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Whether you're a podcaster, Twitch streamer or PLclipr, having a good microphone is essential to your content creation. We're taking a look at three mics that are worth your time if you're a content creator: the Razer Seiren Mini, the HyperX QuadCast S, and the Shure SM7B. The Blue Yeti is the standard streaming mic you typically see streamers use while streaming, but there are some other options out there when it comes to a streaming microphone.

The best budget mic is out there, so we have some pretty good options when it comes to the best streaming microphone on the market. These microphones are also great options if you're looking for a gaming microphone. A cheap microphone might be what you're looking for, but of course there are some professional microphone choices we have that may suit your needs for the best microphones. Our USB microphone review in the Razer Seiren Mini and the HyperX QuadCast S will likely help you make a decision in regards to picking a good streaming microphone or a microphone for podcast.

USB microphones are very commonplace these days, especially with home studio setups, so picking a good USB microphone is essential. What about a good microphone for gaming? The best microphones for gaming and broadcasting tend to be a condenser microphone or a dynamic microphone. You've likely seen a lot of Twitch streamers or PLcliprs using the Shure SM7B, which is a great option for a streaming microphone. The best budget mic is out there, and we'll help fill you in. Hopefully we'll be able to help you get the best recording mic for your budget! The best streaming microphone and the best budget microphone (or best budget mic) is ready for your vocals!
00:00 - Intro
00:53 - Razer Seiren Mini
02:14 - HyperX QuadCast S
03:32 - Shure SM7B
04:51 - Sound Quality Comparison
05:11 - Conclusion


  • ethan
    ethan20 godzin temu

    is this a crossover with the verge?? holy crap the sm7b take was ATROCIOUS???????? XLR to USB? HUH?? Phantom Power to this mic isn't needed UNLESS you're using a FetAmp/Cloudlifter

  • Gabriel Rivera
    Gabriel RiveraDzień temu

    Yeti X FTW

  • Smooper
    SmooperDzień temu

    My soul died when he said to use a XLR to USB cable for the SM7B. DO NOT DO THIS!!!! 😭😭

  • Ash
    Ash2 dni temu

    I'm not trying to Gatekeep, but you have no idea what you are talking about. The SM7B DOES NOT need Phantom Power. Also please don't use an XLR to USB Cable to connect this to a Computer, use an actual Audio Interface. If you want more gain because your interface doesn't have enough Gain to drive the mic, use an inline mic preamp, like the Triton Audio Fethead or the Klark Technick Mic Booster CT1. These preamps provide clean gain and DO require Phantom Power, but the results are fantastic.

  • Dennis Hansson
    Dennis Hansson2 dni temu

    4:20 NO NO NO!! im with @podcastage on this all the way!! OMG. IGN!!! this is on the Verge on being The Verge PC build.

  • Matthew Lockyer
    Matthew Lockyer2 dni temu

    This has the same vibe as the verge pc build video. Plese can big channles do some reserch befor trying to recomend stuff......

  • Brendan Murphy
    Brendan Murphy2 dni temu

    Link for the shirt please.

  • Affinity For Games
    Affinity For Games3 dni temu

    This is the audio equivalent of that Verge pc build video.

  • Canu
    Canu3 dni temu

    Try the Samson g track pro. Works like a charm.

  • Ren Alcantara
    Ren Alcantara3 dni temu

    SM7b plus an XLR to USB cable = a WORLD of hurt. That's pretty sketch advice.

  • Mark's Game Reviews
    Mark's Game Reviews3 dni temu

    Whoever wrote this guys script needs to go back to audio school. Phantom power does NOTHING for a Shure SM7B.

  • Top Down
    Top Down3 dni temu

    What!? Just as podcastage said, DO NOT us an XLR to USB cable to use an SM7B

  • MD Gamming
    MD Gamming3 dni temu

    They all sound the same

  • gillythekid
    gillythekid3 dni temu

    This is... a bad video :/ I’m sorry but this is all really terrible advice, especially in regards to the SM7b. This is going to spread a lot of misinformation to people who don’t know any better. Not to mention most of the people who purchase the SM7b nowadays don’t even know why they want it other than “everyone has it”. Definitely a unique sounding mic that doesn’t work universally on all applications as well as all voices.

