese X2

    Reese X2

    6 dni temu

    NBA Edition

  • Tornait


    6 dni temu

    @Fred P It's straight robbery.

  • Michel De La Rosa

    Michel De La Rosa

    6 dni temu


  • Fred P

    Fred P

    6 dni temu

    It isn’t a casino anymore

  • Z Cat
    Z Cat6 dni temu

    $$$$ grab

  • Mira [f.u.ск мe] ТАР 0N МY РIC

    Mira [f.u.ск мe] ТАР 0N МY РIC

    6 dni temu

    You’re so sweet, you’re giving me a toothache.

  • Hudson Dixon
    Hudson Dixon6 dni temu