Fortnite - Official Ryu and Chun-Li Trailer


Street Fighter's Ryu and Chun-Li have joined the hunt in Fortnite.


  • Super Saiyan God 3
    Super Saiyan God 39 godzin temu


  • Renegator Gaming
    Renegator Gaming10 godzin temu

    Sorry cant make me play

  • The Frankkdogg
    The Frankkdogg10 godzin temu

    Jesus What's next Scorpion and Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat

  • Bensteel 1000
    Bensteel 100013 godzin temu

    Some tell me please if the skin is still out

  • pp man
    pp man13 godzin temu

    Look how they massacred my boy

  • Parzival
    Parzival14 godzin temu

    Next up Jeffery Epstien X Fortnite

  • Legendary | NitroRetribution
    Legendary | NitroRetribution17 godzin temu

    Anyone else have a feeling this could lead up to something smash bros related Jonesy jumping into other games lol

  • Chris the stickman
    Chris the stickman19 godzin temu

    Up next Fall guy Imposter Doomguy Steve Mario

  • Evan Ceneviva
    Evan Ceneviva23 godzin temu

    Kids look at Street Fighter V and be like: “hey! Ryu and Chun Li from Fortnite are in this game!”

  • sfturbo
    sfturboDzień temu

    Wow everyone wants a piece of fortnite

  • The One Who Fell
    The One Who FellDzień temu

    fortnite kids - Today is the end of street fighter at this very moment the fgc lies to the internet while secretly supporting the treachery of the lowsome rage quiters, this ferce game upon which we stand will bring and end to street fighter to there cherish community,ALL REMAINING GAMES WILL BOW TO THE FORTNITE COMMUNITY and we will this AS THE LAST DAY OF STREET FIGHTER

  • Smoke Killer
    Smoke Killer2 dni temu

    Whats next, there going to put Scorpion and Sub Zero in Fortnite? I'm not going to be suprised if they actually do that

  • Smoke Killer

    Smoke Killer

    2 dni temu

    @NYCrawler // Spider-Man seeing Scorpion and Sub Zero doing the floss is the last thing I want to see with those characters. I would start cringing to death if I saw Scorpion and Sub Zero doing that

  • NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    2 dni temu

    I mean the movie is coming out soon soooo....

  • Kastiel1107
    Kastiel11072 dni temu

    Next Trailer: GTA 5 Racists in Fortnite

  • NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    2 dni temu

    Fentanyl Floyd X Fortnite crossover

  • Trena Reese

    Trena Reese

    2 dni temu

    U better get become popular

  • Kayvonn Ratcliffe
    Kayvonn Ratcliffe2 dni temu

    So when does that King of the Hill, Steve Urkel & Urkelbot DLC comin? 🤣

  • ZX
    ZX2 dni temu

    Chun-Li! 😁

  • 2hottie89
    2hottie892 dni temu

    Oh Gawd... I don't know about my man Ryu and Chun Li in this mess... That damn fortnite default skins to one to blame!!! Ew I like Street Fighter in Power Rangers Battle For the Grid though!!! Oh Gawd... Just stop we can't even play Fortnite anymore since they took it off iOS and Android and the FEDS stole my Switch pretty lame. I might have to go in there to save them... Fudge!!!

  • Wizdumb D
    Wizdumb D2 dni temu

    Next is Mario

  • f1r3 hunt3rz
    f1r3 hunt3rz3 dni temu

    Thank you Fortnite for making Capcom buff Ryu in SFV.

  • Jova
    Jova3 dni temu

    Wtf bro

  • Bruno Caravaca
    Bruno Caravaca3 dni temu

    Fortnite it´s lika a licentiate M.U.G.E.N.

  • Kingcharlesthelll
    Kingcharlesthelll3 dni temu

    I rather Die than to see Ryu and Chin-Li use guns

  • Ken Nguyen
    Ken Nguyen3 dni temu

    sorry but I just can’t imagine them holding a gun.

