Rainbow Six Siege: Flores Gameplay


Check out this gameplay for Flores, the latest operator arriving in Rainbow Six Siege's latest update. Flores makes use of the RCE-Ratero Charge, a remote control RC car that detonates after a set time period.


  • Tailcoat Games
    Tailcoat Games21 godzinę temu

    0:25 this is scripted but you didn’t even try with this clip

  • G'eZz(Gaston)
    G'eZz(Gaston)Dzień temu

    He is from Argentina! I love this! Im from Argentina.

  • Emmanuel Lobo
    Emmanuel Lobo2 dni temu

    Flores cada vez que mata un enemigo: A casa pete.

  • Megaman Scrapyard
    Megaman Scrapyard2 dni temu

    Love how you can always tell these people have never played a game in their life before, jeez.

    NXRTH _ GH0ST2 dni temu

    Mozzie: laughs in australian

  • Kaiser Tiago
    Kaiser Tiago2 dni temu

    OMG there was a k9 operator there!!! Pls ubisoft a k9 Portuguese operator!

    MLG NINJA2 dni temu

    It be embarrassing if you didnt outrun it

  • Viking Medic
    Viking Medic2 dni temu

    Umm why did they show a dumb clash as it’s first victim. Use your shield that you have had up the entire round

  • Richard Hale
    Richard Hale2 dni temu

    I can see this is going to get annoying very quickly. So I’m going to get ahead of the train. Ubi please nerf.

  • Grandmaster Kush
    Grandmaster Kush2 dni temu

    Got those León the professional glasses I see

  • MarvinAnimation
    MarvinAnimation2 dni temu

    I am sure they took ideas for his look from Leon the professional.

  • eggs7565
    eggs75652 dni temu

    team killing him every round

  • Mason Crowley
    Mason Crowley2 dni temu

    Are we not going to talk about that placing animation of his gadget? CLEAN!

  • Lamri Norredine
    Lamri Norredine3 dni temu


  • Memes to go
    Memes to go3 dni temu

    Were the defenders special aid kids?

  • GamesMonarch
    GamesMonarch3 dni temu

    Dude is diy raspberry pi youtuber turned operator of rc explosives.

  • NightHawk3000
    NightHawk30003 dni temu

    Lookin like Matt Murdock

  • I don’t know Help12
    I don’t know Help123 dni temu

    Yea no might uninstall I could already see myself raging in ranked

  • Big Jay
    Big Jay3 dni temu

    Cant wait to see Macie Jay use this operator

  • Brim Ski
    Brim Ski3 dni temu

    This game still on a downhill every patch glade I quited longtime ago

  • Kakashi
    Kakashi3 dni temu

    This massive drone can jump, but twitch drone can't

  • Bevern 9
    Bevern 93 dni temu

    Just me or are the defenders missing every shot attempting to destroy the thing

  • Jack Sharp
    Jack Sharp3 dni temu

    I thought of this gadget so long ago. My current idea is an attack kapkan who can place a trip wire at neck height. Imma come back to this comment in 2 years

  • Exinict
    Exinict3 dni temu

    Bro I’m so excited for this my last name is literally Flores I was destined to play this op

  • O A
    O A3 dni temu

    This seems like a video a channel with 13 subs would make lmao.Shitty music short gameplay no commentary.Only thing missing is an obnoxious intro

  • Difa Naufal Pratama
    Difa Naufal Pratama3 dni temu

    Never know raspberry pi can do that

  • Maacko
    Maacko3 dni temu


  • bevin bert
    bevin bert3 dni temu

    the person playing is garbage LMAO

  • Ben Kearney
    Ben Kearney3 dni temu


  • King Leo2588
    King Leo25883 dni temu

    That's od

  • jacob blitshtein
    jacob blitshtein3 dni temu

    A game about counter terrorism that doesn't include the biggest counter terrorism unit which is the israeli yamam but does include some guy with an RC car yeah... that makes sense

  • Jeffrey Ventura
    Jeffrey Ventura3 dni temu

    Leon the professional

  • mee mo
    mee mo3 dni temu

    It has a little smt for everyone

  • sugarpopcherrypie
    sugarpopcherrypie3 dni temu

    like I don't have enough attack operators already

  • Fagastya Pamungkas
    Fagastya Pamungkas3 dni temu

    Graves with sunglasses

  • Xlilhoppy X
    Xlilhoppy X3 dni temu

    Mute is starting to look like the best operator

  • xblkgardenx
    xblkgardenx3 dni temu

    Yall need to learn how to play videogames

  • Ugly Shooter
    Ugly Shooter3 dni temu

    coulda have gave us that glue gun instead

  • Tekken95ReG
    Tekken95ReG3 dni temu


  • KillaMethod TheShinobi
    KillaMethod TheShinobi3 dni temu

    He kinda reminds me of a Bootleg "Leon the professional " Lmaooooo

  • Evan Harris
    Evan Harris3 dni temu

    The sweats are coming

  • Optimus22
    Optimus223 dni temu

    Enemy RC XD Inbound

  • Darragh Tate
    Darragh Tate4 dni temu

    The Raspberry Pi was a nice touch.

