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Today on the Daily Fix, rumors have begun to swirl around a Silent Hill sequel possibly from the minds behind The Medium. In a recent interview with Bloober Team, the Polish studio alluded to a mysterious new project within a popular franchise, causing speculation from Silent Hill Fans. Blizzcon 2021 has started with a bang as Diablo 2 Resurrected has been announced, bringing with it some updated graphics, as well as all of the content from the Lord of Destruction DLC. And finally, we take a look back at the craziest moment from Tony Hawk’s Underground, presented by Pacifico.
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  • MrCringeFest
    MrCringeFest2 dni temu

    Dark deception crossover

  • 4packdaddy
    4packdaddy2 dni temu

    Time to play Diablo 3.

  • Main's Main
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  • Kyle Turner
    Kyle Turner3 dni temu

    Roll the thing!

  • Hunter
    Hunter3 dni temu

    Dont do that... dont give me hope.

  • Trevor Mountain
    Trevor Mountain3 dni temu


  • Raphael Calado
    Raphael Calado3 dni temu

    Sydnee is a stunning beautiful woman...

  • J. Rambo
    J. Rambo3 dni temu

    Hope its true i like almost all the Silent hill games, even downpour was alright & underrated

  • Point Man
    Point Man3 dni temu

    Blooper team better stay away from Silent Hill.

  • Glimmer Tron
    Glimmer Tron4 dni temu

    I don't doubt there's gonna be a new game, but it won't be like the original games or the American made ones. This one is gonna be completely different

    IYKE HOVA4 dni temu

    sydney looks gorgeous in that dress

  • brad locken
    brad locken4 dni temu

    Even if there’s a new silent hill game being made, which there probably isn’t, it will be some American made garbage. Team silent was disbanded 15 years ago.

  • Victor Hidalgo
    Victor Hidalgo4 dni temu


  • Marto Paskalev
    Marto Paskalev4 dni temu

    I'm actually excited for Diablo II

  • J.D. Elliott
    J.D. Elliott4 dni temu

    I’m sorry but Sydney is fine af... secondly I love the way she speaks; her vocal inflections remind me of a superlative tv host. Now I gotta look in to being a more effective public speaker.

  • Ibrahim Azhari
    Ibrahim Azhari4 dni temu

    Is she wearing lady dumetriscu's outfit

  • Alex Rothery
    Alex Rothery4 dni temu

    Damn 👀 Sydnee Goodman...

  • Kimi Kyllönen
    Kimi Kyllönen4 dni temu

    Those Firewatch posters in the background are sick!

  • irishcorn YT
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  • TheRj725
    TheRj7254 dni temu

    I AM :smileyface:

  • OutricBlue Zee
    OutricBlue Zee4 dni temu

    I was playing Silent hill 4 today and im close to finish it, i hope i finish 4 and origin soon before a new silent hill game arrives so i could be ready for another one

  • Sayid Raziqi
    Sayid Raziqi4 dni temu

    Hope its silent hill from 1999 remastered VERSION that game needs to come out ASAP!

  • Jack .Stravinsky
    Jack .Stravinsky4 dni temu

    Shhhhh silent about the Silent Hill unless you want the Mediu-ocre Hill.

  • ChrisCa1601
    ChrisCa16015 dni temu

    Can't wait for Diablo II Resurrected.

  • canal Fã de PlayStation e Nintendo 64
    canal Fã de PlayStation e Nintendo 645 dni temu

    Cliquem aqui para ver o melhor jogador do mundo de vídeo games

  • SHN Silent Hill Network
    SHN Silent Hill Network5 dni temu

    This be most SHITTY SILENT HILL!!! If this game really made by “bloober team”...

  • Theodore Kritikos
    Theodore Kritikos5 dni temu

    How the hell does Sydnee conclude that Bloober Team works on one, so that there may be 2 products? It could be anything. Man, she unnecessarily perplexes stuff. She could have simply mentioned that said composer works for both companies and that would suffice.

  • Wolf Heart Gaming
    Wolf Heart Gaming5 dni temu

    I could silent Sydney's hill if you know what I'm saying :&)

  • BTSGaming
    BTSGaming5 dni temu

    I hope Kojima is going to make it

  • Clint Steed
    Clint Steed5 dni temu

    Holy cow 20 year anniversary. How old am I?


