Halo: Combat Evolved Devs React to Speedrun (Marty O'Donnell, Marcus Lehto)


Join Marcus Lehto (the original creator of Master Chief) and Marty O'Donnell (Halo's original composer) as they watch and react to a LEGENDARY difficulty speedrun by GarishGoblin. They're also joined by three more Halo: Combat Evolved devs: Paul Russel (Artist), Paul Bertone (Designer), and Jaime Griesemer (Designer).

With FIVE original developers onboard, you're basically watching the Halo: Combat Evolved DVD commentary. What more could you ask for? Enjoy!

Check out more from speedrunner GarishGoblin here:
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  • Elliot Idzik
    Elliot Idzik2 godzin temu

    Get the devs to play cursed Halo

  • Isaac Sanchez
    Isaac Sanchez3 godzin temu

    "And then that chick singer comes in...remember that you like soo much?" 😄😄

  • A Random Wyvern
    A Random WyvernDzień temu

    We didn’t know were were making a hit game, we just knew we were having fun

  • Smug Fence Sitter Watching His Society Burn
    Smug Fence Sitter Watching His Society BurnDzień temu

    57:12 - Probably the hardest section of the whole game is killing everyone at the end of that valley. ...He just turns his banshee around and skips :P

  • Smug Fence Sitter Watching His Society Burn
    Smug Fence Sitter Watching His Society BurnDzień temu

    44:10 - Library was fine the first few times through. Hard on legendary, and the first time you REALLY got to use the shotgun, which is still one of the best feeling shotguns in a game

  • Brad Vaith
    Brad VaithDzień temu

    0:18 Joe Rogan??

  • FoxtrotSierraProductions
    FoxtrotSierraProductionsDzień temu

    The AI didnt fly the Spirits, they fly them themselves and recorded the flight paths ? Seems like i'm not the only one doing those kind of stuff lol

  • Dean Su
    Dean SuDzień temu

    Even the developers meme "this cave is not a natural formation"

  • Osama Binge Laden
    Osama Binge Laden2 dni temu

    That was impressive !

  • Mr. Unknown
    Mr. Unknown3 dni temu

    it feels like they lowkey hate eachother 😂

  • Gerben Rampaart
    Gerben Rampaart4 dni temu

    came for the speedrun, stayed for the halo dev diaries

  • Jin
    Jin5 dni temu


  • Francis Waters
    Francis Waters5 dni temu

    this series is awesome

  • Espectro De La Yautja
    Espectro De La Yautja6 dni temu

    Original Bungie team. Damn Destiny needs this passion back. Developers loving their work. Just producing their product they enjoyed.

  • Halo 3 rat
    Halo 3 rat6 dni temu

    Imagine not killing every marine

  • Benjamin Garrett
    Benjamin Garrett6 dni temu

    This series is the best thing IGN has put out.

  • huns
    huns6 dni temu


  • Stephen A
    Stephen A7 dni temu

    This game changed everything, there is Pre-Halo and After-Halo.

  • Hannes Wiegert
    Hannes Wiegert8 dni temu

    Back in the days, halo was the way to keep me awake all night. Now its the entartainment that helps me sleep at night. Thank you Bungie for everything you have done for us.

  • AdamsMusic
    AdamsMusic10 dni temu

    These are the guys that created many peoples childhood what they were and made so many memories possible, much love for them

  • Wyatt Meyer
    Wyatt Meyer11 dni temu

    DOESNT reload one time the sniper on the third level... yeah real WR holder 🤢🤢🤢 total hack

  • toontownlegomaster
    toontownlegomaster12 dni temu

    Next video devs react to Metal Arms Glitch in the System speed run?

  • Claiming Light
    Claiming Light12 dni temu

    These are the perfect kinds of speedruns. There's a little cheese, and that's fun, but it's not broken to all hell and gameplay/routing still matter.

  • Tommer
    Tommer12 dni temu

    Why the thumbnail gives me Dorito vibes

  • NobleNormie117
    NobleNormie11712 dni temu

    46:20 F

  • Monty kofahi
    Monty kofahi14 dni temu

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  • GuillotineStare
    GuillotineStare15 dni temu

    Exploits are not Cheats

  • Glenn Davey
    Glenn Davey15 dni temu

    19:15 even the noisy guy with the bad connection who doesn't know what the video is about goes quiet when he gets outside the box... like "ohhh wow"

  • Jared Watson
    Jared Watson17 dni temu

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  • Nagidora
    Nagidora19 dni temu


  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith19 dni temu

    "If you want to go fast go alone.. (if you want to go far go together)." African Proverb

  • Demon Marauder
    Demon Marauder20 dni temu

    It took me more time to pass TB the first try than the time he takes to pass all the game

  • Vlastimilek 77
    Vlastimilek 7720 dni temu

    Still waiting for halo 2 speed run reaction

  • Bryson Frank
    Bryson Frank20 dni temu

    Just a bunch a bros. This is fun to watch.