  • Arthur Tisseront
    Arthur Tisseront3 dni temu

    Audio engineer here! The section on the SM7B is wrong to a pretty incredible degree - I'd expect better from an organization with the resources of IGN. Phantom power does nothing, at best, for most dynamic mics. At worst, running phantom power into a dynamic mic can break it. An XLR to USB cable is not sufficient to power *any* XLR mic, let alone a power-hungry dynamic like the Shure. For anyone looking to buy an XLR mic, you absolutely need an audio interface to power it. A computer cable connection is not sufficient. IGN should not be distributing misinformation like this.

  • Ransom Garcia
    Ransom Garcia3 dni temu

    I work for a vegas country radio station and we use the SM7B. It’s a tremendous mic, but it can absolutely be expensive for people getting a start. While it isn’t as flashy, I always recommend the Samson Q2U to people who are looking for a great sounding dynamic mic at a great price. It has both USB and XLR functionality too, for when you do want to eventually get into the XLR game.

  • Kossler
    Kossler3 dni temu

    The SM7b section is highly inaccurate. The SM7b is a dynamic microphone, so it is made SPECIFICALLY to NOT use phantom power. It's possible to actually damage some Dynamic microphones with Phantom Power. Also, an XLR to USB cables will sound awful with the amount electrical noise it would create and it is not AT ALL capable of pushing the volume of the SM7b. The SM7b is one of the most gain hungry microphones on the market. Get a dedicated audio interface and a cloudlifter.

  • seayó
    seayó3 dni temu

    This is soo terrible, reccomends garbage usb mics with way better options, recommends an sm7b with an xlr to usb cable WHEN ITS -59DB SENSITIVITY, you're gonna have to crank up the gain to max and probably boost it in post and get noise, please don't trust this video.

  • Podcastage
    Podcastage3 dni temu

    No. No. No. No. No. No. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. DO NOT use an XLR to USB cable with the SM7B!!!!! Additionally the SM7b will not benefit from phantom power.

  • ホニャスチャンネルHonyasu's Channel

    ホニャスチャンネルHonyasu's Channel

    9 godzin temu

    The police is here....

  • swayzone


    Dzień temu

    This is IGN. Did you expect them to actually know what they're talking about?

  • Jie Xiang

    Jie Xiang

    2 dni temu

    Totally agree, the amout of line noise is crazy

  • Inkgnition


    3 dni temu

    Preach it, brother!

  • Grant Christnacht

    Grant Christnacht

    3 dni temu

    @snarkel my thoughts exactly!

  • Guthrie Melchiade
    Guthrie Melchiade3 dni temu

    You guys should of showed the Wave 1&3 since the software pretty much beats a lot of these mics for the price

  • lv Mystogan Da Bear vl
    lv Mystogan Da Bear vl3 dni temu

    The first HyperX Quadcast is legit fire.

  • Jerky
    Jerky3 dni temu

    They forgot about the mv7 by shure that’s a great mic it’s 250$ compared to the 400$ sm7b

  • Jeremy JMIAH Williamson
    Jeremy JMIAH Williamson3 dni temu

    yeah... we REALLY need a LIGHT on a mic to improve sound quality LOL

  • 15thCrypt


    3 dni temu

    It really helps to see the sound waves

  • 于景川
    于景川3 dni temu

    why dont buy 2i2 or motu m2 to plugin SM7B Instead of a cheap usb cable.

  • JwayneAdams
    JwayneAdams3 dni temu

    Ign budget mics... 399,pirce of a ps5

  • Gavin C.O.
    Gavin C.O.3 dni temu

    i love this guy

  • Akeem Lawanson

    Akeem Lawanson

    3 dni temu

    he loves you!

  • Oliver
    Oliver4 dni temu

    Wondering why the HyperX SoloCast hasn't been mentioned. Not everyone wants to spend £120+ on a microphone. The SoloCast outperforms what razer has to offer imo.

