Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist & New Operator Flores - Everything You Need to Know


IGN on the Six is back for an exclusive dev interview with Rainbow Six Siege Art Director Alexander Karpazis so you can get all the new details on everything you need to know for Crimson Heist and the new attacking Operator Flores. Kicking off Year 6 Season 1, the new updates coming to Crimson Heist include a Border map rework, the introduction of Match Replay, and a new attacking gadget called the Gonne-6.
Alex also talks about new balancing updates coming to Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist such as balancing changes to Goyo and Melusi, attacker repicks during the prep phase, and being able to control your drones after death. Make sure to watch future episodes of IGN on the Six to get your latest Rainbow Six Siege updates!
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  • Marathon Houston
    Marathon Houston2 dni temu

    His look reminds me of Richard Harrow from boardwalk empire. Missing the mask (no pun intended), but you know what I mean, the hat the facial hair. It’s obvious. Idc what this guy in the video says, that’s Harrow lol.

  • E g g
    E g g2 dni temu


  • Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
    Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo2 dni temu

    Great video

  • Liberty Prime
    Liberty Prime2 dni temu

    Yo letting attackers change their load outs mid game is gonna change the whole game, and it’ll be awful

  • Ahmarel Virgio
    Ahmarel Virgio2 dni temu

    Why mozzie can’t take flores’ drone ?

  • Planty Boi
    Planty Boi2 dni temu

    This operator is probably going to get tk every game lmao

  • Dejawka
    Dejawka2 dni temu

    So whens the new season?

  • Grayson Me
    Grayson Me3 dni temu

    flores is a little bit like hibnana

  • Zakynthos
    Zakynthos3 dni temu

    The replay system is a big improvement on the overall game. That would help new players big time.

  • Gucci flip flops
    Gucci flip flops3 dni temu

    They should rework a bad map

  • Barry B Benson
    Barry B Benson3 dni temu

    Two things I'm worried about: rushing on attack is gonna be way more prevalent with this new secondary, and if a team all hides a drone or two well during the round a 1v1 will be insanely unbalanced. Imagine 30 seconds left on defense, and 4 drones all come out from shelves and start scanning you non stop. You shoot them, 3 or 4 more come out in their place. It'll be hell 😂😭

  • Alex
    Alex3 dni temu

    Ah this game just keeps getting worse

  • Russian Bear
    Russian Bear3 dni temu

    For once can we have a new map instead of a rework

  • Sped_Vader
    Sped_Vader3 dni temu

    Well I guess this means zofia’s been violated twice this month

  • Henco
    Henco3 dni temu

    I love siege

  • Kappal321
    Kappal3213 dni temu

    6:28 thought that was gonna be like an arcade or something

  • Rocco Palepoi
    Rocco Palepoi3 dni temu

    Does that mean you can use flores explosive drone and then pick a different character after you detonate it

  • Edwin Perez
    Edwin Perez3 dni temu

    I like how they think their game is based off of gadgets and strategies when it’s strictly a gun skill meta where Flores won’t make it because of his guns💀

  • Dev Trends
    Dev Trends3 dni temu

    When does it come out tho

  • 78 years ago

    78 years ago

    2 dni temu


  • GrimShock
    GrimShock3 dni temu

    Anyone else distracted by the pimple under the eyebrow?

  • Drew John
    Drew John3 dni temu

    You are the princess of my world

  • Harrison Ford
    Harrison Ford3 dni temu

    I love rainbow

  • Floofles
    Floofles4 dni temu

    New season today Bois

  • Jimmy Yang
    Jimmy Yang4 dni temu


  • Daisah
    Daisah4 dni temu

    I just wish we'd get something more akin to Rainbow Six Vegas 2 where we make our own operators. Sick of hero based shooters.

  • Shanti Gomes
    Shanti Gomes4 dni temu

    Us ps4 players 😿😓😥😅😂🥲😭

  • M
    M4 dni temu

    The changes seem dope. Hope that guy gets that mole or wart looked at, looks like his eye was hitting it. Im sure he already has been told or even looked for a doctor but i know my moms irritated her a ton.

  • Dipster
    Dipster4 dni temu

    They’re changing so much it’s pissing me off the new players who get to experience this didn’t experience what we had to.