    Its a silent hill mobile card game🤦🏾‍♂️ 🤣

  • JuRsKi017
    JuRsKi0175 dni temu

    Bloober? Another 6\10 silent hill game, no thanks.

  • Deni Rogosic
    Deni Rogosic5 dni temu


  • R G F
    R G F5 dni temu

    PS Studios, thanks. I want a first party that can handle a heavy story, even if the audience can't.

  • Renegade LK
    Renegade LK5 dni temu

    sydnee so cute in that dress

  • Altiz Übermass
    Altiz Übermass5 dni temu

    Wow you look amazing!

  • Elder Martins
    Elder Martins5 dni temu

    I'll only believe in a new Silent Hill when I download it to my console. Otherwise, no.

  • Oofer Doofer
    Oofer Doofer5 dni temu

    I only commented to say that the change of thumbnail is not unnoticed

  • Malkavian Child
    Malkavian Child5 dni temu

    I just came in my pants

  • lubu jonesy
    lubu jonesy5 dni temu

    She's like the new Olivia Munn

  • The Official Channel
    The Official Channel5 dni temu

    Call it what You wanna Call it I'm a F**King Alcoholic, Bring it if you really Want it , ain't gotta put no extras on it

  • The Official Channel
    The Official Channel5 dni temu

    Wow Lost All Excitement to Hear Bloober team is working on Silent Hill, was Hoping it was one of Sonys Studios, or the people that made Siren

  • Ethen Hunt
    Ethen Hunt5 dni temu

    At this point I only watch this for this gorgeous women . Omg the dress is STUNNING

  • rob morris
    rob morris5 dni temu

    Who even cares at this point it's like a 80's band coming back with none of the original members, you want Silent Hill try Lost in Vivo it's the closest where going to get to a true Silent Hill game.


    what is silent hill become a multiplayer


    konami try to trick us

  • parodysam
    parodysam5 dni temu

    According to Konami representatives, they were simply sent a demo. It had a return address, but when they went to investigate they found the building was completely empty.

  • Raemon Loendorf
    Raemon Loendorf5 dni temu

    To be honest unless its from Kojima or not attached to Konami, I won't buy it. Konami has shown gamers how they feel about them.

  • ẏȧ ḃȯi̇, s̸a̸m̸
    ẏȧ ḃȯi̇, s̸a̸m̸5 dni temu

    This video really makes you FEEL like you're watching IGN

  • John Ces
    John Ces5 dni temu

    The game is gonna be called" Silent Hill Is About Time"

  • handsom.chris
    handsom.chris5 dni temu

    I hope Konami comes to their senses and make Silent Hills

  • Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton
    Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton5 dni temu

    Lol I wonder how many people would still watch IGN's Daily Fix if they replaced Sydnee with a guy.

  • jacob vedia
    jacob vedia5 dni temu

    Sydney lookin like a princess

  • RPRsChannel
    RPRsChannel5 dni temu

    "Booze bottles, filled or empty, with their front labels turned away, are not décor"

  • A DoneDevimon4500
    A DoneDevimon45005 dni temu

    Source: Dude trust me

  • Sam Fisher
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  • samuraigundam0079
    samuraigundam00795 dni temu

    What happened to the original thumbnail with the scantily clad monster woman?

  • Momentum 1508
    Momentum 15085 dni temu

    oh sydney ; )

  • bigmidget117
    bigmidget1175 dni temu

    I’ll believe it when Konami officially doesn’t own it anymore and it’s in the right hands. We need OG’s from Team Silent to at least look over the project if they’re not coming back.

  • gold
    gold5 dni temu


  • Jay Green
    Jay Green5 dni temu

    Silent hill came out in 99

  • Bugside almighty
    Bugside almighty5 dni temu


  • RimZimZimmer
    RimZimZimmer5 dni temu

    Did anyone else get the 18+ advert xD

  • Oh No
    Oh No5 dni temu

    I almost forgot about that helicopter clip in tonyhawk underground that eric i hated him 😂

  • Noctus
    Noctus5 dni temu

    Sidney is funny as hell😄

  • DAV 2-0
    DAV 2-05 dni temu

    Anyone but Bloober Team. They don't know the meaning of psychological horror and they definetly made it clear with The Medium.

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller5 dni temu

    Ninja Gaiden is coming!

  • Kino AB
    Kino AB5 dni temu

    When I read 'multiple' project for silent hills. I lost hope.

