Diablo 4 - Official Rogue Cinematic Trailer | BlizzConline 2021


Get your first look at the Rogue character class joining the cast of Diablo IV.
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  • Dominador Rey
    Dominador Rey7 minut temu

    Rogue skills are similar to Demon Hunter

  • Bạch Vũ
    Bạch VũGodzinę temu

    Why this trailer quality is so bad compare to the 2019 one

  • fa rang
    fa rang3 godzin temu

    poor quality cinematics, even the game footage isn't appealing at all. will probably stick with the D2 remake

    RSMNVC3 godzin temu

    No CC?

  • Ma Si
    Ma Si5 godzin temu

    After D3 I'm not going to touch D4.

  • The Dark Dwight
    The Dark Dwight9 godzin temu

    Andy is back get hyped!

  • Mike Scherrer
    Mike Scherrer11 godzin temu

    This is a mod for d3, right?

  • Kapten Action
    Kapten Action13 godzin temu

    Might the ears suggest more PvP than D3?

  • Tomasz Kocjan
    Tomasz Kocjan13 godzin temu

    czy będzie pvp ? bo jak nie to nie kupuje, pozdrawiam

  • Tomasz Kocjan

    Tomasz Kocjan

    13 godzin temu

    nigdzie se nie sprawdziłem

  • Café Gamer
    Café Gamer13 godzin temu

    Meh... An other Blizzard future disaster in comming

  • Yoroi Yakado
    Yoroi Yakado13 godzin temu

    Top curti essa classe

  • Adrian Escamilla
    Adrian Escamilla16 godzin temu


  • Nein Lives
    Nein Lives19 godzin temu


  • M Hassan Munir
    M Hassan Munir19 godzin temu

    will it be on mobile?? it was rumoured once

  • Nickisorochi
    Nickisorochi22 godzin temu

    Be like 2 plzzzzz, don't be like 3 plzzzz...

  • Taras Polishchuk
    Taras PolishchukDzień temu

    If you look closely she is also missing an ear

  • RadiatorQc Pogo
    RadiatorQc PogoDzień temu

    Now let's wait for the necromancer to come back too

  • 이동주
    이동주Dzień temu

    Is this an out of season April fools joke?

  • Xx412xxbluntz
    Xx412xxbluntzDzień temu

    Will this actually be the year??!!

  • Bazerk
    BazerkDzień temu

    For mobile. Because we all have phones

  • Alex Dal Osto
    Alex Dal OstoDzień temu

    diablo 3 fellings. disgust

  • Ron Jo
    Ron JoDzień temu

    Can't hear you.

  • Mario Soleh
    Mario SolehDzień temu

    Cool. This game just like Hades and many other top down ARpg.

  • Sarge Youkai
    Sarge YoukaiDzień temu

    Hey kids, everyone have cellphones?

  • karajo278
    karajo278Dzień temu

    "Dont you have phones?"

  • Randy Li
    Randy LiDzień temu

    But why tho? We have phones = /.

  • Cicada 3301
    Cicada 3301Dzień temu

    Poor Blizzard North. Activision completely Bethesda'd blizzard now. So diablo is now an open world assassin's creed. Ill be back to PoE

  • Mary Jane
    Mary JaneDzień temu


  • wald wald
    wald waldDzień temu

    Is it on mobile too??

  • Joel Nogueira
    Joel NogueiraDzień temu

    Can't wait for PoE2!

  • Glennithin
    GlennithinDzień temu

    Nothing to see here.

  • Cryptotato
    CryptotatoDzień temu

    but my Demon Hunter :C

  • Rinnegan Itachi
    Rinnegan ItachiDzień temu

    She tore more ears than Mike Tyson

  • name no
    name noDzień temu

    Free Hong Kong

  • Vincent Morency
    Vincent MorencyDzień temu

    I hope demon hunter makes a comeback, had a lot of fun playing it.

  • XxVenom49xX
    XxVenom49xXDzień temu

    I feel like the lighting in some instances are a little too bright still.

  • YouTube keeps banning my account for no reason
    YouTube keeps banning my account for no reasonDzień temu

    Jeez rogue why so edgy??

