Doom Eternal Developers React to 27 Minute Speedrun


Doom Eternal is barely a month old and speedrunners have already figured out how to finish the game in under a half hour. So ride along with Marty Stratton (Executive Producer), Hugo Martin (Game Director), Jerry Keehan (Level Design Director) and Evan Eubanks (Lead Game Programmer) as they watch their latest game get absolutely destroyed by world record speedunner: Xamide.

Check out more from Xamide here:


  • Spilled Maxdog
    Spilled MaxdogGodzinę temu

    " in the next game" YES

    KILO MIKE2 godzin temu


  • Arcamean
    Arcamean7 godzin temu

    Players that run quickly but legitly are FAR more impressive to me than people who level skip via glitches.

  • Mike Zilla
    Mike Zilla7 godzin temu

    lol...them jokingly assigning blame to other departments for the exploits is so funny. What a great team.

  • pipBash
    pipBash16 godzin temu

    29:46 red

  • Killeriley
    Killeriley21 godzinę temu

    This isnt a speed run, this is map glitching

  • Cameron Burnard
    Cameron Burnard22 godzin temu


    Bloodline. WHERES THE FLIPPING ZEN?!Dzień temu

    29:38 red

  • Rob H
    Rob HDzień temu

    If it alters how a speed run is done then it would have to be a records before and after patch thing.

  • Mauroghen
    MauroghenDzień temu

    “Why dont they beat the game fast the right way?” Thats called a glitchless run :)

  • Dan Heaton
    Dan HeatonDzień temu


  • Flamebot
    FlamebotDzień temu

    ✍️ let's ✍️put✍️colliders✍️on✍️ everything ✍️

  • Sven Heilbrunner
    Sven HeilbrunnerDzień temu

    This is hilarious :D

  • Daniel Duntavs Saunders
    Daniel Duntavs Saunders2 dni temu


  • TNT
    TNT2 dni temu

    ‘That mother fucker” ~ every dev ever probably

  • Varun Gupta
    Varun Gupta2 dni temu

    10:45 suffering from success

  • Xelio
    Xelio2 dni temu


  • Elcar0
    Elcar02 dni temu


  • Gamer ?
    Gamer ?2 dni temu

    You gonna cry huh?

  • Phanou Khamvongsa
    Phanou Khamvongsa2 dni temu

    Normal people play the game and finished the game once and that is it. Speedrunner probably play it a million time. So they are more dedicated to your game than others. note that

  • Victor X Gul
    Victor X Gul3 dni temu

    This was so cool. Thank all of you.

  • Will
    Will3 dni temu

    “Need to talk to him about where he places his barrels” lmao

  • EmperorAce
    EmperorAce3 dni temu

    this is actually the greatest video

  • SithGaming
    SithGaming3 dni temu

    lifts are the bane of speedrunners

  • Megal Stone
    Megal Stone3 dni temu

    Exactly this is not a speed run by any means. Let me repeat not a speed run.

  • Shitpost central
    Shitpost central3 dni temu

    If you want them to beat the game fast the right way watch the 100% runs

  • Perfectionado
    Perfectionado3 dni temu

    Honestly it was so surprising to hear them ASK the community if they want it fixed or not instead of just flat out patching it out like most companies. Love this. Literally just finished the game myself and now onto Ancient Gods

  • Lunatik
    Lunatik4 dni temu


  • Kiran Atmosudirdjo
    Kiran Atmosudirdjo4 dni temu


  • C4_yrslf
    C4_yrslf4 dni temu


  • Joel Vandaalen
    Joel Vandaalen4 dni temu

    One of the gus sounds just like jhon molany

  • Ronald Lewis
    Ronald Lewis4 dni temu

    have 2 exploit speed run (cheaters only) and a real speed run full clear!

  • Artaum
    Artaum4 dni temu

    "Why don't you beat the game fast the right way? That would be more imporessive" Who's gonna tell them about glitchless category?