  • Kayla Amell
    Kayla Amell4 dni temu

    Inspired by real tactics... Let’s let dead people control gadgets

  • Chris M
    Chris M4 dni temu

    Honestly I think operators being able to still use their utilities after death is a little bit much because that means in death Maestro can still kill people with his camera

  • Chris M

    Chris M

    4 dni temu

    @CPT Totsie that's because kapkan specializes in trip wire devices

  • CPT Totsie

    CPT Totsie

    4 dni temu

    Kapkan can still kill people after he's dead

  • Fabian Vasquez
    Fabian Vasquez4 dni temu

    Azan? PogO??

  • A bag of chips
    A bag of chips4 dni temu

    What CTU he from though

  • Rye
    Rye4 dni temu

    Ugh. Nothing worth my time or money.. just a remake of ash, but worse🤣

  • Shazia Shams
    Shazia Shams4 dni temu

    So can you sonic burst peole after you are dead isnt that too op

  • Satellite
    Satellite4 dni temu

    Leon is that you?!

  • Saidul M249's
    Saidul M249's4 dni temu

    ""Any School College Student here......

  • Sn4ke 316
    Sn4ke 3164 dni temu

    At least maestro will be a usable operator

  • Clayton Lehmann
    Clayton Lehmann4 dni temu

    I’m pretty sure the gonne is a secondary weapon, not a gadget

  • BruhLegacy • 7 years ago

    BruhLegacy • 7 years ago

    4 dni temu

    You don't get a pistol and you get the secondary gadget still.

  • BruhLegacy • 7 years ago

    BruhLegacy • 7 years ago

    4 dni temu

    It literally is a secondary weapon.

  • Sodom 1611
    Sodom 16114 dni temu

    Mark my words, max in 3 mounth this new op. took a nerf

  • Weese Fdz
    Weese Fdz4 dni temu

    can we get new maps......

  • Teo Garson
    Teo Garson4 dni temu

    Why border

  • Cecil Blevins
    Cecil Blevins4 dni temu

    Jean Reno vibes

  • Shawn Lee
    Shawn Lee4 dni temu

    This the rc from COD basically

  • Corey Hilinski
    Corey Hilinski4 dni temu

    Cool so Castle is completely useless now.

  • Wopo Wepe
    Wopo Wepe4 dni temu

    Making dead player control drones is a bad call

  • desiiy


    4 dni temu

    Same with switching your attacker

  • VicMackeyful
    VicMackeyful4 dni temu

    Castle needs a buff

  • "The Narrator"
    "The Narrator"4 dni temu

    Moz taking control would have been amazing

  • I’m Godly
    I’m Godly4 dni temu

    Soooo twitch is useless

  • Kat Bug
    Kat Bug4 dni temu

    We could do something about the several thousands of people cheating in every single console match without any consequences... or we could rework a map that really doesn't need to be reworked. Great job devs 👍

  • Jay Green
    Jay Green4 dni temu

    The first rainbow 6 game came out in 1998 came out august 21 I was 7 years old when the first one came out

  • Lucas Jager
    Lucas Jager4 dni temu

    All I could stare at is that mole above the dudes eye

  • CoL3


    Dzień temu

    lol same

  • Trami Nguyen
    Trami Nguyen4 dni temu

    I love your channel!

  • The Liamster
    The Liamster4 dni temu

    I’m excited for this, I started playing Rainbow Six Siege last week when I bought the game in a sale. I’m really enjoying it so far and it’s great that Ubisoft are still adding content. I just wish I’d started playing this game sooner.

  • i3su _

    i3su _

    4 dni temu

    @Seb that's on the list for this year, they're going to focus on onboarding new players and making it far more accessible :)

  • Seb


    4 dni temu

    I wish they added more new player friendly tutorials on the game so you wouldn’t feel so left out. I know so many people who are scared to start playing because they know how complex the game is and feel they won’t know enough

  • Silver Cri
    Silver Cri4 dni temu

    They’re adding drone reincarnation

  • KC Reeves
    KC Reeves4 dni temu

    Hope you guys Pwn many noobs with him

  • KC Reeves
    KC Reeves4 dni temu

    Hope you guys snipe many noobs with him

  • Logan Lang
    Logan Lang4 dni temu

    Maestro bout to be useless after this update

  • FaZe JarVis
    FaZe JarVis4 dni temu

    Can you now play kbm on ps4?

  • Quoz
    Quoz4 dni temu

    So what does this mean for 6 pick?