  • Ed Williams
    Ed WilliamsDzień temu

    yo the graphics look the same as 3, the two remester graphics looked better lmaoooo, guess D2 will always be the greatest

  • Thomas Langvann
    Thomas LangvannDzień temu

    The ears of everyone who tried to listen to the fans about a NOT another auction house.

  • S Puellaateacookie
    S PuellaateacookieDzień temu


  • Iskandar CHEBANI
    Iskandar CHEBANIDzień temu

    A Kratos easter 🐣 ? 🤨🧐😒🙄

  • Alan Marino
    Alan MarinoDzień temu

    The cinematic looks so.... shitty.... has China Blizzard really gone down this bad? Their cinemática used to be so well done they could match and ever surpass Disney movies or DC/Marvel cartoon movies. This is like a bad rendered 2012 game cinematic

  • Josh Boersema
    Josh BoersemaDzień temu

    I don't understand the fans that grew up loving the game the reason they were successful..... they won't give us what we want. Just making games for this useless generation..... you have phones don't you? 👊👊👊👊😡🤬🤬

  • Attaboi Troy
    Attaboi TroyDzień temu

    I just came

  • Sasha Syrup
    Sasha SyrupDzień temu

    So if there's a Rogue class, will there not be an Amazon class now? Also this is just a reskin of the DemonHunter from D3...

  • Max Korinev
    Max KorinevDzień temu

    I want to burp after this

  • zindagi se preshan banda
    zindagi se preshan bandaDzień temu

    Kan katne wali waifu ❤️ shup up and take my ear

  • leonard witucke
    leonard wituckeDzień temu

    Boring! I’ll pass.

  • Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
    Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'Dzień temu

    You sure this isn't a assassin's Creed trailer

  • Lars
    LarsDzień temu

    A little saddening we aren’t getting the angel/demon classes. Or m at be just not yet? Either way only time will tell, they still look sweet

  • Dylan Backlund
    Dylan BacklundDzień temu

    That was atrocious Jesus Christ.

  • Maverick
    MaverickDzień temu

    I'm sure this game can be ported to mobile, much like all Blizzard games

  • Bear Banters
    Bear BantersDzień temu

    So DH... its a DH. Got it.

  • saintsrown
    saintsrownDzień temu

    Cool!- Too bad it's Blizzard... Guess I won't be playing.

  • luan maia
    luan maiaDzień temu

    Is that the mobile version ? Worst graphics than Diablo 3 ?

  • macshild
    macshildDzień temu

    Dragon Age is a better game

  • Andreas Brummer
    Andreas BrummerDzień temu

    Her melee-fighting reminds me of Akali from LOL

  • Simon Berggren
    Simon Berggren2 dni temu

    Wonder what will happen to this game now that Lord of destruction resurrected is coming ;)

  • Gojiraking
    Gojiraking2 dni temu

    Oh man. I’m gonna need a new phone.

  • Chewy Gaming
    Chewy Gaming2 dni temu

    there will be a dlc for the other ear.

  • Doruk ŞEN
    Doruk ŞEN2 dni temu

    Eski kulaksızlardan kim kaldı...

  • Marshal Nemesis
    Marshal Nemesis2 dni temu

    Bad graphics, bad gameplay... bad game company.

  • Steven Adkins
    Steven Adkins2 dni temu

    Hey IGN. Will you tell Blizzard to release a Palidan class too.

  • Ashton Chowles
    Ashton Chowles2 dni temu

    Barbarian, Sorcerer and Druid: Shares trailer Rogue: I need my own trailer to show how edgy I am

  • JustSaiyanSteve
    JustSaiyanSteve2 dni temu

    Diablo should not be WoW. It used to be alot darker.

  • Marius jurk
    Marius jurk2 dni temu

    where is the diablo immortal ?

  • Wurschtbieb
    Wurschtbieb2 dni temu

    This looks like Warcraft 2 cinematics

  • karim abbas
    karim abbas2 dni temu

    Am I the only one how noticed the lower production quality of this cinematic trailer compared to the previous blizzard ones

  • Romarkable
    Romarkable2 dni temu

    Feels like a glorified demon hunter

  • Jayson Casquite
    Jayson Casquite2 dni temu

    Blizzard is downgrading their trailer budget now? 😂

  • Evgeniy Marat
    Evgeniy Marat2 dni temu

    doesn't look like Blizzard quality

  • Đăng Linh Hà
    Đăng Linh Hà2 dni temu

    Is it just me or the cinematic quality has dropped off significantly? It doesnt feel like Blizzard at all. Who made this trailer?

