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Today on the Daily Fix, legislators are trying to ban Grand Theft Auto AGAIN. This time, legislators are targeting games like Grand Theft Auto V which feature violent acts such as carjacking, which is quite literally the name of the game in GTA. Bend Studio’s Days Gone is making its way to PC, becoming one of the latest PS5 exclusives to receive a PC port. And finally, don’t miss out on the CW’s Superman and Lois premiere tonight! Sydnee’s got a short preview of what the super-couple have been up to since the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.
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  • WhiteChocolate King
    WhiteChocolate King16 godzin temu

    Stop blaming video games for these things cause it is not the cause mate juses it is soo dam easy to blame video games cause not all games are the same.

  • beefbmx
    beefbmx3 dni temu

    just make the game 21+ if anything but that still wont stop people from buying it digitally if their parents dont know theres restriction controls on their console

  • Jordzyi1
    Jordzyi17 dni temu

    Omfg this is so Fing dumb

  • KuutamoKutsuuKokeneita
    KuutamoKutsuuKokeneita13 dni temu

    Its just a game like cmon

  • Mikado
    Mikado27 dni temu

    Egg or Chicken scenario. Violence in Society inspires videos games Violence in video games inspires society Who gets the blame?

  • clay hope

    clay hope

    25 dni temu

    Well said lol 👍

  • The Mouse
    The MouseMiesiąc temu

    Children under 15 years old literally get anything they want from there parents

  • Thysll
    ThysllMiesiąc temu

    Um... It's just a videogame?

  • Ranoutofnameideas
    RanoutofnameideasMiesiąc temu

    Gta was released in 1997 People before 1997: *Peaceful music*

  • Abandoned Channel
    Abandoned ChannelMiesiąc temu

    You know. Smashing a window to steal a car is easiest way to steal a car. Maybe instead of banning GTA we should teach people better ways to steal cars

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro GarciaMiesiąc temu

    Really you're bailing on the perfect refrance to Doom Guy. Seriously, that guy's armor looks like the Doom Slayer's

  • Emmanuel Simon
    Emmanuel SimonMiesiąc temu


  • مختار حيدر
    مختار حيدرMiesiąc temu

    اليلام عليكم

  • Physically thicc Mentally sicc
    Physically thicc Mentally siccMiesiąc temu

    *It's amazing how little brain sits behind the heads that have been bringing up this argument since literally 20 years, expecting to accomplish anything but make themselves and their cause look like clowns in a circus*

  • jforthrjordan _
    jforthrjordan _Miesiąc temu


  • Darth Draven
    Darth DravenMiesiąc temu

    They may want to sue movies for constantly showing movies with a killer, matter of fact the villain was real and glorified in movies such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • marcelo g
    marcelo gMiesiąc temu

    Again?, Why the videogames?

  • Polizei 004
    Polizei 004Miesiąc temu

    Lawmakers are just trying to blame their inefficiency on a game as always the game has a age restriction for a reason plus you can't even view the game page if you are under 18.

  • Penguinguy
    PenguinguyMiesiąc temu

    "legislation to address suspicion" You better have more than suspicion before you start legislating.

  • Foxxorz
    FoxxorzMiesiąc temu

    Feels like a chicken or egg argument.

  • Alex Mojarro
    Alex MojarroMiesiąc temu

    Again for what?fix the corrupt system

  • youngin Jay
    youngin JayMiesiąc temu


  • grown kid
    grown kidMiesiąc temu

    Fine, bn education too because it gives dept depression

  • Darth Nooby
    Darth NoobyMiesiąc temu

    Violence in real life, is not because of a video game, it can be because of bad parenting, and much more

  • johnson6099
    johnson6099Miesiąc temu

    GTA is not bad. Just after beating it, it's boring.

  • Enrique Robles
    Enrique RoblesMiesiąc temu

    Y’all cropped the best part 😂

  • Bart Haan, de
    Bart Haan, deMiesiąc temu

    As usual politicians fear what they don’t understand.

  • zero sum
    zero sumMiesiąc temu

    Walker "When you compare the two, you see harsh similarities as it relates to these carjackings." Meanwhile, the video in the background shows a car launching rockets at a group of cars in front of them, after which they all start magically flying through the city. The day that happens in Chicago (or anywhere else) I'll start taking Walker seriously.

  • Regina Akkerman
    Regina AkkermanMiesiąc temu

    Is it in the entire world or only Europa of America

  • Xander Cortez
    Xander CortezMiesiąc temu

    if GTA really is the problem why hasn’t anyone tried to kill the politician?

  • ALUCARD7729


    Miesiąc temu

    I............K.............R, seriously this is just ridiculous

  • Selvaraaju M
    Selvaraaju MMiesiąc temu

    We indians love gta but we never do car thefting.. its all about ur people mentality not a game

  • Swanand pisat
    Swanand pisatMiesiąc temu

    Rockstar have strongest lawyers in the world with them......go ahead and try.....even Hilary Clinton had issues with Hot Coffee mod back in 2000's but even then it didn't make any difference

  • The N
    The NMiesiąc temu

    When she's on the screen, the news doesn't matter.