  • Dr. Pervert
    Dr. Pervert4 dni temu

    Leon The Professional is a heist movie, huuuh... Now I understand the devs better.

  • A Gothic Horror
    A Gothic Horror4 dni temu

    OG Hereford? What a random thing to show....

  • Super Fly
    Super Fly4 dni temu

    Who cares anymore?

  • Jonny Mc
    Jonny Mc4 dni temu

    That's cool and all but what's her @?

  • A Guy Stuck In The US
    A Guy Stuck In The US4 dni temu

    Make Vegas 2

  • Vitrious_Gamer
    Vitrious_Gamer4 dni temu

    Stop making reworks and give us a new map.

  • Bobot
    Bobot4 dni temu

    "We were always inspired by real tactics and gadgets" you sure about that?

  • lilAZOs Reontae

    lilAZOs Reontae

    2 dni temu

    Heavily not completely

  • M M
    M M4 dni temu

    So basically they nerfed the defending team so much attacking first means pretty much winning the game... also mute got buffed a crap ton he was already op

  • Kuraba Takada

    Kuraba Takada

    4 dni temu

    Mmmm.... I wouldn’t call Mute OP. Strong, but not OP.

  • zerakie doomwood

    zerakie doomwood

    4 dni temu


  • sinsu123
    sinsu1234 dni temu

    From realism to fairytales. Nice

  • Largentina TM
    Largentina TM4 dni temu

    I'm sorry, since when is Leon The Professional considered a heist movie?

  • MajinBlack
    MajinBlack4 dni temu

    Did warden get buffed yet?

  • MajinBlack


    4 dni temu

    @purplehawk22 boi 😐

  • purplehawk22 boi

    purplehawk22 boi

    4 dni temu

    He just got indirectly nerfed. If the enemy team sees a warden and are playing a operator like ying, they will just repick someone else.

  • Kat Bug

    Kat Bug

    4 dni temu

    The devs don't even know who he is.

  • David Aladzhanyan
    David Aladzhanyan4 dni temu

    His gadget is literally gonna get nurfed

  • Clockwork 654
    Clockwork 6544 dni temu

    This game is ruined

  • Kimoka Records
    Kimoka Records4 dni temu

    Question who actually plays siege?

  • Flick • 20 years

    Flick • 20 years

    4 dni temu

    @Kimoka Records Sometimes

  • Kimoka Records

    Kimoka Records

    4 dni temu

    @Flick • 20 years you play too?

  • Flick • 20 years

    Flick • 20 years

    4 dni temu


  • Tony Martino
    Tony Martino4 dni temu

    Ubisoft stop reworking maps that don’t need it. Also make a new map!



    4 dni temu

    I miss old kanal and house

  • Breached Gaming
    Breached Gaming4 dni temu

    Make a new Rainbow six siege already! It's becoming dated and needs a revamp 👍🏻😎🙏🏻

  • Sehaj kapoor
    Sehaj kapoor4 dni temu

    This is going to be next level so much awesome things coming up🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩 and specially Flores he's going to be big pain for defenders😆😆😂

    EV1L PASTA4 dni temu

    His loadout looks kinda bad ngl, besides his AR

  • Seal_The_Deal
    Seal_The_Deal4 dni temu

    Mutes dancing now he has an operator he hard counters

  • Jay Valentino
    Jay Valentino4 dni temu

    Sooooo whats her IG?

  • Krizotpher
    Krizotpher4 dni temu

    WingsOfRedemption is gonna LOVE this 😂

  • elijah x
    elijah x4 dni temu

    i don’t like how u can re pick ur operator. makes it way too easy.

  • OfficialMajonaise


    4 dni temu

    Next season: defenders are way to bad, so we felt like we should give them a buff

  • Chrome
    Chrome4 dni temu

    So if echo is dead he can still deny a plant, that’s way too op

  • AverageatBest


    3 dni temu

    @IDMSS how long is the timer ?



    4 dni temu

    @SUPREMEBALLER 2340 there is a timer



    4 dni temu

    Even for attacking side too imagine all the information you can get when your DEAD!!!

  • tommy aronson
    tommy aronson4 dni temu

    what is this sht craphic?

