Blizzard Arcade Collection - Official Trailer | BlizzConline 2021


Blizzard is reviving three of its classic games: The Lost Vikings, Rock n' Roll Racing, and Blackthorne in a new collection.
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  • Nicolás Guzmán
    Nicolás GuzmánDzień temu

    No me gustó la nueva actualización de blizzard

  • IceLancer SR
    IceLancer SRDzień temu

    Filters missing in options. Failure

  • Enrique Garcia
    Enrique GarciaDzień temu


  • ilya lead4blade
    ilya lead4blade2 dni temu

    all 3 games are fantastic. blackthorne has amazingly satisfying gunplay for a game of its generation

  • Kishen Gounden
    Kishen Gounden2 dni temu

    Reminds me of Disney Classic Games but even better.

  • The mandalorian Gaming Network
    The mandalorian Gaming Network2 dni temu

    Do you guys not have PHONES?

  • scotty web
    scotty web2 dni temu

    I just want to see a ridge racer & sega rally, daytona etc arcade collections released...

  • MH
    MH3 dni temu

    I wouldn't download it for free.

  • fred johnson

    fred johnson

    3 dni temu


  • R.O.T.C SEEM
    R.O.T.C SEEM3 dni temu

    Never heard of any of these games

  • fred johnson

    fred johnson

    3 dni temu

    That’s a shame. I love these titles

  • sinacide11
    sinacide113 dni temu

    $20!! This should be $5-$10

  • Playaveli
    Playaveli3 dni temu

    RnR Racing on 16:9... NICE!!

  • Diego Mr
    Diego Mr3 dni temu

    recuerdo muy bien cuando tenia el blackthorne en la mega32x cd... una maravilla que obra de arte

  • Giovanni Meza
    Giovanni Meza3 dni temu

    lost viking 2?

  • Polonsky Queens
    Polonsky Queens4 dni temu

    0:04 Bad to the Bone.

  • Nero Havlíček
    Nero Havlíček4 dni temu

    These games are worth maybe 2 $ today but sure.

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish4 dni temu

    "You hear this guy?.....he said crank up the volume...I don't crank up these speakers.....I use them to listen to podcasts. "

  • gavin murray
    gavin murray4 dni temu

    Was there really only 4 games in this most likely updated roms at that

  • TheSamGhost
    TheSamGhost4 dni temu

    Motor rock: ну да, ну да а я пошёл на куй

  • Dallas Scandling
    Dallas Scandling4 dni temu

    They knew they couldn’t compete anymore so they went back to their roots

  • YOURMOM-206-
    YOURMOM-206-4 dni temu

    But when is diablo 4 coming???

  • Vaporize Jello
    Vaporize Jello4 dni temu

    the best news in decades!

  • Johnny Everest
    Johnny Everest4 dni temu

    Deep purple - highway star :D

  • Phoenix Amaku
    Phoenix Amaku4 dni temu

    id rather do racing xd

  • Рамиль КГ
    Рамиль КГ5 dni temu

    Серьезно?и этого чуда не будет на мобилки?смысл?

  • Markamoe
    Markamoe5 dni temu


  • Ryan w
    Ryan w5 dni temu

    I love it, i need it, i feeeel it

  • PastoKage
    PastoKage5 dni temu

    "Raspberry Pi Bro!"

  • Robert Korhonen
    Robert Korhonen5 dni temu

    They should release it with Mission craft. Mission craft is a Starcraft arcade shoot em up with Warcraft 2 music, created by SUN in 2000.

  • Juan Jimenez
    Juan Jimenez5 dni temu

    Blackthorne alone is a sick amazing game, W can't wait to replay this

  • Johnny Silverhand
    Johnny Silverhand5 dni temu

    only 3 games. lol they couldn't even at least throw in the original Diablo

  • Humble Hawk

    Humble Hawk

    2 dni temu

    Diablo III (coming soon)

  • loneliness is my friend
    loneliness is my friend5 dni temu

    А другого пути домой нет?