  • AX1D3NTPR0N3
    AX1D3NTPR0N3Miesiąc temu

    What they fail to realize One major factor. It's a Video game....

  • Ryanpwnkins
    RyanpwnkinsMiesiąc temu

    This is so damm dum. Dum dumb.

  • blaine dahlseide
    blaine dahlseideMiesiąc temu

    Politics trying to enforce something the parents should be doing !

  • That Guy
    That GuyMiesiąc temu

    Just pinning the blame on somthing else please

  • Max Genome
    Max GenomeMiesiąc temu

    Usa is slowly becoming authoritarian.

  • T0KY0 RED
    T0KY0 REDMiesiąc temu

    They're only jealous cause GTA makes more money than them

  • The Volta
    The VoltaMiesiąc temu

    studies shows there's a connection between stupidity and the Kardashians. Get em!!!

  • Abderrahman Foudili
    Abderrahman FoudiliMiesiąc temu

    "He noticed similarities" Wtf is that supposed to mean . How is this an argument. This game is representing reality and not the other way around

    ANONYMOUS GUYMiesiąc temu

    First pubg mobile now gta5😢

  • Deane Mayer
    Deane MayerMiesiąc temu

    Looks like there's gonna be alot of gamers breaking the law

  • Picasso Black
    Picasso BlackMiesiąc temu

    Oh no! Anyway...

  • Olzme
    OlzmeMiesiąc temu

    There should be a penalty, a severe one, for politicians that are proven to be useless hacks that waste government resources on proposals such as these. Yeah, blame a half a decade old video game for local problems that you can't be bothered to properly solve. Pathetic.

  • Jebs
    JebsMiesiąc temu

    Actually those people who literally imitate what's in GTA gameplay in real life are mad. They forgot what is right and wrong because they're addicted on that game. Playing such that game is not bad actually. If you try imitate everything in the GTA gameplay in real life, you're mad.

  • goldenplayhouse
    goldenplayhouseMiesiąc temu

    Really this again what did you not understand 😏

    SULFUR STEVEMiesiąc temu

    I'm guessing that they never thought that maybe they game got it's ideas from the criminals instead of the other way around

  • Trishul Vijayanand
    Trishul VijayanandMiesiąc temu

    Game is something where we can be anything idk what’s wrong there’s a thing that nothing should be taken seriously .that’s common sense...

  • Freesmart
    FreesmartMiesiąc temu

    Let me be the first to say Violence was here long before video games

  • Hollow Demon
    Hollow DemonMiesiąc temu

    Still these lawmakers to grow a pair

  • Alex B
    Alex BMiesiąc temu

    Chicago has a history of crime! Since the days of Al Capone! Geographically in area where trafficking is most efficient!

  • 狐
    Miesiąc temu

    Why dont they stop f*cking around with video games and actually fix the problems

  • David chavez
    David chavezMiesiąc temu

    So no gta 6

  • grilled me
    grilled meMiesiąc temu

    Only GTA?? why not Mafia why not Need For Speed and all those other games that involve guns and illegal speed? DUMPASS

  • Michael Doan
    Michael DoanMiesiąc temu

    Democrats are a bunch of crazy folks

  • Tyler Conley
    Tyler ConleyMiesiąc temu


  • PS RowD_YT SP
    PS RowD_YT SPMiesiąc temu

    Never said forever 🤑

  • CpTexasNinja
    CpTexasNinjaMiesiąc temu

    *Police must be playing a lot of gta v huh*

  • Ferdy Kurniawan
    Ferdy KurniawanMiesiąc temu

    Its the carjacker's fault that mess things up

  • dropsy
    dropsyMiesiąc temu

    Exhibit A for anyone out there that still hasn't clued in that the authoritarian social dominant orientated conservatism has shifted from right to left. It's time to liberate liberalism from those who seek to bastardize and corrupt it for their own myopic and selfish aims. Don't let the new left do to liberalism what the old right did to religion.

  • NoLzzzz.
    NoLzzzz.Miesiąc temu

    They’re enjoying Gta that much they don’t want anyone else to play it

  • Boymicin
    BoymicinMiesiąc temu

    Instead of founding a real solution they're blaming it on a game

  • John Joel Pollard
    John Joel PollardMiesiąc temu

    Ign's reaction would have been a lot different if the representative was a Republican.

  • John Smith
    John SmithMiesiąc temu

    There were already millions of murders and car jackings before video games even existed..

  • Bearded Wonder
    Bearded WonderMiesiąc temu

    Terrible host.

    J.E. EMPIREMiesiąc temu

    There is already legislations regarding these games mortal kombat pretty much started this. This is just nitpicking by choosing elements without proof of actual.

  • yo ming
    yo mingMiesiąc temu

    Gta online reality: you have to work jobs in the game and save up to buy an over priced car.