  • Andrej Pokorny
    Andrej Pokorny4 dni temu

    I recommend buying something like Audient EVO 4 for 100€ and some cheaper condenser mic mine first one was really cheap superlux for 40€ this will cost you around 140€ its a bit more expensive than hyperX microphone but in my opinion its mich better

    NUGGER BOI4 dni temu

    shure and razer sound similar lol

    SILENT GAMER4 dni temu

    all them compatible with ps5 ؟

  • Maxim Cryseria
    Maxim Cryseria4 dni temu

    When did ign become a tech channel?

  • Cute Pikachu
    Cute Pikachu4 dni temu

    I tried twitch. never got one viewer let alone 1 subscriber, no matter what i played or for how long....

  • PepperPete11
    PepperPete114 dni temu

    Please do video camera's or webcams next

  • ydoesitmatter
    ydoesitmatter4 dni temu

    what about the elgato wave 1 or 3?

  • gundamluver
    gundamluver4 dni temu

    I have the HyperX and it's my first microphone. Love it so much and my husband got one as well

    IZAKQ4 dni temu

    Elgato is nice too

  • Frack
    Frack4 dni temu

    Still using my old school Blue Snowball. Honestly don't know how far behind the curve it is. I haven't made content in years.

  • Greg black
    Greg black4 dni temu

    Do not use phantom power on shure sm7b. It will not help and can potentially harm your mic. You will need a Mic activator such as cloudlifter cl1 or klark teknik cm1.

  • Ginja Nuttah
    Ginja Nuttah4 dni temu

    When I closed my eyes I heard kermit

  • Blynn Beltran
    Blynn Beltran4 dni temu

    Just say $400.

  • Akeem Lawanson

    Akeem Lawanson

    4 dni temu


  • Pizza Planet Alien
    Pizza Planet Alien4 dni temu

    Awesome vid, and this type of content I wish IGN keeps doing

  • ThatRedHairedDude
    ThatRedHairedDude4 dni temu

    Me thinking that all three sounded the same

  • Kyotosomo
    Kyotosomo4 dni temu

    Acoustically treating your environment and having a quality preamp is way more important than what mic you use, but do make sure to pick XLR over USB as USB will always be inferior. AT2020 is a cheap starter mic yet can still provide professional audio quality for like only $100. Honestly that's all you really need but if you want a top tier mic and can blow $1000 the TLM103 is a favorite among voice actors. Although if you're trying to go for a deep or soothing or commercial sound the MKH416 is worth considering too. If you're a voice actor a quality recording setup is important, but if you're a content creator do know this should be at the bottom of your priority list. Poor audio is not what's bringing you down, it's probably your thumbnails or content or video length. On a final note, if you're deadset on a USB mic, the Samsung Meteor is a cheaper better Yeti and is highly portable, I use it if I'm on vacation but still absolutely need to send in audio for a gig and the client is willing to accept mediocre sound quality. Anyway I hope all this helps, best of luck!

  • Kaamel Mathis
    Kaamel Mathis4 dni temu

    Just upgraded to the SM7B a couple weeks ago. Love it to death.

  • Juan Paramo
    Juan Paramo4 dni temu

    Recently got the elgato wave 3 and I love it

  • BKLYN Gamer 77

    BKLYN Gamer 77

    3 dni temu

    Yeah that’s my first choice

  • Alex Hempsall
    Alex Hempsall4 dni temu

    Phantom power has absolutely no impact on a Shure SM7B as its a dynamic mic!

  • James Malloy

    James Malloy

    2 dni temu

    @Brian Gomez Not every XLR mic needs separate power.

  • Brian Gomez

    Brian Gomez

    3 dni temu

    @Alex Hempsall interesting. Thanks

  • Alex Hempsall

    Alex Hempsall

    3 dni temu

    @Brian Gomez nope dynamic mics need no power at all. Condensers need power to charge the plates/diaphragm. As the diaphragm moves with the sound hitting it, the capacitance between the diaphragm and the charged plates varies producing the signal. Dynamic mics rely on sound hitting a membrane attached to a coil which moves over a magnet in conjunction with sound waves creating the signal by electromagnetic induction.