  • tioscha0
    tioscha021 dzień temu

    Yoooo did they just confirm the existence of dustin echoes?

    HULL GRAFFITI21 dzień temu

    The dropship thing was a perfect and logical ..Anything that keeps you in a game without a question is a genius move

  • Hamiltonlio Hels
    Hamiltonlio Hels24 dni temu

    The spiritual oak microcephaly box because oak happily trip qua a observant cultivator. rotten, acoustic christopher

  • R3troSim
    R3troSim24 dni temu

    We need a Devs React to Halo 2 Speedrun!

  • Master chiefs71
    Master chiefs7124 dni temu

    This game is a gem

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson25 dni temu

    Alternative title: Bungie Devs reminisce with speed run going in the background

  • Jan Zwolinski
    Jan Zwolinski25 dni temu


  • paulsbunyans
    paulsbunyans25 dni temu

    Me grinning from ear to ear as they talk about having to protect keyes, knowing what's coming hahaha

  • Uncle Vivid
    Uncle Vivid26 dni temu

    It ends with a snippet of siege of madrial nice.

  • Pirate Man
    Pirate Man26 dni temu

    25:03 Just BLEW.. MY.. MIND... He's the Chosen One!!!

  • C Alvz
    C Alvz26 dni temu

    13:52 Marty he's killing the marines! also 15:10 and 59:00

  • Bugsy Siegel
    Bugsy Siegel26 dni temu


  • TVfridge
    TVfridge26 dni temu

    The gamer/streamer looks like a young Murr with hair from the impractical jokers

  • wisdomain
    wisdomain27 dni temu

    not cheating if your code isn't tight enough tehe

  • Hues
    Hues27 dni temu

    Best content ign puts out. Whoever thought of this deserves a raise

  • Remember that time When
    Remember that time When27 dni temu

    That dude with the horrible audio keeps getting cut off it makes me sad :(

  • cameron sylvester
    cameron sylvester27 dni temu

    Obviously Master Chief is Chuck Norris in disguise everybody saw him swimming through land

  • SteelyEyed 777
    SteelyEyed 77727 dni temu

    Im still wondering why throwing grenades in halo 2 and 3 felt so weak as compared to CE. Anyone else feel that ?

  • Maciej Nieważne
    Maciej Nieważne27 dni temu

    Respect to the guy for being able to last with Halo for the duration of this speedrun. I've tried playing every Halo up to 4. Didn't play any of them for longer than about 2hrs. One of the most boring and generic shooters I've ever played with terrible vehicle controls (Banshee was a nightmare; why you had to constantly accelerate with it?! ) They seemed to me like an MMOFPS with a forced story mode.

  • Krapto
    Krapto27 dni temu

    They should watch some MintBlitz

  • Jopher Rusinque
    Jopher Rusinque28 dni temu

    Rest in Piece Mr. Cobb . A true legend

  • Swole Thor
    Swole Thor28 dni temu

    This was amazing pls do 2, 3 and reach.

  • KrAceZ
    KrAceZ28 dni temu

    That was awesome hearing some of my childhood hears talk about the making of their game while watching a speedrunner systematically dismantle it

  • Havok ???
    Havok ???28 dni temu

    Everyone on the Maw: "Why is this here?" Answers given: Training or Halo added more stuff to the Pillar of Autumn

  • Rabih K
    Rabih K28 dni temu

    Love how they said the mission halo was what halo was supposed to be and for infinite how Staten said the same thing. I'm so excited! They also said Seattle area inspired the wilderness

  • Brandon Phoenix
    Brandon Phoenix28 dni temu

    Great commentary, learned a little bit too

  • Pdog
    Pdog29 dni temu

    I'd play this through on legendary every summer during high school/college lol. The library always took SO long. Takes like 30 mins to just get accustomed to how many damn flood you gotta kill and manage lol.

  • TheDreamer64
    TheDreamer6429 dni temu

    Halo 2 speedrun with Devs when?

  • Jovanni Cruz
    Jovanni Cruz29 dni temu

    lol its glitches not cheats

  • Mr Joji
    Mr JojiMiesiąc temu

    its actually more interesting hearing them speaking about there time working on the game and being nostalgic about there work rather than actually commenting on the speed run itself

  • bc74
    bc74Miesiąc temu

    Those marines dying is like the helicopter escape from platoon

  • Steel Legend Gaming
    Steel Legend GamingMiesiąc temu

    this kid has no life!!!