  • Lionel Townsend
    Lionel TownsendMiesiąc temu

    5:25 That looks quite a bit like the Doom Slayer!

  • sam yao
    sam yaoMiesiąc temu

    The whole thing is just some guy tries to get his face in GTA VI

  • Corey Knight
    Corey KnightMiesiąc temu

    "Similarities between local car jackings and actions that players can make in the game" Right because GTA is something Rockstar came up with. Nobody had ever stolen a car until the game was made and in no way did they just depict our world as it existed before. Art imitates life. The game is about crime drama, crime is not about being a popular video game.

  • TreebeardXIV
    TreebeardXIVMiesiąc temu

    In Illinois

  • SL33per
    SL33perMiesiąc temu

    It's Donald Dump period.

  • MrCandyCane / MCC

    MrCandyCane / MCC

    Miesiąc temu

    How is it trumps fault when hes not even the president & its actually done by a democratic Illinois law maker?

  • Oj Yes that one
    Oj Yes that oneMiesiąc temu

    Then I’ll have no choice but to act it out in the real world 😁 probably fit the times to with everything that’s going on

  • Harryboi 64
    Harryboi 64Miesiąc temu

    Ah because he thinks everyone can’t destinguish real life from a GAME

  • Mister Pinkman
    Mister PinkmanMiesiąc temu


  • TheRed Raven
    TheRed RavenMiesiąc temu

    GTA 5 Isn't blame of bullcrap politic , most ppl are just try hard crybabies like walker guy bet his parents didn't rise hem right .

  • Otaku The Great
    Otaku The GreatMiesiąc temu

    "So when you play a violence game like a fighting game, you start doing Air Juggle and Giant swings against pedestrians in the city. I've never seen such a phenomenon, but it seems to happen in Illinois." - Katsuhiro Harada

  • xX Xx
    xX XxMiesiąc temu

    Somebody hit these fools with an oppressor mk2!!

  • xX Xx
    xX XxMiesiąc temu

    Cars were getting stolen LONG before gta came out. Smh🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Son Goku
    Son GokuMiesiąc temu

    Wait, so a President, again a President and his cronies can create one of the biggest riots on American Private property based on a lie but GTA V is the problem. Talk about one of the highest levels of ironic I've ever seen in my life. Beyond pathetic.

  • Tutan Khamun
    Tutan KhamunMiesiąc temu

    Welcome to the world of democrats, everything is bad except them

  • Kinnakeeter 1997
    Kinnakeeter 1997Miesiąc temu

    Me: Grand Theft Auto releases my inner aggression and stress. Lawmakers: *Arrest him NOW*

  • Bolo that mutha fukin
    Bolo that mutha fukinMiesiąc temu

    How many times do they have to try this.... First amendment

  • TheGregatron3000
    TheGregatron3000Miesiąc temu

    Politicians instead should blame parents for buying M rated games for their kids.

  • Sam N
    Sam NMiesiąc temu

    As a fellow Chicagoan, we don’t claim that politician

  • TheTrueBallin
    TheTrueBallinMiesiąc temu

    So carjackings didn’t happen before gta?

  • Bina Khan
    Bina KhanMiesiąc temu

    The people are fool who commit crimes by playing games.

  • bryan c
    bryan cMiesiąc temu

    They act like car theft barely started

  • swaggastronomer
    swaggastronomerMiesiąc temu

    Summery: Toxic video games = toxic behaviour

  • Rehan Pacha
    Rehan PachaMiesiąc temu

    Brother's and sisters we gonna show them how we strong are BECUSE gta v is the most greatest game of all time

  • Rehan Pacha
    Rehan PachaMiesiąc temu

    Man this is wrong

  • Samuel Thompson
    Samuel ThompsonMiesiąc temu

    wow it's almost like they named the game after a crime which had already existed

    LMG MASOCHISTMiesiąc temu

    It's funny that carjackings were probably a thing way before than people believe

  • M Ashok Kumar
    M Ashok KumarMiesiąc temu

    Normal people:- Guns cause violence we should regulate them US Politicians:- no they don't it's the darn video games

  • Andrew turner
    Andrew turnerMiesiąc temu

    Games with violence don't make me want to act violently taking them away definitely would though

  • Hall.p
    Hall.pMiesiąc temu

    Chicago was f****d up before gta came out! Can’t blame a game for that!

  • Chico B.
    Chico B.Miesiąc temu

    Plus, some people take out their anger and violence on video games to prevent having REAL LIFE ISSUES!

  • Michael Ariana
    Michael ArianaMiesiąc temu

    Marilyn Manson and Judas Priest were unavailable for comment

  • Whatsapp Videos and GIF's
    Whatsapp Videos and GIF'sMiesiąc temu

    We need to remove these boomer lawmakers who dosent understand current tech

  • Gabriel Cachero
    Gabriel CacheroMiesiąc temu

    Why tf is a video game even a topic? Isn't there a pandemic they should be dealing with rn?