Etched Memories - Official Trailer (Play as a Cat in This Bizarre Horror Game)


Check out the trailer for Etched Memories, an indie survival horror game where you play a cat called Biscuit.
Etched Memories is a first-person and third-person indie, horror, and cat simulation game. Switch perspectives at the click of a button, depending on your preference. The Etched Memories demo is available on Steam now.


  • afnan13122010
    afnan131220104 godzin temu


  • Matías Reyes Bettancourt
    Matías Reyes Bettancourt14 godzin temu

    Me: **opens a bag of chips** My cat: 0:31

  • S.P.A.S Mλdness
    S.P.A.S Mλdness21 godzinę temu

    Ahah brilliant !

  • roxas13 Johnson
    roxas13 JohnsonDzień temu

    Haha what is going on here lol

  • Think Cubey // Dr.Shulker
    Think Cubey // Dr.ShulkerDzień temu

    This... Is grand

  • DarkulaGames
    DarkulaGamesDzień temu


  • Mehmet Can ÜNEY
    Mehmet Can ÜNEYDzień temu

    I wish it wasn't made by that shitty Unity game engine :(

  • Vladd
    VladdDzień temu

    Ameownesia: The Dark Descent

  • Anonymous List
    Anonymous ListDzień temu

    Now we don't need K9 Dogs anymore. This cat have gone beyond CIA and FBI standards

  • Jason Scarce
    Jason ScarceDzień temu

    If this doesn't get a console port I'm gonna be super pissed. I'd give anything to be Biscuit.

  • 0 0
    0 02 dni temu

    At last. The successor to P.T.

  • Shadow
    Shadow2 dni temu

    This is so weird and i love it!

  • ZX
    ZX2 dni temu

    Who else was getting *Granny* vibes when watching this trailer? 😐

  • Antonio Perez
    Antonio Perez2 dni temu

    Catnip needs to be a buff or something

  • KarateE! Mouse
    KarateE! Mouse2 dni temu

    wtf 👀

  • Sophie Beckett
    Sophie Beckett2 dni temu

    Just because you can doesn't mean you should 😂

  • 1Putin
    1Putin2 dni temu

    am I on weed effect?

  • Ximon Whhatt
    Ximon Whhatt2 dni temu

    category: meme game

  • crackerjack9311
    crackerjack93112 dni temu

    Im glad you put that in the title. I would have never picked up on that minor game feature

  • Skorpi
    Skorpi2 dni temu

    I've definitely got to play this on my channel!

  • Brandon Evans
    Brandon Evans2 dni temu

    They will make a game about anything these days

  • Cheems Lord
    Cheems Lord2 dni temu

    cat horror game lol

  • Tender_ Ballz
    Tender_ Ballz2 dni temu


  • Deven Abhyankar
    Deven Abhyankar2 dni temu

    😂 😂 😂

  • Ancsee
    Ancsee2 dni temu

    Nice concept, bad execution

  • troyisfilming
    troyisfilming2 dni temu

    That flip through the window had RE4 vibes.

  • BrontoFox
    BrontoFox3 dni temu

    I wish this was made by someone with more talent.

  • Jason Aril
    Jason Aril3 dni temu


  • Zakynthos
    Zakynthos3 dni temu

    great soundtrack

  • ErosLikesGames
    ErosLikesGames3 dni temu

    Thats so Meowing Scary!

    FIREWERTYHN3 dni temu

    What. Is. This

  • Droolius Caesar
    Droolius Caesar3 dni temu

    wish this had a budget though

  • Michael
    Michael3 dni temu

    This doesn't look so great, but the video was titled in the same overly-descriptive way Alpha Beta Gamer titles their videos so I clicked.

  • Born Again
    Born Again3 dni temu

    Imagine you get to play as a mouse and you need to escape from the other words Horror Tom and Jerry

  • Matthew Hermann
    Matthew Hermann3 dni temu

    It says demo in steam. I wonder when the full release is? 🤔

  • TheSilent Knight
    TheSilent Knight3 dni temu

    Where's the violence and Gore?😵🤔😂

  • Manu TheDeath
    Manu TheDeath3 dni temu

    Spoiler end: Meow

  • Mr_RickH Gaming
    Mr_RickH Gaming3 dni temu

    April fools! Oh wait...