  • Brian Gomez

    Brian Gomez

    3 dni temu

    does not every XLR mic require separate power to use since it's not getting powered through USB? Pretty sure that means a mixer or interface of some sort for phantom power. Or are you confusing that with say, a mic activator like a Cloudlifter?

  • indieANER
    indieANER4 dni temu

    Rose and Sennheiser is waaaay better than this crap!

  • Briie Tsai
    Briie Tsai4 dni temu

    Please do more videos like this

  • wmosleycr7
    wmosleycr74 dni temu

    i would say this a better list: samson q2u USB $69.99 mxl 990 + behringer um2 AI $150 shure mv7 USB $250 Rode procaster + rode AI-1 $360 Shure sm7b + cloud lifter + focusrite scarlett solo $680

  • D Addison
    D Addison4 dni temu

    Dude you don't want to throw an XLR to USB on that shure mic. --Also getting a mixer? -No, get yourself a soundcard, Behringer, makes cheap ones, M-audio makes cheap ones, and Focusrite makes the most popular with it's Scarlett series. This dude isn't exactly misinformed but that microphone is not plug-n-play ready like he makes it seem.

  • Akeem Lawanson

    Akeem Lawanson

    4 dni temu

    Dude, I’m testing tech. XLR to USB is an option. I didn’t recommend it, I just let everyone know that there’s an item out there that can convert XLR to USB. Definitely not recommended, and I really doubt anyone who is looking at the Shure would even consider it as an option. But it’s our job to be thorough, especially since the other mics presented are USB types. And I don’t know why you’d say “no” to getting a mixer. Some folks, like myself, produce podcasts and need more than one XLR input for additional mics. I’m far from misinformed, my guy.

  • Konstantin Grebennikov
    Konstantin Grebennikov4 dni temu

    Whut dis todo wit content? Wth!? Voice=content?

  • MumblinGamer
    MumblinGamer4 dni temu

    What's with the plants?

  • MumblinGamer


    4 dni temu

    @Akeem Lawanson alot of things.

  • Akeem Lawanson

    Akeem Lawanson

    4 dni temu

    What’s your issue with plants?

  • Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section)
    Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section)4 dni temu

    That room looks cozy, man. I love all the plants

  • AJ Zoro
    AJ Zoro4 dni temu

    El Gato Wave 3 especially with the Wave link software!

  • Soigne West
    Soigne West4 dni temu

    dont forget about the Samson G Track Pro..! bought one a month ago and its amazing only like $130 as well from sweetwater

  • Cookee MonstR
    Cookee MonstR4 dni temu

    Elgato Wave 3.. Your Welcome Everyone.

  • Cookee MonstR

    Cookee MonstR

    3 dni temu

    @BKLYN Gamer 77 no prob. ! Highly recommend it and totally worth especially since the software for the mic is a Mixer that lets u control each and every sound for every app seperately.

  • BKLYN Gamer 77

    BKLYN Gamer 77

    3 dni temu

    Thank you!

  • Godstime Agbongiague
    Godstime Agbongiague4 dni temu

    Razor won for sound quality but me like the hyperX

  • Asian Import
    Asian Import4 dni temu

    Are there any mics out there that don’t require me to have a boom arm in my face? One that I can have 2-3 feet away? I heard I should look into shotgun mics.

  • Akeem Lawanson

    Akeem Lawanson

    4 dni temu

    You just gotta get a low-profile mic arm, like they use in radio studios.

  • YoungHoratio


    4 dni temu

    Get a elgato wave

  • Tony Fights
    Tony Fights4 dni temu

    you should've also included the gpro x by Logitech

  • The Blind Leader
    The Blind Leader4 dni temu

    Blue Yeti for me

  • Killa-King Kong
    Killa-King Kong4 dni temu

    I got the HyperX Quadcast 2 years ago when it launched. It’s the best mic I’ve used and still holding up very well and I see no reason at all to upgrade.