  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love5 dni temu

    wow a bunch of games I never played, and i never care to play

  • Darkwing Geese
    Darkwing Geese5 dni temu

    But... Those aren't acrade games whatsoever, just Super NES ports. EDIT: I think Blackthorne is the Sega 32X version from what I rewatched.

  • Paul
    Paul5 dni temu

    But these were SNES games, not arcade games...

  • Broockle


    2 dni temu

    w8... what definition of arcade games r you running by? Like the game has to literally have been available in an arcade at some point in time? I think the term evolved to games that are really quick to get into, to just pick up and play so to speak. To me these definitely all fall under arcade games. There's even an arcade section on Steam and the arcade section on SC2. Words change.

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips5 dni temu

    Aint nobody gonna take my girl!

  • Darthadios
    Darthadios5 dni temu

    Is there Lost Vikings 2 ?

  • VoiceCryingOut
    VoiceCryingOut5 dni temu

    Rock N Roll racing was my jam. But at $20 this isnt worth it when I can play for free by other means

    SAILOR5 dni temu

    lost vikings with a controller is all i need

  • imbudda
    imbudda5 dni temu

    RnRR! Awesome!

  • Dynami Athena
    Dynami Athena6 dni temu

    “We’re literally out of ideas at this point, let’s just sell our old games that won’t make the modern company really horrible looking comparatively.”

  • Kevin Patel

    Kevin Patel

    4 dni temu

    Exactly lol They should've just made Starcraft Ghost and actually release it.

  • The Legged One
    The Legged One6 dni temu

    Might pick this up when it inevitably goes on sale, rock n roll racing is a masterpiece

  • CooterCritters The GameCat GameCast Aficionado
    CooterCritters The GameCat GameCast Aficionado6 dni temu

    Only cool thing was the Midi Deep purple song.

  • fred johnson

    fred johnson

    3 dni temu

    Check out the rest of it ya goon, the whole soundtrack slaps just as hard

  • TanTanich
    TanTanich6 dni temu

    0:50 серьезно? почему в таких крутых играх такой убогий русский шрифт? я думаю у каждого такое ощущение было хоть когдато. use google translate if you want

  • soppa
    soppa6 dni temu

    0:50 cyka blyat

  • Kaktus


    5 dni temu


  • MJ KingofPop NL
    MJ KingofPop NL6 dni temu

    What a shame ! 3 rom games for a high price Who will buy this...

  • Wise Way

    Wise Way

    4 dni temu

    Yeap never asked for this.

  • WangerZ3291
    WangerZ32916 dni temu

    Is the lost vikings port based on the genesis version or snes? Genesis version has more levels and intro cutscenes to new worlds

  • Kreius
    Kreius6 dni temu

    Was hoping it was an actual arcade machine lol

  • eddie joewalt

    eddie joewalt

    5 dni temu

    really? those games arn't "arcades games" you know

  • Barry Murphy
    Barry Murphy6 dni temu

    I would probably price this at £10. The only game I want is Rock and Roll Racing

  • Barry Murphy

    Barry Murphy

    5 dni temu

    @Szabolcs Tusai I had Lost Vikings back in the day on the snes. I thought it was an average game, but agree the difficulty was high

  • Szabolcs Tusai

    Szabolcs Tusai

    6 dni temu

    Try out Lost Vikings. Is very very challenging

  • Ануар Кыдыр
    Ануар Кыдыр6 dni temu

    Куда скидывать деньги!??!??

  • Maxim Ermakov
    Maxim Ermakov6 dni temu

    Просто ору

  • dr. Strangelove
    dr. Strangelove6 dni temu

    But those are not arcade games XD Why not call it blizzards "silicone & synapse" collection

  • Jp Arbiter
    Jp Arbiter6 dni temu

    Blackthorne is such an under appreciated game

  • JLS
    JLS6 dni temu

    I was expecting... better. Do better.