  • AwesomeNick94
    AwesomeNick943 dni temu

    Made in Dreams

  • LoveInHell
    LoveInHell3 dni temu

    Y’all really need to start including on what devices it’s getting released on in the description. Would appreciate it

  • Eric Visser

    Eric Visser

    3 dni temu

    It says Steam in the description. Which means it’s only on PC

  • Oaks
    Oaks3 dni temu

    Will you have 9 lives?

  • MachinPR
    MachinPR3 dni temu

    But why?

  • JD
    JD3 dni temu

    Nice. A cat that can open vents.

  • Davey's Room
    Davey's Room3 dni temu

    This looks bad. *Pre-Ordered*

  • Dub XYI
    Dub XYI3 dni temu


  • shadowalka
    shadowalka3 dni temu

    End boss: The Pitbull from next door!

  • Billie is Hot
    Billie is Hot3 dni temu

    Primary weapon: Kitty paws

  • Atemporal
    Atemporal3 dni temu

    the motions look really rough

  • bluknight99
    bluknight993 dni temu


  • 99batran
    99batran3 dni temu

    Let me guess, you were turned into a cat and trying to rediscover your past?

  • mydermangaymer
    mydermangaymer3 dni temu

    Do we get to hear the cat purring ?

  • Shade's Insane Chamber
    Shade's Insane Chamber3 dni temu

    OH MY.

  • supercyc10
    supercyc103 dni temu


  • Conner Stewart
    Conner Stewart3 dni temu

    Plot twist final boss is alinity

  • -UnLoboconTimbs


    2 dni temu


  • Faded 420

    Faded 420

    3 dni temu


  • V man
    V man3 dni temu

    Lmao like cat doing all these stuff isn't horror itself 😂🤣

  • Shazzatul Anam
    Shazzatul Anam3 dni temu

    Is this about cat revenge?

  • -=Hanzor=-
    -=Hanzor=-3 dni temu


  • Chevifier
    Chevifier3 dni temu

    The game looks.....stiff.

  • jk12324
    jk123243 dni temu

    I'm more interested in the Jesus game

  • Gon Kappa
    Gon Kappa3 dni temu

    The ending is that you are captured and tortured for a PLclip video.

  • Daniel Eaton
    Daniel Eaton3 dni temu

    This looks incredible.

  • Wait A minute
    Wait A minute3 dni temu

    The game looks so unfinished

  • Rubrixie


    2 dni temu

    Thats because it isnt finished yet... Its a alpha demo

  • Medicinal Blood
    Medicinal Blood3 dni temu


  • Salmond
    Salmond3 dni temu

    ...but can you pet the dog?

  • terry tillman
    terry tillman3 dni temu

    Did I just....did I just have a fever dream?

  • The Derpmeister
    The Derpmeister3 dni temu

    Is this an, out of season, April Fools joke?

  • BattleModeBainbridge


    3 dni temu

    nah that's you're comment -_-

  • Shen Zhou
    Shen Zhou3 dni temu

    *Sees vacuum cleaner* "Why do I hear boss music?"

    KING SOLOMON3 dni temu

    This cats got some IQ

  • The media flix
    The media flix3 dni temu

    A warning? Really guys ?for what ?

  • Awesomegayness
    Awesomegayness3 dni temu

    So this game will only be on pc?

  • Phillipinus UrAnus
    Phillipinus UrAnus3 dni temu

    The game looks like it is made in Dreams PS4

  • The Joker
    The Joker3 dni temu

    This is too funny

  • Slashergeist Virus Studios
    Slashergeist Virus Studios3 dni temu

    4th boss is a Kirby vaccum cleaner.

  • meropolis
    meropolis3 dni temu

    demo is out now on steam

  • Blaque Mann
    Blaque Mann3 dni temu

    Unskippable ads? I'll watch thid somewhere else.

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez3 dni temu

    My cat from like 10 years ago was a calico like that and was named biscuit. Now I have to play it.

  • meropolis
    meropolis3 dni temu

    I was watching this just now while working from home and when I turned around after it finished my cat was staring right at me lol!

  • Brodo21
    Brodo213 dni temu

    Play as the smartest cat ever.

  • DefinitelyNotaPervert
    DefinitelyNotaPervert3 dni temu

    Yeah, this looks cheap as hell.