  • malevxlent
    malevxlent4 dni temu

    saving everyone buying the sieren. dont get it, get the hyper x solocast.

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez4 dni temu

    Honestly I just use the mic that's built-in to the PS5 control, it sounds better than the PlayStation headset

  • waalex11
    waalex114 dni temu

    Bad Mic Testing. They all sound "great" but you didn't show to what extent background noise can be heard.

  • Monster
    Monster4 dni temu

    I dont hear much difference. I like the rgb one though cause RGB lol.

  • Dataiconroy
    Dataiconroy4 dni temu

    Super happy with my sm7b. Nothing compares to it's audio quality imo

  • F0zzybe3ar
    F0zzybe3ar4 dni temu

    imagine the elgato wave not being on here, ign knows nothing

  • F0zzybe3ar


    4 dni temu

    @Akeem Lawanson I have a lot of happiness in my life thanks.

  • Akeem Lawanson

    Akeem Lawanson

    4 dni temu

    @F0zzybe3ar lol, ooook 😂 hope you find some happiness in your life. buh'bye 👋🏾

  • F0zzybe3ar


    4 dni temu

    @Akeem Lawanson I'm not your bud :)

  • Akeem Lawanson

    Akeem Lawanson

    4 dni temu

    @F0zzybe3ar no worries, bud! Remain blessed :)

  • F0zzybe3ar


    4 dni temu

    @Akeem Lawanson already lost any respect for you by calling me fanboy. You should stay away from doing videos like this.

  • Louis Gabay
    Louis Gabay4 dni temu

    The regular razer seiren is also very worth the price. I have it and it is well worth $80 for all microphone needs.

  • Sam Mitchell
    Sam Mitchell4 dni temu

    Have a jlab talk go for zoom meetings and everyone comments how clear I sound.

  • Turbosoggy
    Turbosoggy4 dni temu

    just get a bm-800

  • Lorna Dune
    Lorna Dune4 dni temu

    I really wish you had thrown in a review of the yeti that you are using in this review. I was thinking of getting one. Thanks

  • Akeem Lawanson

    Akeem Lawanson

    4 dni temu

    @Lorna Dune no prob!

  • Lorna Dune

    Lorna Dune

    4 dni temu

    @Akeem Lawanson thanks for the additional information

  • Akeem Lawanson

    Akeem Lawanson

    4 dni temu

    We unfortunately had to cut that portion out. But the yeti is a great choice, the sound is comparable to the HyperX Quadcast mic and similar features

  • wryanne vanornum
    wryanne vanornum4 dni temu

    For an sm7b, it'll cost you a total of 600 for every equipment to operate the mic

  • Akeem Lawanson

    Akeem Lawanson

    4 dni temu

    It’s quite expensive, but you’re investing in yourself and your craft. It’ll all last you for years

  • Julio Torres
    Julio Torres4 dni temu

    Thanks IGN! You appeared just when i was thinking on starting a stream. Please do a headset recommendation video :)

  • MrRabidchipmunk69 banana
    MrRabidchipmunk69 banana4 dni temu

    Will the hyper x mic pick up when about 22-24 inches aways dont want the mic directly infront of me

  • Akeem Lawanson

    Akeem Lawanson

    4 dni temu

    Yeah, you just have to adjust the gain

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee4 dni temu

    I use Hyper X and it just fantastic especially it affordable prices. It has a built in filter too! I end up replacing my Blue Yeti with that.

  • Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee
    Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee4 dni temu

    I don't know if I should like or not. The video is nice, but the test at the end all 3 comparisons were not captured at the same time but the same sentence repeated somewhat differently each time per microphone.

  • Kruegerx
    Kruegerx4 dni temu

    Do any work with Xbox series x?

  • Junior Tshangase
    Junior Tshangase4 dni temu

    Im glad yalls released this

  • Nassah Deys
    Nassah Deys4 dni temu

    I use the Gaming Freak Chanter Bullet. A pretty great plug and play mic that costs less than 50 bucks.