  • Tick Tock
    Tick Tock4 dni temu

    Looks its rainbow watch what happened to this game

  • Smoke The Bear
    Smoke The Bear4 dni temu


  • EGRJ
    EGRJ4 dni temu

    An operator with glasses and a beard and a watch cap? He seems pretty Professional. Like someone you could Leon.

  • James Flores Jr.
    James Flores Jr.4 dni temu

    Love it

  • Sunnyd824
    Sunnyd8244 dni temu

    Let’s go I’m exited

  • John Worthy
    John Worthy4 dni temu

    Never put a Turkish operator never.

  • ChuggingtheBlackChlorine
    ChuggingtheBlackChlorine4 dni temu

    Atleast give some weak spot to shoot it

  • Zayed Alm
    Zayed Alm4 dni temu

    Bored of recycled weapons

  • Reihan Abhipradana
    Reihan Abhipradana4 dni temu

    it's raze's roomba

  • bettercall eb
    bettercall eb4 dni temu

    he looks like jake gyllenhaal

  • GrimShock
    GrimShock4 dni temu

    Camera users: Oh shi-BOOOM

  • Apex The Original
    Apex The Original4 dni temu

    Yawn sleeper game

  • Spike Two
    Spike Two4 dni temu

    super dated graphics. hurt my eyes

  • herb life
    herb life4 dni temu

    nope... I'm coming home call of duty

  • Erik Jimenez
    Erik Jimenez4 dni temu

    you guys think its gonna be overpowerd the drone or no

  • Call Me Corn
    Call Me Corn4 dni temu

    Rcxd deployed! Rcxd in your ao!

  • RyMac 117
    RyMac 1174 dni temu

    I had this idea years ago I’m surprised they actually did it

  • RyMac 117

    RyMac 117

    13 godzin temu

    LordHorus no, just me

  • LordHorus


    23 godzin temu

    Everyone had this idea

  • Shreyansh's World.
    Shreyansh's World.4 dni temu


  • Neoncyborg777
    Neoncyborg7774 dni temu

    Imagine trying to disable a bomb and that thing is just waiting there lol

  • LordHorus


    23 godzin temu

    It's only 10s duration by luck

  • Glizzy Chungus deluxe
    Glizzy Chungus deluxe4 dni temu

    So he got the rcxd from cod?

  • TheBreadMan
    TheBreadMan4 dni temu


  • TheBreadMan


    4 dni temu


  • Ben Upside

    Ben Upside

    4 dni temu

    Correction. He has 4😏

  • drivinpanzers
    drivinpanzers4 dni temu

    rainbow 6 drip

  • Jon Thomas
    Jon Thomas4 dni temu

    Cool operator, would’ve opted for a larger healthpool of the drone instead of being bullet proof

  • WhySoSrs?
    WhySoSrs?4 dni temu

    Can Rainbow Six please go back to grounded realism?

  • Cross Krieg

    Cross Krieg

    3 dni temu

    They left realism when we found out Michael Ironside wasn't voicing Sam

  • Banjo Cummings
    Banjo Cummings4 dni temu

    If you're a 3 armour this is going to be an infinite annoyance since you'll never be able to hide and or shoot the drone since it'll keep up with you

  • Victor Zhao
    Victor Zhao4 dni temu

    Mute became instant pick, he always has been my pick anyway If only they buff mute a little by making the jammer the size of a C4 it would be sick

  • Yung Bruh MKUltra

    Yung Bruh MKUltra

    47 minut temu

    dude mute can jam literally every electric pick that the attackers might have so why would there be a need for a buff.

  • Mason Crowley

    Mason Crowley

    2 dni temu

    He can jam airjabs and claymores now though.

  • Victor Zhao

    Victor Zhao

    3 dni temu

    Jhen Xou i know right, if you have mozzie its like uno reverse, but i dont know if the explode still work without the remote Flores has But Mute is still top pick for the ability stop all kinds of drones and gadgets behind walls

  • Jhen Xou

    Jhen Xou

    3 dni temu

    moze so you get a defensive explosive drone

    DA TAKE OVA4 dni temu

    LGBTQ strikes again smdh

  • Sahil P
    Sahil P4 dni temu

    How is 'becomes bulletproof' even a mechanic? Siege is really going downhill now.