  • Axel Boulloy

    Axel Boulloy

    Dzień temu

    I guess it's using the in-game software. The proper trailer is probably ready to be put in the game. I doubt this trailer will though. Just like d3 and the demon Hunter's first trailer

  • Smile Dog
    Smile Dog2 dni temu

    Until now i still dont have a phone

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne2 dni temu

    Crap game.

  • Howard Xing
    Howard Xing2 dni temu

    Andariel at 3:28?

  • Karos Night
    Karos Night2 dni temu

    Seems to be the upgrade / replacement to demon hunter so ill be maining this little ninja. Thank you Blizzard

  • danny Uber
    danny Uber2 dni temu

    the game is more worthy and fit as a diablo 3 expansion rather thn diablo IV.. the graphics and gameplay are mehhh at best.... nothing jaw dropping for a sequel..

  • Jazzhands1337
    Jazzhands13372 dni temu

    i'll stick with the thiccboy druid

  • stuff stuff
    stuff stuff2 dni temu

    Yeah I remember the last time blizzard advertised pvp in diablo. No buy.

  • Fluxor
    Fluxor2 dni temu

    lend me your ears. Cause you gonna lose them anyways.

  • Nathan Thompson
    Nathan Thompson2 dni temu

    I hate gender locked classes not playing this.

  • mark gelineau
    mark gelineau2 dni temu

    Another rogue class. Come on now.

  • Jonathan Parker
    Jonathan Parker2 dni temu

    Looks cool. See y'all online when it comes out in 3 more years

  • Siri Kot
    Siri Kot2 dni temu

    Blizzard: ...only on IOS and Android.... People: 🤬🤬🤬🔥🔥

  • Death Swarm
    Death Swarm2 dni temu

    With all those ears collected you’d think they would be able to listen to the og fans of this franchise.

  • BBQ Mustache
    BBQ Mustache2 dni temu

    Oh yes. Yes

  • anisopiavision
    anisopiavision2 dni temu


  • Laserlunar22
    Laserlunar222 dni temu

    All I want to know is when can we playyyyyyyy?

  • Greta’s Stolen Dreams
    Greta’s Stolen Dreams2 dni temu


  • Jado
    Jado2 dni temu

    THAT was their cinematic? Blizzard's cinematography and rendering is really falling off compared to their older work.

  • Tedd Idle

    Tedd Idle

    Dzień temu

    @Jado Nah, they said it will be a mix between in-game cinematic's and pre-rendered scenes. The first will feature your full character in the cut-scene.

  • Jado


    Dzień temu

    @Tedd Idle I missed that part. For in game of looks cool. I thought it was pre-rendered like their older stuff.

  • Tedd Idle

    Tedd Idle

    2 dni temu


  • Rikki The Garden Guardian
    Rikki The Garden Guardian2 dni temu

    Ladies and gentlemen, lend me your ears!

  • The Mic of Mike
    The Mic of Mike2 dni temu

    Blizzard is completely obsessed with "Strong female character."

  • Decapitation mode

    Decapitation mode

    2 dni temu

    and we love to see it!

  • Jon Lundy
    Jon Lundy2 dni temu

    It's about time.

  • Jumoke
    Jumoke2 dni temu

    So you're telling me, ears don't rot and smell??

  • Rakshasa


    2 dni temu

    formaldehyde, my man.

  • Ville Ahola
    Ville Ahola2 dni temu

    so it's a diablo 1 remake with the druid... well like they'd be able to invent something new. :-D

  • Travis Gibson
    Travis Gibson2 dni temu

    I hope it gets better

  • Fajlu Gaming
    Fajlu Gaming2 dni temu

    Cinematic Quality was so much better in Warcraft 3

    PC WRLD2 dni temu

    This got me so hyped jumped back on D3 for the first time in a while.

  • Michael Sampson
    Michael Sampson2 dni temu

    When you promised to never give Blizz any more of your money over 10 years ago...and now....Diablo 2 R comes out...please take my money....wont even look at D4 :P

    SEA FOOD2 dni temu

    disquasting ... :(