    3 dni temu

    Yea who is gonna tell them about the different category's like any% is the full glitch allowed category, that's what Xamide did

  • Gabriel Mardis
    Gabriel Mardis5 dni temu


  • Ty Jones
    Ty Jones5 dni temu

    "Its really refreshing to see him have to do the combat" "Ya and this was actually most peoples favorite lev- ..... WHO TF PUT THAT BARREL THERE?! JAMES?! Someone needs to have a talk with him." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 best part

  • Ben Bayne
    Ben Bayne5 dni temu


  • Some Q-Teb dude idk
    Some Q-Teb dude idk5 dni temu

    Jokes on you he did a sub 19 run lmao

  • Andre Gordon
    Andre Gordon5 dni temu

    Love this reaction, it's a like dev meeting broke out half way through it lmao

  • Bruce Forte
    Bruce Forte5 dni temu

    "Let's put an unskippable cutscene trigger outside the level with a Rick Roll just to irritate speedrunners" High quality developers

  • Michael Stringfellow
    Michael Stringfellow5 dni temu

    If summoningsalt is watching, he's going to make a video on this haha

  • ʜᴇᴀᴠʏ ᴡᴇᴀᴘᴏɴ
    ʜᴇᴀᴠʏ ᴡᴇᴀᴘᴏɴ5 dni temu


  • Tanglys
    Tanglys6 dni temu

    He stops his time while he’s in the menu

  • Bolt187119
    Bolt1871196 dni temu

    "It hurts my heart that he skips the cut scene."

  • Dexman 72
    Dexman 726 dni temu


  • CreasedBow76
    CreasedBow766 dni temu


  • Lieutenant x
    Lieutenant x6 dni temu

    fix the bug so we could see people who spend their time on doom actually mastering parkour and combat instead of looking for bugs. Just my opinion.

  • Manda lion19
    Manda lion196 dni temu

    You can have cheat codes in speed runs?!

  • james minett

    james minett

    5 dni temu

    For a game like this with the option in game to turn them on there is normally two categories one with cheats allowed and one without cheats.

  • Mau Vasconcellos
    Mau Vasconcellos6 dni temu

    DEVs, do not fix these bugs. You see, by allowing speedrunners to do their things, you basically create a whole NEW GAME MODE. People compete against themselves to explore the bugs, and that also boosts your game revenue, it sells more copies, keeps things interesting, and allow for great moments such as this one. Just keep doing your thing, and worry not about speedrunners.

  • Lucas Slaughter
    Lucas Slaughter6 dni temu


  • Sl33py head
    Sl33py head7 dni temu

    you can just hear the absolute disappointment and humiliation in their voices

  • Owen Symes
    Owen Symes7 dni temu


  • Its YourFam
    Its YourFam7 dni temu

    How do people memorize this

  • PotatoMateYT
    PotatoMateYT7 dni temu

    So this is why literally everyone is afraid of the Slayer🤔

  • J F
    J F7 dni temu

    It's cool that you included Xamide's explanation of some of the more mind-boggling techniques

  • Br v
    Br v7 dni temu

    What about a dlc like a challenge for speedrunners, and every week or month, if any bug is found the devs fix it and it gets more difficult for speedrunners

  • Rat Lord
    Rat Lord7 dni temu


  • Deridder Evelien
    Deridder Evelien7 dni temu

    fix the dame glitches

  • Xavier Mathews
    Xavier Mathews7 dni temu

    My question is: Does the jump glitch only work on PC?

  • Gabriele Lapalombella

    Gabriele Lapalombella

    6 dni temu


  • Midget Fidget
    Midget Fidget8 dni temu

    “Look at how they massacred my boy”

  • Gary Thomson
    Gary Thomson8 dni temu


  • Potato Gamer
    Potato Gamer8 dni temu


  • Gage Goller
    Gage Goller8 dni temu

    He is playing on I'm to young to die

  • Andtherescheese 129

    Andtherescheese 129

    8 dni temu

    Ok it doesn't matter it's a speedrun

  • Kris Seghers
    Kris Seghers9 dni temu

    This one guy really doesn't like speedrunners play their game kek... Let's throw in haha's come on, not the gamers fault they can exploit your game

  • Canguro L
    Canguro L9 dni temu

    Ahh pero wn pasatelo bien , haci puras trampas

  • kaizer sauze
    kaizer sauze9 dni temu

    Its not speedrun with all cheat

  • Andtherescheese 129

    Andtherescheese 129

    8 dni temu

    It is a speedrun dumbass

  • Omega Computing

    Omega Computing

    8 dni temu

    there are no cheats in this video?

