Sword Expert Reacts to Realistic Sword Fighting Game | Hellish Quart


We got Matt Easton, a Historical European Martial Arts expert and owner of the fencing club Schola Gladiatoria, to react to Hellish Quart. Telling us his sword-fighting expert opinion on how realistic the game really is.

From sabres to longswords and rapiers, this HEMA inspired 17th-century duelling game is all about precise hits, quick movements and wits. With all this in mind our sword fighting expert reacts to how realistic Hellish Quart is.
Thanks to Matt for lending his expertise and if you want to see more, here is a link to his channel: plclip.info


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    Thank you to Matt Easton for his expert opinions! You can find out more about Matt's work here - plclip.info What other games would you like to see an expert react to?

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    Scholagladiatoria is one of the best channels there is for historical review and analysis of weapons and combat, from ancient periods up to the 20th century.

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    Honne Kivioja

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    Could you see if you can get any of the experts to try out VR games? I’m sure it’d require a bit of work so I’d imagine it’d be saved for some special event or something. Of course a few medieval based games with melee options are a given. Also, Sci-fi might be fun as a bonus for them to experience stuff not just related to work, something with melee would be ideal though possibly- maybe even start with SUPER. HOT. so they can get comfortable with moving and playing games in VR. While their reaction to their field of knowledge is insightful, I always enjoy seeing them actually fall in love with the gaming side as well, undistracted by thoughts related with their professional opinion.

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    I'm excited to see Matt in this video!

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    Was great to see Matt in a video, this was really cool.

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    the skins/outfits look nice too

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    Lakrak Njeprak2 dni temu

    that moment longsword called saber in FGO anime series 😂

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    Kuba Kamiński3 dni temu

    Dobra kurwa kto od owcy z wk ?

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    Easterern european swords

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    Poor bald guy.

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    So cool to see Matt Easton on here!!!!!

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    IGN, you finally got an actual expert.

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    Hopefully they make an actual game around it so it's more than a tech demo!

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    Buying this game asap

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    Got to provide that "context"

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    This guy is cool, he should have a youtube channel

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    He does, it's scholagladiatoria.

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    Oohhhhh shoot. CONTEXT TIME!!!!!

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    What is a ”sword expert” even? A smith? A merchant? Maybe a fencing expert would be better...

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    18 dni temu

    Isn't that really pedantic? 😑 Matt teaches Historical European Martial Arts, but he also trades (Easton Antique Arms) and collects antique swords. He has a degree in archeology, is familiar with the historical sources and on-going research in the field, no to mention he has handled in person hundreds of antiques in private collections and museums from many different time periods. He knows a great deal about swords in general, especially British military swords.

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    Drunkard reacts to drunken style naruto

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    Cody Sykes18 dni temu

    And with regards to Mr. Easton's last comment, the instructor from a local arnis kali sect had this to say about sword fights/modern knife fights - "the loser dies on the scene, the winner dies at the hospital."

  • Cody Sykes
    Cody Sykes18 dni temu

    So it's essentially the BeamNG of swordplay. Nice.

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    "Rapierist" lol

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    1 word. Lag

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    Praise be to context

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    “When the rapier-ist puts their point in they have to be careful” ~Matt

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    Excellent, one of the genuine experts in the field!

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    Would love to see you play mordhau and get triggered at how much of a piece of junk it is :P

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    im getting pan taduesz vibes from this

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    Great video IGN 👍

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    3:38 the cut is on the other side of the body

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    Woah, mainstream gaming journalism consulted an "expert" and it wasn't just some homeless crackhead they found under an overpass? Wait, it's MR. CONTEXTUAL PENETRATION HIMSELF.

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    You got me in tears at "sword expert "

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    лопочет чего то там..

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    Why is there no japanese katana? Not yet perhaps?

  • Malcom Alexander

    Malcom Alexander

    5 dni temu

    This is based on Eastern Europe. Katanas are Asian.

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    Finally a real fighting game. It took slavs to make it.

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    How much of a sword expert can you be in the 21st Century?

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    @Vulkan Sounds like magic. Can you pass the knowledge back in time as well?

  • Vulkan


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    Well there's this new invention called the writing system that is used to pass historical knowledge down to newer generations, it's kinda swell really.

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    IGN, that's amazing! Props to you, guys! You had committed some mistakes in the past, but this is really game-changing. Please keep it up! You help several different-interest groups with it.

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    Its like bushido blade

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    Cool to see Matt here 👏🙂

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    Now get this guy to react to Toribash. Not just react to it, but to play it. It's a fighting game. You don't press buttons, you control individual muscle groups.