  • Eric Harley
    Eric Harley5 dni temu

    That's a lot of alcohol in the background

  • Frank Lopez
    Frank Lopez5 dni temu

    Hope they make the character faster not a slow poke. And don’t complicate the game. That franchise is great as far as plots characters, very scary and dark show but plagued with many problems.

  • Hall.p
    Hall.p5 dni temu

    *Silent Hill and Resident Evil need to calm down.. WE HAVE ENOUGH OF THEIR GAMES*

  • gamerrss hays
    gamerrss hays5 dni temu

    Medium is disappointing

  • Gabe Logan
    Gabe Logan5 dni temu

    I really like SH but I wanna *Syphon Filter* and *Tenchu* back as well.

  • Felis Asininus
    Felis Asininus6 dni temu

    The Medium is an awful game with an disgustingly awful message regarding people who experienced trauma. It says that sometimes those people aren't worth saving. I dread to see what Bloober Team will do to Silent Hill were they actually to take the helm of the franchise.

  • Tim Mack
    Tim Mack6 dni temu

    Only reason why I clicked is bc I haven't seen you in awhile syd. Is... is that a new dress??

  • TheRexTera
    TheRexTera6 dni temu

    Don't mess with my emotions like that. Don't give me hope😥. Knowing Konami it's probably a mobile game of some sort. And I have zero fate in Blizzard after Warcraft 3: Refunded 🤢

    EFIL WV6 dni temu

    The 2020s is gonna be the dark ages of video gaming. Silent Hill will probably be created by EA and rebranded as - Silent Hills Online

  • TheRexTera
    TheRexTera6 dni temu

    In my restless dreams I see that game...

  • Dog On Dog Action
    Dog On Dog Action6 dni temu

    Please be Kojima, please be Kojima, please be Kojima.

  • Z390


    5 dni temu

    Its Sony Japan

  • Deyn
    Deyn6 dni temu

    such a lust silent hill, whoooooooooooo

  • That legend 101

    That legend 101

    4 dni temu

    A man of culture I see

  • ClydeFrog125
    ClydeFrog1256 dni temu

    2:12 what is she talking about

  • Diuran
    Diuran6 dni temu

    "New Silent Hill In the Works... But By Who? " > By silent Devs

  • Z390


    5 dni temu

    Sony Japan

  • 420gaiden
    420gaiden6 dni temu

    Her dress is sooper cute

  • BlackBadger 551
    BlackBadger 5516 dni temu

    YES FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • deltavagen
    deltavagen6 dni temu

    Her body is just amazing

  • Anex415
    Anex4156 dni temu

    By indie company and it'll be the worst silent hill. Lol

  • Slow-MOE
    Slow-MOE6 dni temu

    Don't Do That. Don't Give Me Hope.

    AK TREVOR6 dni temu

    Why did you guys change the thumbnail ? 🥺

  • Jordan McIntosh
    Jordan McIntosh6 dni temu

    No P.T.? No love from me.

  • Georg Anatoly
    Georg Anatoly6 dni temu

    gd it not bloober team /sigh

  • HerbieCN
    HerbieCN6 dni temu

    no one's making a new SH.

  • Tony's Fitness Classes
    Tony's Fitness Classes6 dni temu

    New silent hill ? I love silent hill,I hope do be nice x

  • Carl Jordan
    Carl Jordan6 dni temu

    Whatever happens let’s hope they don’t erase the original characters

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson6 dni temu

    Optimistically, I hope one day Konami gives back the IP’s back to Kojima to repossess One day...

  • gorgis seva

    gorgis seva

    6 dni temu

    Kojima never had the silent hill IP (he was never involved with SH), he just did a demo which shared nothing in common with the silent hill franchise.

  • Rehan Hussain
    Rehan Hussain6 dni temu

    The only Silent Hill I trust Konami to make at this point, is the long awaited sequel to their pachinko machine.

  • Sandpaper Seat
    Sandpaper Seat6 dni temu

    Silent hill...slot machine the horror is how much people gamble

  • Tchitchouan Inouane
    Tchitchouan Inouane6 dni temu

    forgrt it there is no silent hill

    ASTEN XXX6 dni temu

    Silent hill walking simulator no thx P.T or nothing

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown6 dni temu

    Who’s making me care about this ? I’ve never even played the games before lmao

  • JTrudy808
    JTrudy8086 dni temu

    Y’all thirsty as hell