  • Unknown No
    Unknown No9 dni temu

    he just has a better gaming chair

  • wilwin14
    wilwin149 dni temu

    Hugo Martin is probably the person that had them patch out the super jumps. Really a big middle finger to the community. In no way did it prevent the game unplayable. He just didn’t like it. What a p*ssy

  • boomer squid
    boomer squid9 dni temu


  • Matthew Choi
    Matthew Choi9 dni temu

    you know somethings wrong when you hear from the directors of the game "what was that"

  • Rob E.
    Rob E.10 dni temu

    Is this on ultra nightmare?

  • Aaryan Ved
    Aaryan Ved10 dni temu

    Alternate title :- Devs blame each other and hype over the speedrunner guy who broke their game

  • Andrew Hulkow
    Andrew Hulkow10 dni temu

    Why does one of them sound like oompaville

  • SavBeeing
    SavBeeing10 dni temu

    devs: **fire the guy who placed the barrel at the spot**

  • barnen
    barnen10 dni temu


  • ralph
    ralph10 dni temu

    The doom devs are the greatest ever. Best FPS campaign of all time

  • H00DED CR0W
    H00DED CR0W10 dni temu

    devs: over 100 of us spend 4 years working full time to produce this game. our artists lovingly painted every detail, our writers meticulously planned out the backstory, our programmers spent many long nights fixing bugs, our voice actors' talent brought our characters to life, and none of it would've been possible without our administration, direction and support staff to coordinate it all into a cohesive whole. speedrunner: anyway, here's how we skip all that in 2 seconds

  • SavBeeing


    10 dni temu


  • Alex
    Alex11 dni temu

    Developers of a multi million dollar earning game spend 25 dollars on mic

  • SavBeeing


    7 dni temu

    @Tence One_999 doom made $540M+ in sales lol

  • Tence One_999

    Tence One_999

    9 dni temu

    They probably get less than 10% of what was actually made

  • SavBeeing


    10 dni temu

    Probably just using headphone mic

  • SCJ
    SCJ11 dni temu

    The record is 10 MINUTES faster than this now.

  • Dr Stoshy
    Dr Stoshy11 dni temu


  • arthur granja
    arthur granja12 dni temu


  • John Pilgrim
    John Pilgrim12 dni temu

    They should patch it to where if you go above a certain height on the map the sentinel hammer slams you back down to the ground killing you.

  • TacticalSandals
    TacticalSandals12 dni temu

    "its such a small community of speedrunners" - video gets 6 Million + views.

  • Apoint Tomake
    Apoint Tomake13 dni temu

    Title should be "Salty devs watch their mistakes"

  • domonator5000
    domonator500013 dni temu

    “Whhhaaa, he beat the game the fast way after beating it normally, cause he got bored, whaaa!”

  • Mang Vel Khai
    Mang Vel Khai13 dni temu

    Lol. There's no spoilers at all!

  • Troublesome Racoon
    Troublesome Racoon13 dni temu

    Agree with the devs here. Using clipping and exploits is not a speed run, its cheating

  • SavBeeing


    7 dni temu

    There are separate sections of speedruns

  • Derek Chavez
    Derek Chavez13 dni temu

    red :)

  • Harrison H
    Harrison H13 dni temu

    Can you do this kinda stuff on Xbox or just PC?

  • Andtherescheese 129

    Andtherescheese 129

    8 dni temu

    It's most likely impossible on consoles

  • KloutKulture
    KloutKulture13 dni temu

    He’s basically Neo

  • Austin Davis
    Austin Davis14 dni temu

    Red 😉

  • Miles Woest
    Miles Woest14 dni temu


  • Snowy
    Snowy14 dni temu

    Did they ever fix the bugs?

  • Saad Jahangir
    Saad Jahangir14 dni temu


  • Monty kofahi
    Monty kofahi14 dni temu

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  • I like cheese
    I like cheese14 dni temu


  • Anime Simper900
    Anime Simper90014 dni temu

    Wow he said bye and glitched through map

  • Arcanecide
    Arcanecide14 dni temu


  • Samuel Lovelace
    Samuel Lovelace14 dni temu


  • logan
    logan14 dni temu

    there are glitchless speedruns too

  • Eth** F*****
    Eth** F*****15 dni temu