Diablo 2: Resurrected - Official Reveal Trailer | BlizzConlin 2021


The beloved classic Diablo II is coming back to life.
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  • Kremulon
    Kremulon44 minut temu


  • Snapo Rules
    Snapo Rules4 godzin temu

    No switch version?

  • Everyday Fitness
    Everyday Fitness6 godzin temu

    There is no cow level!

  • SnowAtYT
    SnowAtYT6 godzin temu

    Looks like they messed with the FPS, curious how they will keep IAS etc faithful to the original under the circumstances

  • SnowAtYT
    SnowAtYT6 godzin temu

    ok but are they keeping it moddable?

  • Joe Millonzi
    Joe Millonzi7 godzin temu


  • Logan Teague
    Logan Teague9 godzin temu

    Never played the original, but ADORED Reaper of Souls, so psyched for this and 4.

  • arumn89
    arumn899 godzin temu

    member wc3 reforged...I member.

  • Architects XIII
    Architects XIII10 godzin temu

    in before it's another warcraft reforged type of deal.

  • nie powiem
    nie powiem11 godzin temu

    blizzard pls dont f.. up this im really hyped

  • Junior S
    Junior S12 godzin temu

    Is it really D2 if we can't bot? 👀

  • Broxi Gar
    Broxi Gar13 godzin temu

    Diablo 2 refund ? xD

  • Dalton v
    Dalton v13 godzin temu

    This looks better than Diablo 4

  • aerao
    aerao15 godzin temu

    40€ 👎

  • luis fernando montero miranda
    luis fernando montero miranda16 godzin temu

    Ojala no la caguen y le bajen la dificultad como en todos los rework de juegos antiguos, solo para que no se aburra la generacion de cristal!

  • Nelsky
    Nelsky17 godzin temu

    People who pre-order are the reason we get shitty games

  • dominic peck
    dominic peck17 godzin temu

    Time to Grind for that hammerdin

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali17 godzin temu

    Should've added Deckard's iconic: "Stay a while and listen"

  • Paul Shultz
    Paul Shultz17 godzin temu

    That Barbarian looks horrible! What happened to the mountain of muscles we used to have? WTF is this dad bod doing here?????

  • Tarek Chamas
    Tarek Chamas18 godzin temu

    this looks 10 times better than diablo 4 and 1000 times better than diablo 3

  • Xelthia vice
    Xelthia vice19 godzin temu

    WHAT not on phones ?! madness

  • HaikiMike
    HaikiMike20 godzin temu

    "ON PC"

    SKYE CIEL21 godzinę temu

    in 20 years PALADIN grows a hair

  • Felipe Vasconcello
    Felipe Vasconcello22 godzin temu

    very expensive for a remake and their current standing with their communities

  • Hoon
    Hoon22 godzin temu

    Not on mobile? Doesn't Blizzard have phones?

  • Shinda-san there
    Shinda-san there23 godzin temu

    Wow, Necromancer is a twin brother of Amazon? Brutal.

  • Exile Complex
    Exile ComplexDzień temu

    It barely looks better than the original lol

    EMTMBEASTDzień temu


  • Vicat Mauricio
    Vicat MauricioDzień temu

    Jesus! My dreams are coming true!!!

  • Sebastian Nowak
    Sebastian NowakDzień temu

    Whoever is making this ... take my money!

  • Sen Pie
    Sen PieDzień temu

    Did they included the expansion?

  • Daniel
    DanielDzień temu

    Game of Milenium edition

  • Topax
    TopaxDzień temu


  • alphazar
    alphazarDzień temu

    Pul 4 Shako

  • alphazar
    alphazarDzień temu

    Party please :)

  • fredy arriaga
    fredy arriagaDzień temu

    Creo que qusieron enmendar sus erres

  • Veit Schrumpf
    Veit SchrumpfDzień temu

    I'm gonna No-Life this game until my PC goes up in flames.

  • jon quid
    jon quidDzień temu


  • Brother Augustine
    Brother AugustineDzień temu

    Is it only for mobile 🤣

  • Two Seasons
    Two SeasonsDzień temu

    They should have gotten Dave Batista to model the barbarian, Nicholas Cage the necromancer, Scarlett Johanson the amazon, Olivia Munn the sorceress, Nick Nolte or Jeff Bridges the Druid and Wesley Snipes the paladin!

  • Kostadin Atanasov
    Kostadin AtanasovDzień temu

    This is how Diablo 3 should have looked like...

  • Miguel A. Borjas
    Miguel A. BorjasDzień temu

    Una pregunta, se puede jugar de a 2 en co-op en consolas??