  • Ignis Solus
    Ignis Solus6 dni temu

    Need that blackthorne guy on HOTS.. he fits right in

  • Yenooc
    Yenooc6 dni temu

    I remember rock n roll racing from my brother's Gameboy advance SP what a blast from the past

  • JohnshiBRPG
    JohnshiBRPG6 dni temu

    I'm sorry to spill the beans, but they are not arcade video games. None of them are ever released to coin-ops. Rename them to retro action blizzard collection.

  • Stefan Joelsson
    Stefan Joelsson6 dni temu

    Cool but to expensive.

  • Dracus
    Dracus6 dni temu

    Multiplayer rock n roll racing would be sick!!

  • BlazingOwnager
    BlazingOwnager6 dni temu

    The only game on this whole list I would actually PLAY today is Blackthrone. The rest are just nostalgia. They don't really hold up to the test of time the same way.

  • Brad S
    Brad S6 dni temu

    I just want to know if you can play Rock N Roll Racing online with other Switch users. I know it probably has local play but ya know... Covid.

  • Guilherme Renna

    Guilherme Renna

    4 dni temu

    I've been looking for that answer online for hours now, please share in case you found out if it's possible or not. Playing it with 3 other friends online would be epic!

  • Rayffe
    Rayffe6 dni temu


  • Xano501
    Xano5016 dni temu

    Buy because Rock N Roll Racing. If this game can play online.

  • Pinchehprank213
    Pinchehprank2136 dni temu

    Lost Vikings 🔥🔥

  • Kirby Guy
    Kirby Guy6 dni temu

    No Clayfighter!? What a Scam!!!

  • fred johnson

    fred johnson

    3 dni temu

    They didn’t make clay fighter

  • Robin
    Robin6 dni temu

    I remember always using the cheat to play as Olaf in Rock N Roll Racing. Olaf is about to blow!

  • Barry Murphy

    Barry Murphy

    6 dni temu

    Olaf should avoid mines

  • Kamaboko Gonpachiro
    Kamaboko Gonpachiro6 dni temu

    Fortnite Guy is kidnapping everyone

  • JamCal-X
    JamCal-X6 dni temu

    The Chinese Government would love this...

  • Ваня Левенец
    Ваня Левенец6 dni temu

    А другого пути домой нет ?

  • Hylik
    Hylik6 dni temu

    0:50 special for Russian fans with love :D I'm russian.

  • Daudgrim
    Daudgrim6 dni temu

    What's with the shitty announcer voice?

  • Rick Daniel
    Rick Daniel6 dni temu

    that 8-bit version of Highway Star, tho...

  • Kay Kitsune

    Kay Kitsune

    6 dni temu

    16 bit, sir.

  • rumy_
    rumy_6 dni temu

    Rock N Roll Racing kid here 🤘🏽

  • Alex Blake
    Alex Blake6 dni temu

    If reforged is anything to go by battlenet version of these games will run and play better than this broken mess.

  • PacDork
    PacDork6 dni temu

    LOL, these games were literally NEVER in the arcade. That being said, 3 FANTASTIC games!

  • Derivitiv Films
    Derivitiv Films6 dni temu

    These aren't even arcade games.

  • Larseus
    Larseus6 dni temu

    This is awesome, will be buying!

  • Fabrício Soad
    Fabrício Soad6 dni temu

    Hope Blizzard rescue these classics and make new games. A new Blackthorne in a 3D world would be insane.

  • Purge Trooper X38
    Purge Trooper X386 dni temu

    Wait didn't they say if you bought a celabration bundle you get this for free , how do I redeem it

  • Myles Hoglund
    Myles Hoglund6 dni temu

    I know what you’re thinking. “Blizzard made arcade games?”

