Black Myth: Wukong - Official 13 Minutes Gameplay Trailer


Check out this trailer for Black Myth: Wu Kong, a new action adventure RPG based on the Journey to the West mythology!


  • Ali davodifar
    Ali davodifar3 godzin temu

    That just spoiled the Journey to west....I was in the middle of reading it.

  • FBI
    FBI6 godzin temu

    this isnt coming out til 2023?? uggghhh fine i'll wait

  • Tanjimized
    Tanjimized9 godzin temu

    Best game for beast boy shub to play!!!

  • Akkar_Unbekannt
    Akkar_Unbekannt13 godzin temu

    They better have English dub because can’t enjoy game when you don’t understand.

  • Kumar Limbu
    Kumar Limbu18 godzin temu


  • Alessandro Antonelli
    Alessandro Antonelli20 godzin temu

    Che figata !! 👍👍👍

    ANDREW ROGERS21 godzinę temu

    hopefully this game comes out early in a early year too.


    china is flexing now

  • Jake McManus
    Jake McManusDzień temu

    Can someone plz give a translation on this game?

  • Ryn Yudiptm
    Ryn YudiptmDzień temu


  • Wild Games
    Wild Games2 dni temu

    Feel free to pass by anyone :)

  • Wild Games
    Wild Games2 dni temu

    Wow that's Amazing!

  • Tên rất dài
    Tên rất dài2 dni temu


  • J R C
    J R C2 dni temu


  • hackey mabel
    hackey mabel2 dni temu

    This is absolutely not alike Ghost of Tsushima. It's Sekiro

  • Siawash Aram
    Siawash Aram2 dni temu


  • Yudo P.
    Yudo P.3 dni temu

    That Chinese subtitle really not helping with the story.

  • Viper Dog Media : GAMES
    Viper Dog Media : GAMES3 dni temu

    It's one of those properly realised games ... can't wait to own this !!! Already looking forward to the second game !!! :)

  • Anonymus X
    Anonymus X3 dni temu


  • Denny
    Denny3 dni temu

    so awesome

  • hotmandead1
    hotmandead13 dni temu

    The fighting mechanics

  • Vigi1antVort3x
    Vigi1antVort3x4 dni temu


  • Guny Kain
    Guny Kain4 dni temu

    Nope, F china and everything that js related to that 3rd world communist country

  • Biku Huidrom-II
    Biku Huidrom-II5 dni temu

    Is he 6 eared macaque

  • VănHậu Lê
    VănHậu Lê5 dni temu

    Like a game of sekiro

  • Шура Каретный
    Шура Каретный5 dni temu

    7:27 Не хватило титомэ??! Ты Хуеплёт!!! Оу-лаа!!

  • BlvckDog
    BlvckDog7 dni temu

    forbidden kingdom

  • Iza Nazir
    Iza Nazir7 dni temu

    11:46 ok this one took the breath out of me

  • Blue Lotus
    Blue Lotus7 dni temu

    Release date India pc 🥺

  • Bean Bean
    Bean Bean8 dni temu

    Is this game or Story

  • krazynam
    krazynam8 dni temu

    Here is my bank account....

  • sensoryplays 5305
    sensoryplays 53058 dni temu


  • neyoW #
    neyoW #8 dni temu

    Dark Souls Monke Edition?

  • IrgendwieCharmant
    IrgendwieCharmant8 dni temu

    7:02 that's the bell sound in Sekiro. Senpou temple.

  • dawei555
    dawei5558 dni temu


  • T Jack
    T Jack8 dni temu

    Writer of this novel must be very proud in heaven, if Chinese exist this story is eternal

  • bab trump
    bab trump8 dni temu


  • zhao yaxin
    zhao yaxin9 dni temu


  • LucidAnikø
    LucidAnikø9 dni temu

    Does it come in english tho

  • Josh H
    Josh H9 dni temu

    Monkee prime?

  • FengMin69
    FengMin6911 dni temu

    Gave me chills

  • Startup Projects
    Startup Projects11 dni temu


  • Not An Expert Mountain Climber
    Not An Expert Mountain Climber11 dni temu

    When you see games like this, you realize that japan pretty much stole alot of chinese culture.

  • Not An Expert Mountain Climber

    Not An Expert Mountain Climber

    7 dni temu

    @mario mendigaña Yeah the buddhist faith have a huge impact on china. But the Point is, alot of people thinks that japanese culture is a pure culture when the truth is, it was a mixture of chinese, southeast asian.

  • mario mendigaña

    mario mendigaña

    7 dni temu

    and chinese culture stole indian culture XD

  • McChicken Nugget
    McChicken Nugget12 dni temu

    On steam?

  • Gustavo P. Black
    Gustavo P. Black12 dni temu

    A History Alt. of a Champion of LoL League of Legends

  • Daniel Caruana
    Daniel Caruana12 dni temu

    One of the treasures of Chinese literature 孙悟空 西游记 可以了老子会买咯

  • Swa M
    Swa M12 dni temu

    Gods of high school

  • Gregory Hembree
    Gregory Hembree13 dni temu

    Nice game but what are they saying?