  • Bolty lool
    Bolty lool3 dni temu

    now all we need is five nights at freddy's or doki doki literature club

  • NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    2 dni temu

    That reminds me, are we not getting any fnaf skins till october or what?

  • Someone Lucky
    Someone Lucky3 dni temu

    *I swear if they put Goku-*

  • The One Who Fell

    The One Who Fell

    Dzień temu

    Thats hard to imagine

  • Chilly
    Chilly3 dni temu

    As much as I love this. Chun Li and Ryu are two of my favorite characters ever but I just need to know the chances of Mortal Kombat representatives being added.

  • faded clones
    faded clones3 dni temu

    At this point just put anything In the game

  • Noob Slayer 47
    Noob Slayer 473 dni temu

    I knew it was only a matter of time. They have Marvel-> Street Fighter (They had a game where they crossover) It’s only a matter of time until they touch Mortal Kombat ;-;

  • Anthony Freeman
    Anthony Freeman3 dni temu

    They alt outfit for ryu should have been the black and yellow outfit from 2

  • Jason Smart
    Jason Smart3 dni temu

    Marvel skins first and Capcom Skins shortly after? Marvel Vs Capcom 4 is that you? 😩

  • Business Clank
    Business Clank3 dni temu

    Imagine adding a character that has nothing to do with guns and is a character from a fighting game

  • Anthony Petrovic
    Anthony Petrovic3 dni temu

    Waths next Arthur Morgan in fortnite

  • PowerPlayGoal
    PowerPlayGoal3 dni temu

    Ok this is bad, based on Wreck it Ralph, if a arcade machine is not working or something is not there they could unplug the game. Killing all the characters in it's path. John came and took ryu and Chun li right from the game. Meaning the game will be unplugged since people can't play as them now (so people will complain) John killed all those characters, and destroyed all the stages. And now when Ryu and Chun li come back they will not be able to. And all their friends/ enimies died.....

  • otinauj
    otinauj4 dni temu

    praying for mortal kombat

  • Jaya_ Surya_ A
    Jaya_ Surya_ A4 dni temu

    Imagine ryu hadouke shoryuken...tatsumaki senpyuken

  • Amfinity
    Amfinity4 dni temu

    Look how they massacred my boy...

  • NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    2 dni temu

    They look better then did in MvCi so quite bitchin lol

  • Amfinity


    4 dni temu

    My poor, poor boy...

  • Samyak Kamble
    Samyak Kamble4 dni temu


  • Tanner Banner
    Tanner Banner4 dni temu

    I hate my life

  • Malik T Fortune
    Malik T Fortune4 dni temu

    I'm scared, the fact that they have Street Fighter characters in this game might lead to Mega Man, Devil May Cry, or Resident Evil in this game. If that happens then I would be forced to play this game.

  • The One Who Fell

    The One Who Fell

    Dzień temu

    Nooo you must always have hope....hope that one day this game will die

  • HyderyuszEnT_Hydery Yoshikawa
    HyderyuszEnT_Hydery Yoshikawa4 dni temu

    too skinny chun-li

  • XtremeN00b
    XtremeN00b4 dni temu

    Can’t believe Ryu from fortnite got into smash bros and is getting his own game called street fighter

  • XtremeN00b


    2 dni temu

    It’s all right

  • A Normal Person

    A Normal Person

    2 dni temu

    @XtremeN00b oof thought you were a kid sorry for saying that

  • XtremeN00b


    2 dni temu

    That’s the joke

  • A Normal Person

    A Normal Person

    2 dni temu

    lol what a kid

  • thezero oscuras
    thezero oscuras4 dni temu

    Up next, scooby doo action!! plus! rpg master skin!

    BLACK STAR4 dni temu

    Whos next broly

  • Sandman 409
    Sandman 4094 dni temu

    I feel like fortnite is doing to much now!!