  • Alman19955
    Alman19955Dzień temu


  • Kenneth Maniquis
    Kenneth ManiquisDzień temu

    Mephisto's voice makes me feel like there are a thousand needles in my heart.

  • Black


    14 godzin temu

    :))) yeah :))) Especially in the Temple of the Zackarum.

  • Farhan Mirza
    Farhan MirzaDzień temu

    Considering the mess warcraft reforge was my expectations are low.

  • NomnomAproved


    12 godzin temu

    ... this has been reposted so much ... u are aware this is being made by a different team a more competent one

  • Dawnbr3aker
    Dawnbr3akerDzień temu

    But why no cross platform? They have done it twice now before

  • Savya Halley
    Savya HalleyDzień temu

    esse jogo é surreal parece até sobre a minha vida morre demônIIo cobra de d2as cabeças

  • Vivek
    VivekDzień temu

    Gonna destroy my mouse playing this... 😂

  • Giltr0y
    Giltr0yDzień temu

    Looks like they have mastered it for 2010

  • sodumb& gomorrah
    sodumb& gomorrahDzień temu

    I opened this fully expecting the cartoonish Diablo 3 aesthetic that feels too Warcraft but I’m actually not mad

  • kwang kim
    kwang kimDzień temu

    need to make this cross-platform!!

  • Setiyabudi Cool
    Setiyabudi CoolDzień temu

    How old are you now?

  • L3XAN
    L3XANDzień temu

    Hard pass. To this day, I turn anti-aliasing off in games because it reminds me of D2's sacred jaggies.

  • Goku
    GokuDzień temu

    drop rates better be the same as origonal d2. don't need anyone getting geared within the first year

  • Surica-T
    Surica-TDzień temu


  • graphics101
    graphics1012 dni temu

    if this is a lie it will be the last time i am betrayed

  • Shinomiya
    Shinomiya2 dni temu

    Please dont mess this up Blizzard

  • La Biblioteca de Jedehon
    La Biblioteca de Jedehon2 dni temu

    The only thing I just wanted to know is: the game will need the mandatory online mode?. If the game will have it. I´m out.

  • La Biblioteca de Jedehon

    La Biblioteca de Jedehon

    Dzień temu

    Yeah. I see that article too. But things could change at any moment with Blizzard. I hope they keep that promise.

  • Zach Janssen

    Zach Janssen

    Dzień temu

    No. There is an initial activation that is required, but after that you can play offline

  • michael jackson
    michael jackson2 dni temu

    tbh I don't get all the don't pre-orders even if we don't pre-order a game these days people will still buy it when it comes out millions of more people so it doesn't make a difference wether we do or not do so and i mean hell people look its gameplay not from like 50 years ago

  • Pedro Bufolin
    Pedro Bufolin2 dni temu

    Cara muito daora, gráficos bons porém seguindo um retro

  • Joe Leonard
    Joe Leonard2 dni temu

    Cool, but is this coming to mobile?

  • 도구로
    도구로2 dni temu

    change assasin's face into k-pop idol's face

  • you ryu
    you ryu2 dni temu

    Sry I have no phone

  • Jiwoo Lee
    Jiwoo Lee2 dni temu

    I'm really looking forward to D2R! But! Please delete the some Runewords that make all characters use other characters' unique skills. For example, Enigma, Call to arms, Chaos, etc. Personally, I don't want D2's original concept to disappear. I enjoyed from D2 original 1.03 to 1.12(expansion set), but personally, 1.07 was the golden age of D2. After 1.10, Diablo 2's original concept seemed to disappear due to the new skill synergy systems and new Runwords. So I personally didn't like it... The developers all know when the real golden age of D2 was. After patch 1.10, many users have left.

  • GetGood
    GetGood2 dni temu


  • Benjie Joe Cabañog
    Benjie Joe Cabañog2 dni temu

    Why does the Amazon looks like Mr.Bean?

  • Denis Grigore
    Denis Grigore2 dni temu

    i been waiting for this moment since i was 10

  • Neuralgiant 6
    Neuralgiant 62 dni temu

    I wonder if they outsourced this one like WC3 reforged. If they did then it belongs in the garbage.

  • Spiffco Bot
    Spiffco Bot2 dni temu

    Anyone saying never forget wc3.. this is being done by an entirely different team, you're all dumb.

  • Frank Things
    Frank Things2 dni temu

    for people worried after Reforged, Blizzard have the Tony Hawk remaster team working on this, chill

  • Ron Walsh
    Ron Walsh2 dni temu

    will i have to log into all my characters from 20 different accounts at least once a month to prevent all my stuff from popping?

