Pascal's Wager Definitive Edition - Official Steam Launch Trailer


Pascal's Wager, the critically-acclaimed, dark RPG is finally coming to Steam after a mobile release. The Steam version of Pascal's Wager includes 4K graphics and improved visuals as well as fully mappable keyboard and controller support.
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  • milking cow suprise
    milking cow suprise22 godzin temu

    Oh.. is this a dark souls??

  • rrvirus
    rrvirusDzień temu

    one of the best mobile games I've played. a must try.

  • MadSweenie
    MadSweenieDzień temu

    Hmmmm. Looks Tasty.

  • Jon tyler
    Jon tylerDzień temu

    world design: soulsborne graphics: fable

  • kalega311
    kalega311Dzień temu

    I'll probably get it just for its name. Pascal's Wager is one of my favorite philosophical concepts.

  • Tsuki Tsukiyama
    Tsuki TsukiyamaDzień temu

    Can we get Bloodborne on PC? We have Bloodborne on PC at home. Bloodborne on PC at home:

  • Gerard Bryan Manapsal
    Gerard Bryan ManapsalDzień temu

    Mobile game comes to PC. Cool! Check my gameplay

  • PrudentiusInvader
    PrudentiusInvaderDzień temu

    So this is the Elden Ring hype..

  • Sokandueler95
    Sokandueler95Dzień temu

    Just wondering why it’s called Pascal’s Wager. Is it in some way related to Blaise Pascal’s wager argument?

  • the one true king
    the one true kingDzień temu

    Hold up I tought that this was a mobile game

  • WannabeeCoolGuy
    WannabeeCoolGuyDzień temu

    Church Souls: Bloodborne edition.

  • Dhanso Vastri
    Dhanso VastriDzień temu

    Mandalorian looking different.

  • Christian Aria
    Christian AriaDzień temu

    i misread and i thought we're getting a game about ya boi patches

  • Pillar Menn

    Pillar Menn

    Dzień temu

    that would honestly be a great spin-off game for dark souls

  • soap231
    soap231Dzień temu

    How much is it?

  • kardrasa
    kardrasaDzień temu

    What is this Bloodborne for incels??? Get real.

  • Mike Dixon
    Mike DixonDzień temu

    My new rig finally arrives Friday and I keep seeing new games to try lol

  • Winder Marin
    Winder Marin2 dni temu

    *Gets excited for 5 seconds *its a mobile game bye!

  • Johanes W.A.
    Johanes W.A.2 dni temu

    Can I get a discount if I owned the mobile version?

  • Exotic Butter
    Exotic Butter2 dni temu

    woah! was planning to buy a phone to actually play this but i'm glad they're doing a steam release!

  • Mehran khan
    Mehran khan2 dni temu

    someone played ALOT of blood borne.

  • Cody Scarborough
    Cody Scarborough2 dni temu

    Mobile king

  • 徐子欽
    徐子欽2 dni temu


  • Yozu Yozu
    Yozu Yozu2 dni temu

    Chinese game getting better

  • Sonic Minimum
    Sonic Minimum2 dni temu

    I wish it had co op 😭 I don't really like wasting money on single player games.

  • luigi
    luigi2 dni temu

    No console version? So sad

  • Ratly300
    Ratly3002 dni temu

    Will this be on PS4-Ps5?

  • Argentum autre
    Argentum autre2 dni temu

    I feel like everything turn it to cybergoth, want to be all dark but with all that glowing colors

  • Rogue
    Rogue2 dni temu

    Is it weird that I can tell it's a souls-like game within just the first 5 seconds of this trailer? Not that there's anything wrong with that, quite the opposite.



    Dzień temu

    Because it is

  • Erwin
    Erwin2 dni temu

    Well seems like Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

  • Jose Manuel Saavedra
    Jose Manuel Saavedra2 dni temu

    Bring it to switch

  • weeb potato
    weeb potato2 dni temu

    coming to swirch?

  • Chris Hamilton
    Chris Hamilton2 dni temu

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHhhhhhhhhhhh! Okay. You have my attention

  • Complextro
    Complextro2 dni temu

    Dark souls mobile edition, but looks pretty nice :)

  • Daniel Siconnelli
    Daniel Siconnelli2 dni temu

    A true hidden gem. I was very suprised when I got this one on Mobile.

  • Solaire_Kun VA
    Solaire_Kun VA2 dni temu

    No offense this seems a like a bootleg bloodborne

  • CloudKingXII
    CloudKingXII2 dni temu

    Finally they brought it to PC. I refunded this game on mobile after downloading it just to face another download and the worst part the game download isnt optimized at all im stuck at 100KB/s when im on WiFi even on Mobile Data.