  • DefinitelyNotaPervert


    3 dni temu

    @BattleModeBainbridge I'm deeply touched by your words of kindness. 🙃

  • BattleModeBainbridge


    3 dni temu

    like you ;)

  • DefinitelyNotaPervert


    3 dni temu

    @Ahmed Azzaher ...I honestly believe you.

  • Ahmed Azzaher

    Ahmed Azzaher

    3 dni temu

    It's a spiritual successor to Life of Black Tiger

  • Justsome Guy
    Justsome Guy3 dni temu

    This could be interesting but I also wonder if it could be distressing to people who have lost cats. When I was in my early 20s a cat I loved very much and had since I was like 9, vanished and never came home. To this day I wonder what happened. Time has dulled my pain but I do still miss him. I have a new cat now that I am very close to. But I still feel sad when I think about my old cat. The plot hints in the video description and the fact it is horror and it says you are "lost and alone" worries me. I hope nothing bad happens to the cat

  • Sketchazoid
    Sketchazoid3 dni temu

    I thought this was a rather elaborate (and probably costly) April fools joke until I looked at the date. Now I am just confused. Someone thought of this, think about that for a moment.

  • Filippo Cardoni

    Filippo Cardoni

    3 dni temu

    @Celina Palacios Also, Stray. Definitely keeping an eye out for that one :)

  • Sketchazoid


    3 dni temu

    @Celina Palacios I am just waiting for the "play as a poodle in this bizarre looter shooter".

  • Celina Palacios

    Celina Palacios

    3 dni temu

    This isn't the only play-as-a-cat mystery-solving game that's in development right now. Another one called Peace Island

  • Walter Luna
    Walter Luna3 dni temu

    Looks cute

  • BinaryReader
    BinaryReader3 dni temu

    Ok. You play as a cat and you get to drive a shark boat. Sign me up.

  • Erick C.
    Erick C.3 dni temu

    Silent Meowths. The spinoff we didn’t expect but we all want because of a cute kitty cat wearing a cape.

  • Depthman plays

    Depthman plays

    3 dni temu


  • Jason Maldonado
    Jason Maldonado3 dni temu

    Wtf is this crap? Some developers just waste their time! 😡

  • EzpzX
    EzpzX3 dni temu


  • 00 9X
    00 9X3 dni temu

    Video : *This contains gore and violence* Me: giving this my undivided attention

  • amirul afiq F2027
    amirul afiq F20273 dni temu

    Cant say a cat

  • Dead Ryan
    Dead Ryan3 dni temu

    Is this a real game or are we being trolled?

  • McGreyjoy
    McGreyjoy3 dni temu

    I'd rather play a dog.

  • Varun M.K
    Varun M.K3 dni temu

    I hope we get 9 lives

  • Just Some Guy with a Mustache
    Just Some Guy with a Mustache3 dni temu

    I mean, if I'M playing a cat, the big twist is that I'm the main villain, right?

  • RuDrA 108
    RuDrA 1083 dni temu

    Cats will only look for humans when they are either hungry or need a few scratches on their back.

  • John Shepard

    John Shepard

    3 dni temu

    Cats also look for people they love.

  • Wesker12349
    Wesker123493 dni temu

    At least you have 9 lives, its more than I will need.

  • Mile Cuturilo

    Mile Cuturilo

    3 dni temu

    Shaddup, WESKER! Go help Jill. She's probably flirting with Mr. X again...

  • masteruuee
    masteruuee3 dni temu


  • Numbah6
    Numbah63 dni temu

    What if you only get 9 lives in the game and if you lose them all you have to restart

  • chapaclebeta
    chapaclebeta3 dni temu

    "Saving Karen" the game

  • Vladislav Tkachev
    Vladislav Tkachev3 dni temu

    Finishing this demo unlocks the New Silent Hills trailer.

  • Fekica Mekica Fekica Mekica

    Fekica Mekica Fekica Mekica

    3 dni temu

    @Ryan William yeah, confirmed 100%

  • Ryan William

    Ryan William

    3 dni temu

    Oh wow really? -_-

  • Sahir Xander
    Sahir Xander3 dni temu


  • Cajeta Pingoura
    Cajeta Pingoura3 dni temu

    Parece de 2010