  • The One Who Fell

    The One Who Fell

    Dzień temu


  • Kevin McCarthy
    Kevin McCarthy4 dni temu

    Fortnite is pure utter garbage. I know it’s just my opinion but those who agree thumbs up! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Pikachu pro
    Pikachu pro4 dni temu

    I wish pikachu was in fortnite

  • Nana Offei-Okyne
    Nana Offei-Okyne4 dni temu


  • Kylo Rence443
    Kylo Rence4434 dni temu

    I think most people of the Fortnite team watched Ready player one multiple times

  • Xavier's Finance
    Xavier's Finance4 dni temu

    Really, they got STREET FIGHTER? what's next ._.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler4 dni temu

    Alright boys a moment of silence for another fallen soldier

  • Proplayer3185 ___
    Proplayer3185 ___4 dni temu

    This is the definition of taking a joke too seriously

  • ZionDaGamer54
    ZionDaGamer544 dni temu

    All I need is Mega Man in this and boom, Marvel Vs Capcom all over again

  • fitzmarker
    fitzmarker4 dni temu

    M. Bison: Everyone's getting a gun.

  • CardSharpHS
    CardSharpHS4 dni temu

    I gave it a like because it's Street Fighter. I gave it 1000 dislikes and a dog turd because it's Fortnite.

  • NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    2 dni temu

    Reddit moment 👺

  • TheProject Ch
    TheProject Ch4 dni temu

    This is the shitiest start of 2021

  • Höhepunkt Z
    Höhepunkt Z4 dni temu

    Waiting on Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury.

  • nkambi charles
    nkambi charles4 dni temu

    very soon we will be seeing kyo and iori 😌😌😌😌😌😌

  • The Almighty loaf of death and famine
    The Almighty loaf of death and famine4 dni temu

    What's next, Sam and Max?!?

  • TheLuke
    TheLuke4 dni temu


  • KFC_with Meth
    KFC_with Meth4 dni temu

    No plz why is this happening

  • Zerodima
    Zerodima4 dni temu

    What’s next? Teletubbies?

  • Honking meme cat
    Honking meme cat4 dni temu

    Wow... This game still exists.

  • billy bimbo
    billy bimbo4 dni temu

    They trying to be smash by putting famous characters

  • NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    2 dni temu

    Isn't it that what smash basically does but with video game reps? 🤔

  • Eduardo Bustamante
    Eduardo Bustamante4 dni temu

    Whats next? Yugi? Naruto? Goku? Mista?

  • ShinobiSkull
    ShinobiSkull4 dni temu

    Why use martial arts when you have a GUN

  • Trappist-1D
    Trappist-1D4 dni temu

    now when the kids see street fighter there gonna be like, "hey why did street fighter steal the fortnite characters?!?"



    3 dni temu

    Hopefully once in their life they went to a pub and seen the arcade machine

  • SlickNick595
    SlickNick5954 dni temu

    Fortnite ur killing us with these crossovers.

  • Josephs Lucass
    Josephs Lucass4 dni temu

    I think I should be happy for this, but I'm not...

  • Taq
    Taq4 dni temu

    The only thing keeping this game alive is the crossovers.

  • Ryu Gi

    Ryu Gi

    4 dni temu

    Ok, what is Super Smash Bros then?

  • Amfinity


    4 dni temu

    You’re not wrong

  • Pico Luna
    Pico Luna4 dni temu


  • Tariq Rhymes
    Tariq Rhymes4 dni temu


  • The One Who Fell

    The One Who Fell

    Dzień temu


  • William Mbongolwane
    William Mbongolwane4 dni temu

    So many out of place video game cameos lately. This all started when Negan appeared in Tekken 7.

  • Dex386
    Dex3864 dni temu

    Solid snake next please

  • The One Who Fell

    The One Who Fell

    Dzień temu

    Oh wait that might actually work 🤔

  • Nostradamus New
    Nostradamus New4 dni temu

    Who is going to be the next victim?