  • Eric Spring
    Eric Spring2 dni temu

    everyone has their nostalgia goggles on this game wont hold up and you know im right

  • Remi Recluse
    Remi Recluse2 dni temu

    Change Amazons face and I'll buy the game

  • Headend Operator
    Headend Operator2 dni temu

    i hope they make it online games like mmorpg and other online games such MU, Tantra PVP Server

  • Nikita
    Nikita2 dni temu

    black paladine??__)

  • Piter Sudiman
    Piter Sudiman2 dni temu

    Gamer : New game? Blizzard : We don't do that here

  • Sexywrm
    Sexywrm2 dni temu

    Yes, but is there no cow level?

  • Андрей Есенин
    Андрей Есенин2 dni temu

    А что изменилось? Графика как была гомно так и осталась.

  • Josh Vacca
    Josh Vacca2 dni temu

    Until played, it's already the 2nd best Diablo game behind the original D2 of course. If done right I can tie for 1st but even if done wrong it'll still be 3rd behind D2 and D1. Am hyped!

  • Diego Munhoz
    Diego Munhoz2 dni temu

    What Diablo 3 should have been, huh? Make it right the first time sir!

  • Sergeant Danelarton
    Sergeant Danelarton2 dni temu

    So not for my phone?

  • Masterrogue123
    Masterrogue1232 dni temu

    My question is if it is on console will it have couch co op play?

  • FachriNTV
    FachriNTV2 dni temu

    Damn Nostalgia i remember Play on My PS1 i wanna cry 🥺

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams2 dni temu

    Diablo 2 oh the Nostalgia . THE MEMORIES

  • Justin Hill
    Justin Hill2 dni temu

    Comparing the old release to the new remastered release is like comparing standard definition TV to high definition TV...the new release looks even more impressive! The details will be as clear as a bell, even the if they include the fires of hell! The "devil" is in the details!

  • pandasniper1
    pandasniper12 dni temu

    what about diablo 1

  • Gentle Rain
    Gentle Rain2 dni temu

    Well, looks like Blizzard FINALLY caught up just a bit to Path of Exile, am sure they still have the useless gold currency though. Nothing beats Orb currency in PoE. NOTHING.

  • Daniel Paul
    Daniel Paul2 dni temu

    Redone graphics look great and all,but it costs $40 on battlenet to preorder. Sorry,but that's pretty high for an aged arpg. I didn't even like Diablo 2 that much and I have all the Diablo games. And people here are concerned it will wind up like wc3 reforged. I'll stick to regular D2 for now with my hero editor. If anything,I might be interested in the console version (ps4). Going to have to read some reviews. Don't want a glitched up game.

  • RobbieJelsomeno
    RobbieJelsomeno2 dni temu

    *Sweats in Warcraft III: Reforged*

  • Pepe handz
    Pepe handz2 dni temu

    Warcraft 3 refunded

  • Zach
    Zach2 dni temu

    You can bet.. I’ll be rocking a Mauler.

  • Bob Mastowski
    Bob Mastowski2 dni temu

    Diablo 2 > Any game with an in game shop Not an opinion.

  • Sezzomon


    Dzień temu

    wow... Unpopular Opinion right there, gonna head back into p2w hell now

  • Urmat Karymshakov
    Urmat Karymshakov2 dni temu

    the barbarian looks somewhat weak and saggy

  • Hizzer
    Hizzer2 dni temu

    Can't wait to see Andariel's tibbies in 4K 60FPS.

  • MJM


    2 dni temu

    They probably botch her as hell - just look what they did to Druid, Amazon and Sorcerer.

  • Remi Recluse
    Remi Recluse2 dni temu

    The amazons face looks a bit weird

  • Vorox17


    2 dni temu

    more than a bit

  • Ordo
    Ordo2 dni temu

    Some of my findings after seeing comparison videos: - generally speaking, everything looks great - but the character selection screen is kinda lame (weird face; where is the super muscular barbarian; weak poses etc.) - wolf form is op - the white lightning and the pulsation effect on the portals are a little bit better in the original but not bad in the new game either - the fire is super great - the middle of the screen around the character should be a little bit less bright - some glow effects are also too strong with this dynamic lighting system, like those fire thingies on the enemies around 3:45 - I don't like when remasters repositioning the camera. When you can see more things on the screen. It makes everything more sterile, makes the game less claustrophobic or comfy (depending on the game type) - Blizzard, don't remove nudity please. Thank you!

  • Hunter K
    Hunter K2 dni temu

    No expect because of the Warcraft 3 refunded

  • ThreeWalledBox
    ThreeWalledBox2 dni temu

    On PC? Do you guys not have phones?

  • CMDRFandragon
    CMDRFandragon2 dni temu

    That will be.....awesome.

  • Carl Mannhard
    Carl Mannhard2 dni temu

    This atually looks awesome