Diablo 4: Rogue Class Cinematic Trailer | BlizzConline 2021


Get your first look at the Rogue character class joining the cast of Diablo IV.
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  • J3ss3 Jam3s
    J3ss3 Jam3sGodzinę temu

    They have ultimate Money, and, Game is like 8bit Nintendo, ...

  • Trick135
    Trick1352 godzin temu

    What's happened with graphic and physic quality?? Is that real blizzard cinematic? There is huge difference between announcement cinematic and this.

  • sylver mag
    sylver mag11 godzin temu

    Roguy do tu 'you hear me

  • Stevie
    Stevie11 godzin temu

    So.... basically she’s demon hunter + monk.

  • Kit Wayne
    Kit Wayne19 godzin temu

    Thieves, heretics, murderers: Lend me your ears!

  • Cyber Lich
    Cyber Lich21 godzinę temu


  • Mike Ox Small
    Mike Ox Small22 godzin temu

    XyNta (

  • BlueBoo
    BlueBoo23 godzin temu

    Will we be able to get this for mobile?🙃

  • Nicky Ylén-Julin
    Nicky Ylén-JulinDzień temu

    Hmm.. The cinematics look like something from Diablo 2, did Activision fire all the 3D and animation artists from Blizzard?

  • tyrone loki
    tyrone lokiDzień temu

    now that is a fetish

  • Jim Crocket
    Jim CrocketDzień temu

    The Combat system looks like dragon age 2 ?

  • Peter
    PeterDzień temu

    poor dialogue and the animations look so much like D3

  • Jimmie Karlsson

    Jimmie Karlsson

    Dzień temu

    doesent rly matter if it looks like "D3" as long as it doesent feel like D3 lol

  • Ross Scriven
    Ross Scriven2 dni temu

    Ps6 ?

  • Jerome Chris Rentillo
    Jerome Chris Rentillo2 dni temu

    I remember collecting ears in pvp as trophies.

  • danny3man
    danny3man2 dni temu

    So is this like diablo 3 ? Buy dlc to get the character ?

  • Wee Didi
    Wee Didi2 dni temu

    Oh... This looks like it will be disappointing. Also, "New class, Rogue"? What did they think here, it's one of the three original classes.

  • Name Surname
    Name Surname2 dni temu

    All i want from Diablo 4 is to never see the Convention of Elements.

  • Bảo Thỏ
    Bảo Thỏ2 dni temu

    3:28 Andariel comback ??

  • Zachary Smith
    Zachary Smith2 dni temu

    As a life long Diablo fan, the art still looks too mobile game.

  • Chris Hughes
    Chris Hughes2 dni temu

    This game is going to be amazing.

  • HeavyMetal221
    HeavyMetal2212 dni temu

    Did they even release that mobile game?

  • BallerBoy 2424
    BallerBoy 24242 dni temu

    Definitely going to be the first class I play

  • Brothulhu Phtagn
    Brothulhu Phtagn2 dni temu

    Can someone please tell me where i can find more music like this? Its amazing.

  • Matte Crystal
    Matte Crystal2 dni temu

    WTF do companies insist on letting IGN upload there videos. IGN videos are always low quality 1080p that looks closer to 720p

  • Deactivist
    Deactivist2 dni temu

    What ails you my friend?

  • Sergio Jiménez
    Sergio Jiménez2 dni temu

    I don't see a big evolution from Diablo 3 here. They should have take the GOW franchise path, risking big

  • lucso delm nuro
    lucso delm nuro2 dni temu

    samira on diablo IV

  • Daniel Bounty
    Daniel Bounty2 dni temu


  • Gary Y
    Gary Y2 dni temu

    By the time this is released, it will be available for PC, PS12 and direct download to neural cortex.

  • Lee Vang
    Lee Vang2 dni temu

    Only 9 more years to wait...

  • Iam Gömböc
    Iam Gömböc2 dni temu

    I've a feeling this will not be a particularly great game.

  • Alexander V.
    Alexander V.2 dni temu

    Looks like crap!

  • CharlesLeeRay
    CharlesLeeRay2 dni temu

    3:27 Andariel confirmed.

  • Prashanth Subramanian
    Prashanth Subramanian2 dni temu

    is this the same "do you not have phones" game?