  • linkabob _plays
    linkabob _plays4 dni temu

    Still waiting for link

  • Zinszlee
    Zinszlee4 dni temu

    Why does this have more marvel and capcom characters than marvel vs capcom infinite...

  • Everything CORE
    Everything CORE4 dni temu

    I haven't played this in a while but I feel like this game only still exists because of all of the brand deals and crossovers. They've made the last two seasons entire plots held up by other companies' characters

  • The One Who Fell

    The One Who Fell

    Dzień temu


  • 1Destro
    1Destro4 dni temu

    Huh, can’t wait to have a seizure at Ryu holding an AK-47

  • Austin Crafton
    Austin Crafton4 dni temu

    Just let this game die 😒

  • ZERO 0
    ZERO 04 dni temu

    Never imagined fortnite becoming like smash Bros by bringing all these characters from different games/movies.

  • Jan Oliver
    Jan Oliver4 dni temu

    Fortnite kid: “Ryu is so awesome!” Street Fighter Veteran: “So he’s your main. What’s your favorite combo string?” Fortnite kid: “What do you mean combo? I just shoot everyone in the head with my shotgun.” Street Fighter Veteran: *goes online and finds out Ryu was added to Fortnite* “...Look how they massacred my boy.”

  • NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    NYCrawler // Spider-Man

    2 dni temu

    Fortnite kid/crossover bad comments are fuxking beyond dead at this point.

  • Yamanosei


    3 dni temu

    Yeah, no one actually says that.

  • Salty_ Cracker

    Salty_ Cracker

    3 dni temu

    Reddit moment

  • Genus Gaming

    Genus Gaming

    4 dni temu


  • sinthssb
    sinthssb4 dni temu

    Nah sorry Fortnite we did that first in MvC and Smash

  • HallowLitten101
    HallowLitten1014 dni temu

    Fortnite: puts whatever character they can even though agent jonsey is supposed to bring in bounty hunters Me: still waiting on samus

  • Gabriel Senos
    Gabriel Senos4 dni temu

    rhis amles me very very sad

  • Abdulrahim Mala
    Abdulrahim Mala4 dni temu

    No Akuma skin

  • The One Who Fell

    The One Who Fell

    Dzień temu

    No no wtf

  • Jesse Quest
    Jesse Quest4 dni temu

    It doesn’t even make sense lol

  • Dirty
    Dirty4 dni temu

    When are we gonna get Kermit the frog

  • astroxroid
    astroxroid4 dni temu

    Lmao they really ran out of ideas.

  • chilli chese fries boi
    chilli chese fries boi4 dni temu


  • Angela - A Commenter
    Angela - A Commenter4 dni temu

    What's next?. A Tekken character?. Lars perhaps?

  • Coca-Cola Dog
    Coca-Cola Dog4 dni temu

    But why

  • Jaime Negrete
    Jaime Negrete4 dni temu

    Double K.O. Player: did... uhh... I... did I win?

  • Rob Stefani
    Rob Stefani4 dni temu

    *Obvious sarcasm* So we can get Chun-Li in fortnite but not Mortal Kombat?

  • Shameer Malik
    Shameer Malik4 dni temu

    If harada lets tekken enter fortnite im gonna actually kill somebody.

  • Lotus
    Lotus4 dni temu

    I’m in pain now

  • Suxoli i
    Suxoli i4 dni temu

    Fortnite pls stop , when this game will dies🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Djigga73
    Djigga734 dni temu

    Does this mean that max has to play the game now?

  • Papa Beanos
    Papa Beanos4 dni temu

    Why does chun-li have massive thighs...

  • Ryu Gi

    Ryu Gi

    4 dni temu

    She always had massive thighs, her specialty is kicking, after all.

  • Wesley C
    Wesley C4 dni temu

    Announcer: “Ryu and Chun-Li has disqualified the fight!”

  • Yuzuki 23
    Yuzuki 234 dni temu


  • Yourlocalmemevender 987
    Yourlocalmemevender 9874 dni temu