  • Ben Upside

    Ben Upside

    4 dni temu

    Or else it would be useless lmao

  • Rodrigo Sencial
    Rodrigo Sencial4 dni temu

    Neymar pagou pra está aí... que mico

  • Saidul M249's
    Saidul M249's4 dni temu

    ""Any School College Student here......

  • Steve Shilling
    Steve Shilling4 dni temu

    I thing is gonna be nerfed so hard. Like one bullet will take it out.

  • MiniMangoninja
    MiniMangoninja4 dni temu

    That thing will be easy to shoot

  • Rodney Williams
    Rodney Williams4 dni temu

    I can already see the problems this is going to cause lol.

  • Iñaki Salazar
    Iñaki Salazar4 dni temu

    Where’s Mathilda tho

  • Denilson 021
    Denilson 0214 dni temu

    "80% vai ignorar"🇧🇷 "15% vai me chamar de mendigo" "5% vai me ajudar" DEUS É FIEL

  • •Luca •Valerio•

    •Luca •Valerio•

    4 dni temu

    Isso mesmo, rapaz. 😉

  • phillliesss92
    phillliesss924 dni temu

    So this drone with explosives on it can just but Twitch’s can’t? That doesn’t make much sense to me.

  • Idris Corvus
    Idris Corvus4 dni temu

    RussianBadger be like "mhmmm...I smell content."

  • Cross Krieg

    Cross Krieg

    3 dni temu

    Or like, every siege content creator

  • Lord Humungus
    Lord Humungus4 dni temu

    If I stand still, the bomb will not smell me

  • Mike Leivaditis
    Mike Leivaditis4 dni temu

    maybe the coolest looking character in a game

  • teddy
    teddy4 dni temu

    Stop wasting my gigabytes make a brand new game become cod now ssd card 🤦🏻‍♂️ 💰💰Don’t have that kind of money

  • teddy
    teddy4 dni temu

    Make a new game stop wasting my gigs

    MAGMALORD3604 dni temu

    I ain’t using this LGBT Op for obvious reasons.



    3 dni temu

    @Leonel Festter I literally said it 🤣.

  • Leonel Festter

    Leonel Festter

    3 dni temu

    What reason?

  • Dãvïd
    Dãvïd4 dni temu

    Damn bro that's crazy 😐

  • Dave chan
    Dave chan4 dni temu

    IGN? what Music Did you use?

  • James Bailey
    James Bailey4 dni temu

    How does it magically "become bulletproof"?

  • Ben Upside

    Ben Upside

    4 dni temu

    It becomes stationary too probably meaning that once it becomes armored, it cannot move so it just reinforces itself with extra layers of whatever

  • hello lolo
    hello lolo4 dni temu

    this looks like blackbeard type of broken

  • Energy Vanquish
    Energy Vanquish4 dni temu

    This paired with a frost trap is imminent death

  • Energy Vanquish

    Energy Vanquish

    4 dni temu

    @Deathlygunn meant it in more the hypothetical situation not in use

  • Deathlygunn


    4 dni temu

    Isn't Frost on the opposite team? So frostmat would only be useful for Team Kill

  • Pixel_Geist
    Pixel_Geist4 dni temu

    he actually looks like the guy from the salt bae meme

  • Nizmei
    Nizmei4 dni temu

    The bomb comes and stop. You come closer and start shooting, blowing yourself up. Game skill at its best!

  • Jasun Rambo

    Jasun Rambo

    4 dni temu


  • KingConor2000
    KingConor20004 dni temu

    Wait so can it not be destroyed

  • That Guy Over There
    That Guy Over There4 dni temu


  • Léon The Professional Procrastinator
    Léon The Professional Procrastinator4 dni temu


  • Mehmet Erdem
    Mehmet Erdem4 dni temu

    HE GETS 3!!! Not just one but 3........

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi4 dni temu

    Flores and Machine gun hehe

  • SkillaWillits
    SkillaWillits4 dni temu

    Why Ubisoft? Just why???

  • Cattiest sage
    Cattiest sage4 dni temu

    You need aim lab buddy

  • ShangriLaw
    ShangriLaw4 dni temu

    A bulletproof RC-XD.... well it’s official, the devs really aren’t putting any thought into new operators and game balance.

  • Imperial Gaurd

    Imperial Gaurd

    3 dni temu

    @ShangriLaw I cant tell yet. But I dont like where its going with Siege. Its starting to become a milk cow.

  • ShangriLaw


    3 dni temu

    @Imperial Gaurd that’s still really broken.

  • Imperial Gaurd

    Imperial Gaurd

    3 dni temu

    @ShangriLaw during countdown when it cant move

  • ShangriLaw


    4 dni temu

    @No One anchored?

  • No One

    No One

    4 dni temu

    It's only bullet proof when it's anchored