  • Titius Bode
    Titius Bode2 dni temu

    looks wank

  • W. L.
    W. L.2 dni temu

    "Mum, can I have Bloodborne on PC?" "We already have Bloodborne on PC." The Bloodborne on PC:

  • Joshua Davey

    Joshua Davey

    Dzień temu

    The game is amazing tho

  • ericneo2
    ericneo23 dni temu

    New mode... WTF games not even out

  • NoticeMe Sen-Pie
    NoticeMe Sen-Pie3 dni temu

    aint this a mobile game?

  • Bob
    Bob3 dni temu

    nice 15 fps mobile experience.

  • Sy Fx
    Sy Fx3 dni temu

    As great as it is on mobile, I honestly think it won't be competing well on PC since there are already so many great souls-like games. On mobile it still stands for the best souls-like game tho (so far)

  • Pracinus
    Pracinus3 dni temu

    The definitive mobile game that had NO microtransactions whatsoever.

  • WorldEaterZero
    WorldEaterZero3 dni temu

    Huge vibes to souls game.

  • J.T. Barghest
    J.T. Barghest3 dni temu

    Still waiting for the console release...

  • Nicoyutub
    Nicoyutub3 dni temu


  • NHC2000
    NHC20003 dni temu

    So The Witcher 3 and Dark Souls 3 had a son?

  • Jack nguyen
    Jack nguyen3 dni temu

    Pascal th true doge of smt game fame is finally getting his own game jk

  • Dino
    Dino3 dni temu

    The closest PC can get in getting bloodborne...for now

  • V Vendetta
    V Vendetta3 dni temu

    Looks cool for a game with such a silly name.

  • Bub Bub
    Bub Bub3 dni temu

    I’m seeing “bloodborne this, darks souls that” but I say fable as well.

  • R7venger
    R7venger3 dni temu

    wow so many soul game now :( but what i want is spartan total warrior 2

  • Januar naoki
    Januar naoki3 dni temu

    i think more of nioh...but more slow movements.

  • Date Masamune
    Date Masamune3 dni temu

    Everyone: Looks like Bloodborne! Me: Looks like Bound By Flame.

  • Driman Boy

    Driman Boy

    3 godzin temu

    Bound by Flame was so bad

  • Gladium


    2 dni temu


  • Alexander Xiong
    Alexander Xiong3 dni temu

    Isn’t this on Mobile?

  • SpikeTheWolf
    SpikeTheWolf3 dni temu


  • Dokolus
    Dokolus3 dni temu

    Souls clone #2,583 Not surprised Souls clones aren't being crapped on like FPS games were nearly a decade ago.

  • Basel Tlass
    Basel Tlass3 dni temu

    Best game everrrr

  • N33T0 K1M
    N33T0 K1M3 dni temu

    Walmart Bloodborne

  • That College Grad
    That College Grad3 dni temu

    Loved this game on my iPhone will gladly buy it again

  • CandleTV
    CandleTV3 dni temu

    Ps2 gameplay trailer

  • Elk Maädn
    Elk Maädn3 dni temu

    Finally. Thanks, Great Devs!

  • Mihail Bușteagă
    Mihail Bușteagă3 dni temu

    Atheists are in shambles.

  • Pedro Boaro
    Pedro Boaro3 dni temu

    I wann play this on PlayStation!

  • LegionDaGhost
    LegionDaGhost3 dni temu

    I got this on my phone, it's decent!!!..

  • trevor bowen
    trevor bowen3 dni temu

    Never heard of this game before

  • Khalid Hamoudi
    Khalid Hamoudi3 dni temu

    just what we were missing on steam....a souls like game

  • Atlas
    Atlas3 dni temu

    Now THIS is ESL

  • Garret Tously
    Garret Tously3 dni temu

    This better be no more than $10-$15



    Dzień temu

    It’s £5 on mobile so I don’t think it’ll be much more expensive on PC, even though it definitely deserves it

  • Dont want this cookie Beach
    Dont want this cookie Beach3 dni temu

    I want this for my GameCube.

  • Thomasthedumbass
    Thomasthedumbass3 dni temu

    Blood souls???... Dark Borne?????!!!!...

  • Mebli Jebli
    Mebli Jebli3 dni temu

    Basically all ds, bloodborne and sekiro combined

  • ash Jojo
    ash Jojo3 dni temu

    PC BEGGARS; swaps games instead.. bloodborne TO WAGER INSTEAD. Thanks or cheers. GO BLUE POINT DEVELOPERS.. HELL YEAH..

  • CubanBeast
    CubanBeast3 dni temu

    I finished this on my phone when it release. It was a very solid souls like game. I never got to play any of the dlc so definitely checking it out on PC.