  • Bruno Teodoro Pinheiro
    Bruno Teodoro Pinheiro4 dni temu

    Damn they came out swinging with these announcements. This is going to be an incredible year, for sure

  • Foxtrot_Fortune
    Foxtrot_Fortune4 dni temu

    Wooooo this season will be awesome!!!

  • KingCarp21 YT
    KingCarp21 YT4 dni temu

    I’m sooo excited for this season!! I love the changes. One question, will Maestro and Echo be able to use the evil eye and yokai?? Or will they just be able to control them?? Some of these changes will probably be annoying but we never know until it launches! 😁😁😁

  • Alex George

    Alex George

    4 dni temu

    @Zach Behrend I would hate my drone having no charges or was destroyed because someone was trigger happy on the evil eye or yokai

  • Zach Behrend

    Zach Behrend

    4 dni temu

    I think they can still use them and dead teammates can utilize their ability’s when they are dead

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright4 dni temu

    Welp. There goes the game balance again. How do you balance an exploding drone tho?

  • Brody Cyr

    Brody Cyr

    23 godzin temu

    They’re definitely gonna nerf him

  • BroMo
    BroMo4 dni temu

    Hey guy, see a doctor about that skin tag.

  • Joe Melendez
    Joe Melendez4 dni temu

    They are absolutely ruining this game even more. Wtf are they doing?

  • Ghost Kid
    Ghost Kid4 dni temu

    Says it’s real life then says dead people can use drones smh

  • JarXSamurai


    4 dni temu

    @Nintenaya 1 yea basically they have been “knocked out” the game

  • Nintenaya 1

    Nintenaya 1

    4 dni temu

    I'm not one to defend ubi, but the whole game is a training simulation, they use "real" tactics and gadgets (tactics as real as blowing up an explosive 3 feet away fron you and gadgets as real as a footprint scanner) but they ain't dead, that's literally the only thing you can't complain about lol.

  • CrazedDonut771


    4 dni temu


  • GamingGlory11
    GamingGlory114 dni temu

    the dude gets 3 RC-XDS? SERIOUSLY???????

  • Tacy 828

    Tacy 828

    4 dni temu

    4 actually unless they changed it already

  • liam shackleton
    liam shackleton4 dni temu

    But does he sprinkle salt tho.

  • Liam B
    Liam B4 dni temu

    When r we getting a glock🤬

  • StrawyMax560


    Dzień temu

    @Memes i'm not talking about his secondary pistol, i'm talking about his p10 roni (basically a glock inside a micro-roni)

  • Memes


    Dzień temu

    @StrawyMax560 that’s not a glock. Mozzie’s gun is based off the Sphinx SDP.

  • StrawyMax560


    4 dni temu

    Mozzie have one

  • Jay We Live
    Jay We Live4 dni temu

    I thought the ar-33 was a different weapon. Wow lol

  • LiverWind
    LiverWind4 dni temu

    So this man has a raspberi pi bomb in his arsenal

  • Andrew Barrot
    Andrew Barrot4 dni temu

    Honestly, I’m excited for the changes but idk about the C4 on a drone 😂

  • Valkyrie Gremory
    Valkyrie Gremory4 dni temu

    My opinion Siege is getting harder per season on console for attacking or defending cause of some rework map or new ops, I already deleted my game in December was becoming unplayable like Ddos, MnK on console but it a fun game but I miss the old stuff

  • BruhLegacy • 7 years ago

    BruhLegacy • 7 years ago

    4 dni temu

    Then why are you on r6 content videos?

  • Degasi
    Degasi4 dni temu

    This season is my dream everything EVERYTHING that was told was my Hope's for siege

  • GekkeGamePlay


    4 dni temu

    @Degasi the thing I hate the most has to be the attacking operator switch tho, like wtf were they thinking?? I honestly believe that the game is going to take a big 180 and attacking will become waaaay easier than defending

  • Degasi


    4 dni temu

    @Coltin Bollinger the only thing that could be annoying is that if Echo Maestro... dies and they still can use there gadget as normal that could be annoying

  • Coltin Bollinger

    Coltin Bollinger

    4 dni temu

    **told. Also the after death use of gadgets is an awful balancing move

  • SwordBreaker925
    SwordBreaker9254 dni temu

    They’re really running out of name ideas huh? Just naming him by his last name...

  • goose.


    4 dni temu

    Zofia and ela are first names

  • Robby Antonius
    Robby Antonius4 dni temu

    This game is more ridiculous every season