  • TheRangerFox
    TheRangerFoxMiesiąc temu

    Love hearing these guys chatting about all their memories.

  • Kyle Schaff
    Kyle SchaffMiesiąc temu

    They’re memeing on a game they made 20 years ago while also sounding like a group of 20 year olds. Something’s wholesome about this lol

  • MrDefacia
    MrDefaciaMiesiąc temu

    Devs: Can you imagine playing this normally? Players who beat The Library on Legendary: Yes, we still see it in our sleep

  • DukeoftheAges
    DukeoftheAgesMiesiąc temu

    This was awesome to hear.

  • Soumyajit Podder
    Soumyajit PodderMiesiąc temu

    If Joe Staten was here, it could have been more enjoyable. But still it's fun.

  • Skyfox94
    Skyfox94Miesiąc temu

    It is so cool to hear these people reminisce on their games but it's also fascinating to hear them talk about all the problems they faced and how they overcame them.

  • Mr Anderson
    Mr AndersonMiesiąc temu

    That the AVP Extinction game narrator?

  • Mr Anderson
    Mr AndersonMiesiąc temu

    "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!"

  • Mr. Dinklemen
    Mr. DinklemenMiesiąc temu

    I'd love to see these guys react to Cursed Halo.

  • Kack Jelly
    Kack JellyMiesiąc temu

    Marty Marty Hes killing the marines, Marty

  • jhon viel
    jhon vielMiesiąc temu

    these guys have great chemistry on the group call. im rather impressed at how well the commentate this speed run.

  • Aj T
    Aj TMiesiąc temu


  • Smoke 1
    Smoke 1Miesiąc temu

    It took the devs 8 mins to notice that he has been killing marines the whole run lmao. Great video and series.

  • Tony Pastore
    Tony PastoreMiesiąc temu

    There is something very wholesome about these guys interacting and looking back at their dev days so nostalgically

  • GabZach
    GabZachMiesiąc temu

    funny cuz, that mission they thought is too long, is probably one of my faves ever.. partly cuz it was so long. it felt hardcore. difficult. a slog, and it was rewarding

  • Cody McNugget
    Cody McNuggetMiesiąc temu

    next they need to look at halo reach or 3. they’re some of my favorite runs

  • F
    FMiesiąc temu

    kinda wanna crack open some cold ones with these boys

  • DougJK
    DougJKMiesiąc temu

    It is annoying how 343 didn’t keep the end credits in the game for MCC

  • Azhureus
    AzhureusMiesiąc temu

    This is not a speed run, its a glitch/cheat-run !

  • The Great Zoom

    The Great Zoom

    29 dni temu

    which is a category of speedrun...

  • boysenbeary
    boysenbearyMiesiąc temu

    These devs sound hella chill. 10/10

  • Deshawn Ryder
    Deshawn RyderMiesiąc temu

    Assassin creed valhalla Odin's spear glitch is art

  • Malcolm Montgomery
    Malcolm MontgomeryMiesiąc temu

    wait.. so the devs made drivable drop ships because they could not produced AI dropships, drove those dropships, but did not allow us to drive them?

  • Sgt. Thundercok
    Sgt. ThundercokMiesiąc temu

    Very cool. They sound like pretty tight friends, for the most part.

  • Sgt. Thundercok
    Sgt. ThundercokMiesiąc temu

    LMAO! It gets somber so quickly when they realize his strategy of killing marines.

  • Sgt. Thundercok
    Sgt. ThundercokMiesiąc temu

    "Can you skip the cutscenes?" "yes"

  • vvFanboy
    vvFanboyMiesiąc temu

    25:40 Master Chief in the books be like...

  • Tom Savage
    Tom SavageMiesiąc temu

    Paul Russell is so annoying in this.

  • Sqwik
    SqwikMiesiąc temu

    Them getting bored on the library is so funny to me

  • skitzmemes
    skitzmemesMiesiąc temu

    all the parts that would be interesting to see a dev watch...they talk over or miss

  • Matt
    MattMiesiąc temu

    “Super cheat”

  • Connor Craft
    Connor CraftMiesiąc temu


  • Sebastian Animator
    Sebastian AnimatorMiesiąc temu

    Hearing the mica of all the devs reminds me to the old times of friends talking on the internet with bad quality mics and having fun.

  • Riley O'Brien
    Riley O'BrienMiesiąc temu

    Lol, even the developers hate the library.

  • DaNewWrksOfMeh
    DaNewWrksOfMehMiesiąc temu

    Compare this reaction to Nintendo nowadays