  • R3l0AD
    R3l0AD4 dni temu

    Bruv they are still expensive for me

  • Dayderlaw
    Dayderlaw4 dni temu

    We need this video as everyone recommends blue yeti but it's getting old and there's better and cheaper mics now

  • Jeremy JMIAH Williamson

    Jeremy JMIAH Williamson

    3 dni temu

    I've got a Blue Spark digital and it's STILL badassery, but it's made for audio vocals in music. However, it'll connect to any device with USB, lightning, or micro USB. The quality is better than ALL of these combined too.

  • Gromp
    Gromp4 dni temu

    I genuinely don't hear a difference between any of them

  • Rem Rens
    Rem Rens4 dni temu

    I want RGB on I have no choice but to pick the HyperX one.

  • arbknight12
    arbknight124 dni temu

    What if I want to make an attempt at abridging an anime series? Which mic is best for that?

  • PlayHarderScrub
    PlayHarderScrub4 dni temu

    I have a yeti but that RGB mic I neeeeeeeed it

  • Alexander Vang
    Alexander Vang4 dni temu

    i use a shure sm58 with a focusrite and thats way cheaper than the shure in this video

  • Herr Bzzzd
    Herr Bzzzd4 dni temu

    Content creation...foh. Sounds like PLcliprs or streamers are scientists / have meaningful work. Making a video is now something special. Consumers praise them then. Slaves.

  • Z O
    Z O4 dni temu

    I think calling them cheap is a bit misleading ir entitled lol, I have the Hyper X and I really love it, very clear sounding with builtin popfilter

  • KinG x STuDx

    KinG x STuDx

    4 dni temu

    How is the background noise pick up? I have the Wave 3 right now and the mic picks up just about everything and has a very annoying "wind" type of sound in the background that is very loud even though I am in a dead quite room with no fan on.

  • DrasticBread
    DrasticBread4 dni temu

    I have the Audio-Technica AT2020 ($100) cardioid mic plugged into a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd gen ($110). It's a great combo especially for musicians, and works very well with the Air mode on the Scarlett Solo. If I had the budget I'd pick the Shure SM7B though, that's a mic that you'll find in just about any professional recording or broadcasting studio.

  • Jason Shepherd
    Jason Shepherd4 dni temu

    How do you determine whether a mic requires a phantom power or not?

  • wsl107


    4 dni temu

    It will say so in the manual or the sellers site. The base is that dynamic mics don't need it and condensers do. But some condensers have their own power supply (like tube mics). And usb mics generally don't need it.

  • Hill Eyes
    Hill Eyes4 dni temu

    Hyperx solocast?

  • Screen Fiends
    Screen Fiends4 dni temu

    The Sure is a huge step up from the mics that proceeded it interms of sound quality.

  • RayDHD


    4 dni temu


  • Tharja
    Tharja4 dni temu

    Nothing ign recommends

  • Araara SenPai
    Araara SenPai4 dni temu

    Me with my 3$ mic :')

  • Marcel Lasaj
    Marcel Lasaj4 dni temu

    really IGN, a video about "the best mic" and the audio sounds hollow af?? 😅😅

  • wsl107


    4 dni temu

    The only upside is that you do hear that a dynamic mic has less problems with an untreated room

  • Atomic_Yin
    Atomic_Yin4 dni temu

    Remember guys, you can make a cheap microphone sound 10+ times better with EQ & compression. No need to spend money on the most expensive gear unless you really want to make that choice.

  • Keeppositive Gamer
    Keeppositive Gamer4 dni temu

    I had a microphone Idea that you can put attachments on it so you can make different sounds with your voice... The most simple design is a flute that attaches to the microphone it allows you to play the flute at it's best sound without worrying about sound quality because the instrument is too far away

  • MeMasterTanker
    MeMasterTanker4 dni temu

    What about the Jlab Microphones?? They start at $50-$150.

  • Matt
    Matt4 dni temu

    SM7B for life yo

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson4 dni temu

    Akeem’s chesthair 💀

  • Crimson Pestilence

    Crimson Pestilence

    4 dni temu

    Now that you mention it, that’s ghastly