  • Derivitiv Films

    Derivitiv Films

    6 dni temu

    yeah because they didn't, these were all Super Nintendo releases

  • Deke B.
    Deke B.6 dni temu

    Rock n Roll racing was my favorite game on Genesis

  • undertow9x
    undertow9x6 dni temu

    Already play all of these with emulators.

  • charang
    charang6 dni temu


  • Dana W
    Dana W6 dni temu

    I'm buying it JUST for Rock and Roll Racing on my Switch.

    KFHEWUI6 dni temu

    Blackthorne and Lost Vikings?! Sweet!

  • Dana W

    Dana W

    6 dni temu

    Rock and Roll Racing? Sweet!

  • Garuu popka
    Garuu popka6 dni temu

    Just three? Lmao

  • Lee Ferguson
    Lee Ferguson6 dni temu


  • SpikeTheWolf
    SpikeTheWolf6 dni temu

    Deep purple?

  • fred johnson

    fred johnson

    3 dni temu

    @Joey Farish it’s lost Vikings music in between the rnrr licensed tracks

  • Joey Farish

    Joey Farish

    6 dni temu

    LOL I was wondering where i heard it. thank you. also sounds like thorogood and idk what middle song is, reminds me of mortal combat

  • ambrosiajam
    ambrosiajam6 dni temu

    This looks sweet but I just shelled out for a huge capcom arcade collection, lol!

  • Dana W

    Dana W

    6 dni temu

    This is $20. I just want Rock and Roll Racing. I want that game on my Switch. I've forked out more for worse games.

  • Travis Brown
    Travis Brown6 dni temu

    Then Blizzard forgot the Lost Vikings 2 and will be as DLC for $20

  • Travis Brown

    Travis Brown

    6 dni temu

    @Szabolcs Tusai IDK but for anyone who did not have a SNES or Genesis back in the day can get it

  • Szabolcs Tusai

    Szabolcs Tusai

    6 dni temu

    Do you think it worth buying these games form 20 bucks? Is there any change of the graphics or only filtering?

  • Szabolcs Tusai

    Szabolcs Tusai

    6 dni temu

    @Travis Brown RPM racing, LV 2 and the Supermen game would probably be Arcade 2 or an update

  • Travis Brown

    Travis Brown

    6 dni temu

    @Szabolcs Tusai Nah more like a update and they forgot some of the DC games like Superman and Justice league

  • Szabolcs Tusai

    Szabolcs Tusai

    6 dni temu

    I hope they will release it as a dlc. Probably they will to make more money.

  • Garrus Vakarian
    Garrus Vakarian6 dni temu

    Is it not free? Then I dont care.

  • Gamer Gaz
    Gamer Gaz6 dni temu

    What does that mean for lost Vikings 2 are they finally going to release it everywhere else but America?

  • obigrumpywan kenobi
    obigrumpywan kenobi6 dni temu

    Just make another Diablo ! Stop doing stuff that No One Cares about .

  • Kraken Parlour
    Kraken Parlour6 dni temu


  • jatekforditok
    jatekforditok6 dni temu

    Blizzard is becoming EA. congrats..

  • Max Andrew

    Max Andrew

    6 dni temu

    It is run by Activision Blizzard.

  • Jake VonDoom
    Jake VonDoom6 dni temu

    You all have phones don’t you!?

  • Gat the Man
    Gat the Man6 dni temu

    Wouldn't mind trying out Lost Vikings again.

  • Alex Rush
    Alex Rush6 dni temu

    Sadly, I will not support Blizzard again anytime soon

  • Vitae


    6 dni temu

    What about now?

  • Kirk Mooneyham
    Kirk Mooneyham6 dni temu

    These aren't arcade games.

  • radcow
    radcow6 dni temu

    Is this more $5 forget it

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez6 dni temu

    Finally i was hoping rock and roll racing, maybe one Day on snes online un switch, but now i can finally get it.

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Carlos Hernandez

    6 dni temu

    @B0uff0s yeah. Thats a cool Game.

  • B0uff0s


    6 dni temu

    same here