  • Stan Lofland
    Stan Lofland3 dni temu

    Everyone trying to steal bloodborns style

  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider3 dni temu

    This needs to come to PlayStation

  • Joshua Davey

    Joshua Davey

    Dzień temu

    Eventually after pc version

  • M F
    M F3 dni temu

    I remember seeing this at GDC and being pissed it was mobile only. Let's get console support for this bad boy too.

  • BattleModeBainbridge
    BattleModeBainbridge3 dni temu

    Wait, was this seriously a mobile game?

  • BattleModeBainbridge


    2 dni temu

    @NoticeMe Sen-Pie :)

  • BattleModeBainbridge


    2 dni temu

    @Lâm Nguyễn Tống nice

  • Lâm Nguyễn Tống

    Lâm Nguyễn Tống

    2 dni temu

    The best mobile game ever!

  • NoticeMe Sen-Pie

    NoticeMe Sen-Pie

    3 dni temu

    yea like 5$ game, worth it~

  • star war porg
    star war porg3 dni temu

    wait... if i remember that game was on app, and now it's coming to steam?

  • OnMyL3v3l1


    3 dni temu


  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson3 dni temu

    My meme archives is taking up 14.5 GB of storage....

  • Ben Henderson

    Ben Henderson

    3 dni temu

    @Kuririn -- Ok, you caught me red handed 💀 😂

  • Kuririn —-

    Kuririn —-

    3 dni temu

    “Meme” yeah right 😂

  • vegacool1
    vegacool13 dni temu

    Gamers, please read up on Pascal's Wager. (Not the game)

  • Mighty luck

    Mighty luck

    3 dni temu

    French philosopher

  • Gideon Sledge
    Gideon Sledge3 dni temu

    Pedro Pascal was nowhere in this trailer

  • Gábor Kiszel
    Gábor Kiszel3 dni temu

    It looks like an old game in 2021 :S

  • Alan
    Alan3 dni temu

    Ultrawide and uncapped holyyy 😩😩😩😩😩

  • Moinuddin Robin - 81
    Moinuddin Robin - 813 dni temu

    Guys check out Pascals wager theory

  • Kana Ker
    Kana Ker3 dni temu

    Ah yes another dark souls

  • Cody Galbreath
    Cody Galbreath3 dni temu

    Rofl... Dark Souls lite?

  • TeamOnionBun
    TeamOnionBun3 dni temu

    what is this? ive never heard of this and I want it so much! wishlisting!

  • Symphonizexx


    3 dni temu

    It’s from a mobile game. No micro transactions

  • Ignacio Insua
    Ignacio Insua3 dni temu

    Elden ring hoooooooo

  • Unicorn horn
    Unicorn horn3 dni temu

    Witcher 3 in Dark Souls xd

  • Gabe Logan
    Gabe Logan3 dni temu

    Strange as this is a phone game ported to a PC well here's hoping for a port to the console

  • Agni Banerjee
    Agni Banerjee3 dni temu

    This proves that mobile gaming is not for serious gamers.

  • TheIshlabu
    TheIshlabu3 dni temu


  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard3 dni temu

    Poorly Created Thats what PC stands for

  • Gabe Logan

    Gabe Logan

    3 dni temu

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 noice

    BDS BDS EXPANSION3 dni temu

    Lol TIMED OR EXCLUSIVE? PS6 era confirmed...or PS5 END CYCLE AS USUAL..

  • Nemanja Charapic
    Nemanja Charapic3 dni temu

    One of the rare examples of a successful premium mobile game that also had expansions and had no microtransactions ingame.

  • chr deme

    chr deme

    22 godzin temu

    @Joshua Davey it got one million sales on mobile how is it underatted

  • Joshua Davey

    Joshua Davey

    Dzień temu

    @MVCPremiumGamer you need a high end phone to support games like grid tho

  • Joshua Davey

    Joshua Davey

    Dzień temu

    @FlashRedux this game is kinda underrated cause it's like a one time payment and you know how mobile gamers only like p2w free mobile games and cause of this many amazing premium games in mobile gets underrated.

  • WatchDoge


    Dzień temu

    wait, what? mobile and no microtransactions? i'm gonna buy that just from respect, lol

  • Nemanja Charapic

    Nemanja Charapic

    2 dni temu

    @MVCPremiumGamer lately a lot of premium games had great mobile ports like: Dead Cells, Gris, Slay The Spire, Rome Total War and both expansions, CIV VI. Granted later 2 require beefy device to run

    BDS BDS EXPANSION3 dni temu

    70 buck's or FREE?????? OR TIMED?



    Dzień temu

    It will be like 10 or 15

    BDS BDS EXPANSION3 dni temu

    Next gen who? Or lol..

    BDS BDS EXPANSION3 dni temu

    Low budget bloodborne etc OR B VIDEO GAMES MARCHES ON. Or so called master RACES who?

  • Simon Phung
    Simon Phung3 dni temu

    Another Souls-like?!