  • Jimmie Karlsson

    Jimmie Karlsson

    Dzień temu

    No, that one is called diablo immortal, this is diablo 4.

  • Karsten KK
    Karsten KK2 dni temu

    kids game, its a damn shame.

  • ISellSigals
    ISellSigals2 dni temu

    You got phones don't you?

  • Mr Moist
    Mr Moist2 dni temu

    Gonna have to keep tabs on this

  • Николай Благоразумов
    Николай Благоразумов2 dni temu

    Че все по импортному пишут?

  • jesse james
    jesse james2 dni temu

    Cant wait to play once Corona has disappeared.

  • JS Dan
    JS Dan2 dni temu

    Can’t wait to play this on my phone!!

  • BS Detector
    BS Detector2 dni temu

    Windows ?????!!!??

  • TwoLazyPeople
    TwoLazyPeople3 dni temu

    Seriously interesting

    IIIAHMIII3 dni temu

    textures look outdated and dull. We are in 2021 people you can do better

  • vmah0111
    vmah01113 dni temu

    I cant wait to not pre-order this.

  • erdoğan çoban
    erdoğan çoban3 dni temu

    Bune amk

  • Cris Firestar
    Cris Firestar3 dni temu

    That’s Lars Andersen Bow action there!

  • Scallivant
    Scallivant3 dni temu

    String of ears belt from D2 anyone???

  • lanirulez
    lanirulez3 dni temu

    Expected so much more of Diablo cinematic :(

  • Carlos Guevara
    Carlos Guevara3 dni temu

    Is this an out of season April fool's joke?

  • JJR234
    JJR2343 dni temu

    This place is ear-ie...

  • O'Neill Adam
    O'Neill Adam3 dni temu

    so the rogue is basically the demon hunter from D3

  • Sam Amir
    Sam Amir3 dni temu

    Ears to our beloved game franchise going down the dumps. 🥂🥂🥂

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones3 dni temu

    Thank goodness, I thought there might be something different or original in this.

  • mustache mike
    mustache mike3 dni temu

    Why are they dropping trailers if it won't be released until 2051?

  • Outsider 001
    Outsider 0013 dni temu

    This looks cold asf

  • Outsider 001
    Outsider 0013 dni temu

    No mobile game?😂😂😂😂

  • Tommy Robles
    Tommy Robles3 dni temu

    Van a sacar el 4 y yo esperando desde hace 3 años el diablo para Android 😒

  • xSABERx
    xSABERx3 dni temu

    Do they have an actual movie for this? I’ve never played the game. But i enjoy all the cinematic trailers.

  • Richard Leston
    Richard Leston3 dni temu

    Diablo 2 remaster looks way better.

  • Hristo Raychinov
    Hristo Raychinov3 dni temu

    Do i need graphic card for that game.

  • Giannis Xrisostomou
    Giannis Xrisostomou3 dni temu

    Can we make the expansion from 3!to iv?

  • Sergio B.leon
    Sergio B.leon3 dni temu

    Otra gran mierda igual que el 3

  • Darian Hendrickson
    Darian Hendrickson3 dni temu

    When can we play?????

  • Deividas Asanavicius
    Deividas Asanavicius3 dni temu

    its basically akali from league of legends haha

  • Horace Peterson
    Horace Peterson3 dni temu

    Demon Hunter 2.0

  • Christian Contreras
    Christian Contreras3 dni temu

    This looks amazing if this was a stand alone 3rd persons rpg

  • Chris Hudson
    Chris Hudson3 dni temu

    The bad writing reminds me of Diablo 3. Not sure why they think they need to give the classes personalities. If they feel they need to, they should do it the POE way and just have the odd comment now and again.

  • altair
    altair3 dni temu

    Sold.Take my money!

  • Ric Ram
    Ric Ram3 dni temu

    cant wait for this to come out on the hot new console .................the i phone

  • B G
    B G3 dni temu

    big whoop...the play footage at the end looks like D3 with some new characters and some different mechanics...played D1, 2, and 3...have to say...not interested

  • viperswhip
    viperswhip3 dni temu

    Well, this means, no Amazon, and she's a nefed Demon Hunter? Well, I'll wait and see.

