Real or Fake: Marvel Characters Quiz with Ben Schwartz


Before Flora & Ulysses hits Disney+ on February 19, 2021, we sat down with one of its stars, Ben Schwartz, and decided to quiz him on his knowledge of Marvel Comics characters, both real and fake. Just for fun. Let's see how many he gets right.
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  • IGN
    IGNMiesiąc temu

    Welp, we done goofed. In the question Graffiti v Doorman, the correct answer is in fact Doorman. Doorman is REAL! Both Bens are wrong on this one. - Ben W.

  • Nadine Macalalad
    Nadine Macalalad17 dni temu


  • Glenn Sitjar
    Glenn SitjarMiesiąc temu

    He looks like plastic man

  • 62 Mistakes
    62 MistakesMiesiąc temu

    Doorman is real people

  • Ethan Watson
    Ethan WatsonMiesiąc temu

    i feel some of these aren’t that obscure. Starfox is thano’s brother isn’t he?

  • T-REV's Taste Tube
    T-REV's Taste TubeMiesiąc temu

    Do more of these instead of other stuff

  • Zen Yorkfield
    Zen YorkfieldMiesiąc temu

    He's the wooooorst 🎶🎵

  • M L
    M LMiesiąc temu

    Doorman is really real. Terrible but real.

  • jack
    jackMiesiąc temu

    doorman real man tho

  • Rafael Miranda
    Rafael MirandaMiesiąc temu

    He never read New Warriors? He missed night thrasher

  • Dad
    DadMiesiąc temu

    I can't really explain why or how but this man is extremely likeable.

  • Movie Sonic 2021
    Movie Sonic 2021Miesiąc temu

    He has Sonics shoe

  • Dad


    Miesiąc temu

    Oh wow. I didn't even notice lol

  • Movie Sonic 2021

    Movie Sonic 2021

    Miesiąc temu

    In the background

  • Movie Sonic 2021
    Movie Sonic 2021Miesiąc temu

    He’s the of sonic

  • Diamond Skulls
    Diamond SkullsMiesiąc temu

    Nothing can get past sonic haha

  • eon001
    eon001Miesiąc temu

    Wow I'm a nerd. I knew 99% of these. As a Generation X fan, I'm disappointed Ben didn't get Skin. ;P

  • Random Hajile
    Random HajileMiesiąc temu

    Who the hell is this fruitloop? 😁

  • Anthony Marline
    Anthony MarlineMiesiąc temu

    He’s so awesome. Great as sonic and also love him in duck tales. So likable, I hope he does more voice acting

  • Marc-Anthony McMillon
    Marc-Anthony McMillonMiesiąc temu

    Armless Tiger Man.... I never googled quicker in my life

  • Brady Daw
    Brady DawMiesiąc temu

    Hey its Carrot.. Slat.

  • Brady Daw

    Brady Daw

    Miesiąc temu

    Oh wait sorry. It's cherry dude. I'm terrible with names.

  • 2 cb
    2 cbMiesiąc temu

    John Ralphio!

  • Aaron Flores
    Aaron FloresMiesiąc temu

    Jean Ralphio 😂

  • SonicTheManhog
    SonicTheManhogMiesiąc temu

    This is what the old design sounds like Low and deep lol

  • D S
    D SMiesiąc temu

    Jean Ralphio my boy!

  • LaCokaNostra81
    LaCokaNostra81Miesiąc temu

    Real: They all act like Robert Downey JR everyone is a comedian now.

  • Antony Rivera
    Antony RiveraMiesiąc temu

    Why has IGN become a rant channel.

  • canadmexi
    canadmexiMiesiąc temu

    It's Zulu Candles!

  • Mr. Dee
    Mr. DeeMiesiąc temu

    Jon ralphio is the worst n technically homeless lmao

  • TheLetterU
    TheLetterUMiesiąc temu

    Cast this man as Slapstick. Roger Rabbit style movie.

  • Cassandra Anne
    Cassandra AnneMiesiąc temu

    i hope this means that ben schwartz should join the mcu XD

  • Kurosaki Marki
    Kurosaki MarkiMiesiąc temu

    Because Snyder "cut" it! (bedumtis)

  • Moses Ramos
    Moses RamosMiesiąc temu

    Jean Ralphio guesses if Ben made up some nerd words 😂

  • Matthew Russell
    Matthew RussellMiesiąc temu

    Doorman is real though. He's part of the Great Lakes Avengers

    QUINN CUTTONEMiesiąc temu

    This was cool but you accidentally misspelled Max’s name.

  • Dennis Cleary
    Dennis ClearyMiesiąc temu

    I bleed Marvel and DC

  • JD C
    JD CMiesiąc temu

    I Love Ben Schwartz He’s My Favorite 🤩 Characters Dewey Duck, Leo ♌️ & Sonic.

  • Axy
    AxyMiesiąc temu

    Ben Schwartz seems like such a class guy

  • DeathStroke
    DeathStrokeMiesiąc temu

    Ralp Machio

  • Nicolas McKay
    Nicolas McKayMiesiąc temu

    He’s been waiting a long time to bust out that slapstick comic

  • Shmoney 187
    Shmoney 187Miesiąc temu

    Doorman is real

  • Haktan Budak
    Haktan BudakMiesiąc temu


  • KillerTacos
    KillerTacosMiesiąc temu

    Ben Schwartz would make an incredible Howard the Duck - I'd love to hear more ideas

  • SonicTheManhog


    Miesiąc temu


  • Psycho Milk
    Psycho MilkMiesiąc temu

    'Speed round'... get it? Cause he's Sonic!

  • Tanay Soni
    Tanay SoniMiesiąc temu

    When all the answers are A

  • Jarod Quimson
    Jarod QuimsonMiesiąc temu

    Halo is my favorite Videogame character

  • Ewan Callister
    Ewan CallisterMiesiąc temu

    Sonic the Hedgehog sure knows his Marvel Comics

  • VoltaicDragon73


    Miesiąc temu

    The only comics I’ve seen him read are The Flash, how does he know so much Marvel?

  • Myella Torres

    Myella Torres

    Miesiąc temu

    no, you mean F Tony

  • Alvin Niel

    Alvin Niel

    Miesiąc temu

    You mean Jean Ralphio?

  • Owais Fesal
    Owais FesalMiesiąc temu

    Well, hello there 👋 Have a cookie 🍪

  • CooterCritters The GameCat GameCast Aficionado

    CooterCritters The GameCat GameCast Aficionado

    Miesiąc temu

    I needed that Thank you!

  • Swayzed
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  • Daniel Lies
    Daniel LiesMiesiąc temu

    Doorman is real... yall messed up

  • Spencer Smith

    Spencer Smith

    Miesiąc temu

    @jninny n I don’t think anybody wants that

  • CooterCritters The GameCat GameCast Aficionado

    CooterCritters The GameCat GameCast Aficionado

    Miesiąc temu

    Isnt he part of the DC‐Marvel crossover?

  • SonicTheManhog


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  • jninny n

    jninny n

    Miesiąc temu

    I have the first appearance if the want proof.

  • Subtegral
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  • Chris Hall
    Chris HallMiesiąc temu