  • Rashid Sinno
    Rashid Sinno13 dni temu

    sekiro but monke addition

  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali14 dni temu

    Upgraded version of sekiro

  • Sean Burge
    Sean Burge14 dni temu

    What system will this be for

  • Eagle Flies
    Eagle Flies14 dni temu


  • Fuck You
    Fuck You14 dni temu

    Omggg bring more games like thiss pleaseeee This reminds me mortal kombat shaolin monks hoodchild The map the strikes the effects damn bro im shocked

  • С_А_Н_Ч_Е_С KZ_RUS
    С_А_Н_Ч_Е_С KZ_RUS14 dni temu

    это от разраБотчиков Nioh как сто за двести пить дать... Nioh 2 прям под копирку... стиль схожий

  • P Inn
    P Inn14 dni temu


  • 李文强
    李文强14 dni temu


  • Sasha Herriott
    Sasha Herriott15 dni temu

    This could very easily be my next endeavor after years of darksouls, with a really cool twist for a change of pace... Definitely excited for this one.

  • Harshit Singh
    Harshit Singh16 dni temu


  • Hindra Then
    Hindra Then17 dni temu

    "wukong vs kaja" 11:35

  • SarinisIsiltra
    SarinisIsiltra17 dni temu

    looks amazing...wonder if it will come out on PC also.

  • 第设计师
    第设计师18 dni temu


  • 臉出油
    臉出油18 dni temu


  • 臉出油
    臉出油18 dni temu


  • Mota
    Mota18 dni temu


  • Rinat Z
    Rinat Z18 dni temu

    Выглядит более чем впечатляюще!

  • hard mode
    hard mode18 dni temu

    hey...any news about this game?

  • - UltimateXmanPower -

    - UltimateXmanPower -

    15 dni temu


  • Dinosaur With ak47
    Dinosaur With ak4719 dni temu

    Whoever disliked the the video is probably a political nerd with his view on china

  • jonesynahmeen
    jonesynahmeen19 dni temu

    This is by far the most beautiful game I’ve ever seen.. and I’m 50!

  • Jose Priority
    Jose Priority19 dni temu

    Every game nowadays is a dark souls inspiration 👍 I like

  • Cam Nam
    Cam Nam19 dni temu

    Wtf!!!! the word...

  • Donald trump understand king
    Donald trump understand king19 dni temu

    The latest news, the studio was Tencent shares

  • Μπαρμπαγιαννης
    Μπαρμπαγιαννης20 dni temu

    Hooo boy when this comes out.

  • 変態DatDemonKing
    変態DatDemonKing20 dni temu

    The music at the end was the OG music

  • 鄧亞熙
    鄧亞熙20 dni temu


  • Caglar Altay
    Caglar Altay21 dzień temu

    OMG. Perfect.

  • 인생의진리
    인생의진리21 dzień temu

    boycott china

  • G max

    G max

    13 dni temu

    Korea LOSER

  • gao ding

    gao ding

    20 dni temu

    South Korean: colony

  • Raghnall McDòmhnall

    Raghnall McDòmhnall

    20 dni temu

    knetz taking a break from cyberbullying their own idols ~2021 colorized

  • 魏莱


    21 dzień temu

    boycott the south Korean

  • Arte Magnus
    Arte Magnus21 dzień temu


  • Alvin Yap
    Alvin Yap21 dzień temu

    11:45 The four giants are the 四大金剛 or Caturmaharajika ! Those who are familliar with East Asian mythology should know them. Badass design !

  • lill lilll
    lill lilll22 dni temu

    That's fantastic CG !!

  • atheeq azeez
    atheeq azeez22 dni temu

    this game is not real

  • Carin Jansen van Vuuren
    Carin Jansen van Vuuren22 dni temu

    Wanna play this sooooo bad!! Awesome!!! 🙌🙌🎉🤗

    ITS KKRULE22 dni temu

    The monke king is King Kong Wu Kong:hold my stick

  • fasterCRO
    fasterCRO22 dni temu

    Release date?

  • Doctor Centdaddy Ricochet
    Doctor Centdaddy Ricochet23 dni temu

    Now do a LuBu plz

  • NimbleShark
    NimbleShark23 dni temu

    Another souls-like? I'm SOLD

  • Juan Fernandez
    Juan Fernandez23 dni temu

    Wukong: ghost of china

  • Dinosaur With ak47

    Dinosaur With ak47

    19 dni temu

    Wukong was before ghost of Tsushima

  • Jhinwoo
    Jhinwoo23 dni temu

    wow... That dodge at 2:35 is pretty smooth. Can't wait to play this

  • It's Dat Boi Mochi
    It's Dat Boi Mochi24 dni temu

    You dumbasses are excited for a game made by commies? Why? We should be fighting against communism.

  • Jack Xu

    Jack Xu

    21 dzień temu

    What? Are you still living in 1950s?

  • M. N.

    M. N.

    24 dni temu

    shut up

  • s Lee
    s Lee24 dni temu


  • GamingBeast
    GamingBeast24 dni temu

    looks like nioh

  • László Tóth
    László Tóth24 dni temu


  • Adam Cheklat
    Adam Cheklat25 dni temu

    11:46: You’d need a Gloriana-Class battleship to knock out those creeps!

  • y y
    y y25 dni temu


  • ExperienceLD
    ExperienceLD26 dni temu

    Become monke

  • Benedict Wong
    Benedict Wong27 dni temu

    look like sekiro..boss fight game

  • Shyma Rahim
    Shyma Rahim27 dni temu


  • MW WATT / Music With Watt /
    MW WATT / Music With Watt /28 dni temu

    This Game Another Level Dam

  • Shba Cochrane
    Shba Cochrane28 dni temu

    Dang!! Is this a game or a movie?!

  • lightheart5


    18 dni temu


  • Joy Toys
    Joy Toys28 dni temu

    the 4 heavenly kings are awsome...

  • karol karol
    karol karol28 dni temu

    sad is single player xD and not an reall mmo