  • To Kopaaisen

    To Kopaaisen

    2 dni temu

    I only played a little of d3, super boring classes

  • Zero1872001
    Zero18720013 dni temu

    Cant play. I dont have a mobile device >...>

  • Balloonbot
    Balloonbot3 dni temu

    Now when he says "stay a while and listen" - he means it.

  • Jimmy Ardie
    Jimmy Ardie3 dni temu

    Release diablo immortal on mobile already

  • SemperFidelisTyrannosaurus
    SemperFidelisTyrannosaurus3 dni temu

    What? You guys dont all have PC’s?

  • Dephside
    Dephside3 dni temu

    i was hyped about diablo 4 then i found out about magic legens and now i dont know what diablo is

    GR1ZZLY3 dni temu

    Always one of the best looking cinematic trailers, and then you get ingame graphics like in WoW and D3. Yes, graphic is not all of the cake. But come on...

  • TurtlMunk
    TurtlMunk3 dni temu

    Reminds me of the time when we could take peoples ears in PVP in Diablo 2

  • SquiKun
    SquiKun3 dni temu

    The CGI looks kinda disappointing.

  • praneeth ruthprabhu
    praneeth ruthprabhu3 dni temu

    Monsters Hunter: Hi how u doing

  • Star of Eden
    Star of Eden3 dni temu

    You must listen to me !!!!!!

  • Mars
    Mars3 dni temu

    Excuse me but... Is this an out of season April fools nok3? E?

  • Ansol Lee
    Ansol Lee4 dni temu

    I thought Andariel would be different in Diablo 4, I was hoping to see her again in the new form like the artwork Blizzard showed us previously.

  • Max B
    Max B4 dni temu

    A cinematic trailer wow! So it's safe to assume this has nothing to do with the actual game

  • M Flow
    M Flow4 dni temu

    It would be much better if there is a character creation function

  • Максим Игоревич
    Максим Игоревич4 dni temu

    Опять муженинависничество

  • Jamiroqman
    Jamiroqman4 dni temu

    I really do hope there will be a monk class in this

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer4 dni temu

    Ubisoft would consider this a Gameplay Trailer lol 😆

  • maxnetir timon
    maxnetir timon4 dni temu

    Wow that looked cool

  • Steam admin
    Steam admin4 dni temu

    помоему хуйня. через чур

  • DSB FuhLife
    DSB FuhLife4 dni temu

    *throws money at phone screen

  • Slouching Badger
    Slouching Badger4 dni temu

    The Crones of Crookback bog want to know your location.

  • Dylan Patterson
    Dylan Patterson4 dni temu

    If your ready for all the micro transactions they will stuff in this game raise your hand🙋

  • MrRustyDust
    MrRustyDust4 dni temu

    We all know that necrodaddy will save the day.

  • MrRustyDust


    4 dni temu

    Or paladude

  • Николай Крючков
    Николай Крючков4 dni temu

    3:27 Demon - Andariel ???

  • A Dark Trap
    A Dark Trap4 dni temu

    Can we all remember that blizzard are cool with the ccp's actions against human lives.

  • Slade Wilson

    Slade Wilson

    3 dni temu

    @A Dark Trap No, more like you are a simpleton and think that a company not willing to risk their second if not biggest market is them saying they are cool with certain things. A company can be not okay with such things but hold it's tongue or prevent others from causing issues with a certain market. I hate the actions taken by them but it's a complicated world. What if they did nothing and allowed said words and actions to happen, and china blocks them from a market. Millions to billions of revenue loss, therefore massive jobs perhaps removed, massive stock drop, which then effects more people. Simple actions can have massive impacts.

  • A Dark Trap

    A Dark Trap

    3 dni temu

    So have you forgetten blizzcon and why people started boycotting them.. 🤦‍♂️🤔

  • Slade Wilson

    Slade Wilson

    4 dni temu

    Well that's just not true.

  • FabiyBile
    FabiyBile4 dni temu

    She s return!!

  • Brad Hoefler
    Brad Hoefler4 dni temu

    well that was an Ear-ry ending

  • Daman Teoh
    Daman Teoh4 dni temu


  • funkydanieluk
    funkydanieluk4 dni temu

    That looked kinda crappy