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    Finally! Someone got Matt Easton to do one of these

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    The only missing in this game was wounded condition like bushido blade(move getting slow, barely standing up) this game is mostly one hit kill.

  • Taekatanahu


    18 dni temu

    It actually has, but only for leg wounds (at the moment?).

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    Matt si te Bible of swods

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    Just purchased this game to support the awesome work of the developers, although it is still kinda empty and not a lot to do in it but the graphics, the physics, and the animation alone is worth to support to the developers to be honest.

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    It'd be nice if the cossacks had regular trousers. They just didn't wear baggy sharovary back then. It looks fantastic otherwise.

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    "Hellish Cart"

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    me and a buddy got this game today. its pretty damn fun! can't wait for the other characters and story mode and all that!

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    wow, that's wild to see him in an IGN video after watching for many years

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    What we need now is Kings and Generals to do a history video on fencing styles

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    It’s made by a bunch of Fiorists who hate, who are kind of against Lichtenauer. So they’re developing the mechanics of the game to not favor one style but to favor a different style. In their writings they even mention this outright. They’re not unbiased and they’re putting their opinions into the design, and so the game mechanics are going to suffer as a result. Physical reality of course is unbiased.

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    Oh! F.....

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    Where my isabella mains at

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    Matt Easton on IGN. Excuse me what? HEMA on mainstream gaming journalism!! Join us, there are literally DOZENS of us!

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    Matt Easton!

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    that's not schola gladiatoria

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    "Matt Easton here from Schola Gladiatorial!"

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    Is this raid shadow legends?

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    They finally got an actual expert on one of the silly videos. Imagine that.

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    Everyone knows about the drunken masters

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    Females winning lol

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    @Jordan Gill “More likely” doesn’t mean “always”. The difference in strength is negligible when both are armed with a pointy metal bar.

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    @Hải Huỳnh You act as though that’s more likely than the other way around

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    You act as though a woman can’t shank a man.

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    Thank you for picking a real expert for once

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    it took me a minute to realise looking at the thumbnail that it's not a Schola Gladiatora episode - but IGN! so cool to see Matt here

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    Skalgrim and Scholargladitoria like this game? I'm buying it.

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    Yay! Matt! 😀 🎉 Love this game.

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    It's Matt! So glad to see you doing this.

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    Wow, an actual sword/swordfighting expert in one of these "sword expert" videos. Impressive, IGN. Not sure it should be impressive, but impressive nonetheless.

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    If there was ever one guy to get me to watch ign in 2021.... oh heyy Matty! Love from Japan! Oon guard!

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    Oh no, not this guy.

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    Can anyone point to an example of a historical account of a duel in which both combatants injured or killed each other at the same time? He mentions this at 2:00

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    oh, hey! Its Matt Easton there, Schola Gladiatoria!

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    Game name or link

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    It's literally written in the title of the video.

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    You know, I'm something of a sword expert myself.

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    People on Grinder: You know, I'm something of a swordsman myself.

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    YES, dude! Glad to see him on IGN.

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    This kinda reminds me of the deadliest warriors game

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    Remove Before Fight

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    where is Cat Easton?

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    not even one rainbow

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    Where's Skall and Shad?

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    Game looks cool, but Bushido blade is still the best

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    Remember Samurai showdown? 😂

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    Shoulda done mordhau. This is mortal combat but medical.

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    The got Mat to do this nice

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    Should've used the guys who actually sword fight

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    Great choice on expert AND game!

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    game is well made. Im feeling sick watching this

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    Gdy wiesz o czym będzie następny materiał tvgry

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    Alternate game title: Intergender Sword-fighting Championship

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    Why so pressed about gender?

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    This guy is a legend!

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    Double hits, in fighting games it's called Trades my dude )

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    If this game were 1st person, VR, it'd be quite the game, lol... Still looks great

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    Saw the thumbnail, thought "Oh a new video from Matt" didn't even realize it was IGN. Matt is the best.

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    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

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    Awesome to see Matt Easton! He really knows his stuff, and he has a decent appreciation for the limitations of game design too! You got a real gem this time, IGN!

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    Whoever thought of inviting Matt Easton for this deserves a raise

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    Awesome. Nice to see some expert that actually knows what he s talking about

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    Next game update asian style and samurai swords???

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    This does feature an Asian style. A samurai one would be cool, though.

    EL NOODLEMiesiąc temu

    An expert who never been in a battle.... Ya okay, bye

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    Dueling traditions are different from what was used in battle.

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    Another successful sting for the British Underground Swordplay Division. Excellent way to get a seasoned blood tournament host to confess to years of staging illegal sword fighting tournaments to the death. "This death tournament is just like the bout we had last night!"