Mortal Kombat Movie vs Game: Characters Compared


The Mortal Kombat movie trailer is finally here! And with it, we’re getting a solid look at some of the classic character’s new looks. We thought we’d put together a little side by side comparison and figure out just where the MK movie is pulling it’s inspiration from!
From Scorpion to Sub-Zero, the MK movie (2021) is definitely pulling looks straight out of Mortal Kombat 9, Mortal Kombat X, and Mortal Kombat 11, but also offers some interesting takes on classic Mortal Kombat costumes.
What Mortal Kombat characters do you hope to see in the new MK movie? Let us know in the comments and remember, IGN is the best place for all your Mortal Kombat movie news!
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  • IGN
    IGN6 dni temu

    What's your favorite ~*lewk*~ from the new MK movie trailer? Let us know!

  • Dayle Ashley Nolasco

    Dayle Ashley Nolasco

    2 dni temu

    @Gabriel P & @alex cox .. You know I agree with you on the Raiden part. I like the change of outfit in that situation when he is recruiting. Maybe, he will change armor when he is time to fight. The artist they got to portray Raiden is alright. On Mileena, the problem is the lack of the focal features she has in the game. The actor is fine, she definitely suits the role. But they should have got the Makeup Artist who did Penny Wise on IT. I strongly think Kano & Shang Tsung characters are the farthest I believe in the game. The OG version of this characters in 1995 were the perfect ones. Shame, those two are a bit old to reclaim their roles. The looks of the rest are fine. If in some point Hanzo H. Scorpion would remove that Samurai body armor & expose his yellow Shirai Ryu uniform.

  • Dayle Ashley Nolasco

    Dayle Ashley Nolasco

    2 dni temu

    I hope Scorpion in some point would remove that samurai body armor & show us his yellow Shirai Ryu ninja uniform like what we see in the game. And, Im looking to next version of Scorpion the one who has the metal 🐍 in a demon form. Another thing if IT manages to use Mileena's looks to their film. Why wouldn't Mortal Kombat manages to do that. 😔

  • Demented Nun

    Demented Nun

    4 dni temu

    @Ionic-Android why would they have him in the movie he's a cheesy movie character in the Mortal Kombat franchise that takes the piss out of Arnie. There is no where you'd be able to use them as a character. I don't think he would translate very well.

  • Demented Nun

    Demented Nun

    4 dni temu

    None of it .... fighting games to movies never work but turd time lucky

  • alex cox

    alex cox

    4 dni temu

    Uncommon opinion - I actually like the look of Mileena.

  • Sunbro4Life
    Sunbro4Life5 godzin temu

    It'll be cool if in a scene when Mileena is about to bite someone's neck off she tears her cheeks open and reveals her full tarkatan mouth. It's tarkatan right?

  • Jzaias Rosa
    Jzaias Rosa9 godzin temu

    they said that in the trailer they didnt want to show all the effects and stuff on mileena so in the movie the mouth should look better.

  • Antwon Harbin
    Antwon Harbin11 godzin temu

    You missed reptile that was in this trailer

  • Purple Fidelity
    Purple Fidelity13 godzin temu

    Yay tokenizing Mileena so we can check that diversity box😕

  • Expurginator DBL
    Expurginator DBL20 godzin temu

    the mileena in the movie is jackie but bitten by a werewolf, she also stole mileenas weapons.

  • Spsuperstar
    Spsuperstar22 godzin temu

    Bring back Johnny Cage!!! 😡

  • PrudentiusInvader
    PrudentiusInvaderDzień temu

    I'm 100% sure everyone thinks that's nothing like Mileena

  • Ethereal & The Elevated
    Ethereal & The ElevatedDzień temu

    Background music sounds like Tool and whether or not it is ....I love it

  • xavier sanchez
    xavier sanchezDzień temu

    They are just hiding the true mileena face with CGI for the trailer....... She is gonna look like her in the movie they cant be giving away too many goodies

  • TheAssassin342
    TheAssassin342Dzień temu

    Everyone in the comments “why are you black”

  • Super Guy

    Super Guy

    Dzień temu

    Lol. They literally got everything else right and they're mad because mileena isn't lighter. Mileenas race really doesn't matter.

  • newton3010
    newton3010Dzień temu

    kano has the metal face ! Under the skin!! I dont see how noone gets that. He starts out looking normal but by the end will look like the original mk1 kano. the eye beam portion of the trailer is reversed as kano has the lazer eye on the right side not the left. then theres the scene where you can see the burnt outline of where the metal will show,. I bet that scene is right before the eye lazer and is what burns off his face to expose the metal.

  • Lee Wightman
    Lee WightmanDzień temu

    Hope subzero turns into noob in the movie

  • Noplay
    Noplay2 dni temu

    With all the gore, Mileena's face is the issue?

  • Aswin P Salgunan
    Aswin P Salgunan2 dni temu

    Yeah you missed HOLLYWOOD JOHNNY!!!...

  • Mope Life
    Mope Life2 dni temu

    Jax has a skinny neck

  • Hepburn Hanchard
    Hepburn Hanchard2 dni temu

    I want gore gore gore rated r

  • El BebeRey
    El BebeRey2 dni temu

    Where’s motaro???

  • Fisted Arnes
    Fisted Arnes2 dni temu

    Isn’t mileena a kitana’s clone so if she’s black does that mean they’re gonna kitana black i thought they were Asian

  • Sulam Cabrera
    Sulam Cabrera2 dni temu

    Didn't see Kitana, hopefully she's in the next trailer, other than that, all the characters look raw, Mileena was the only one i found a bit odd, if it wasn't for her sai and her teeth, i wouldn't have known it was her.

  • Sothia Chhoeum
    Sothia Chhoeum2 dni temu

    Looks nothing like Mileena 🙄

  • Just Got Rekt
    Just Got Rekt2 dni temu

    This comment section are very toxic

  • Chris Salas
    Chris Salas2 dni temu

    Mileena ? More like Tanya

  • Chris Salas
    Chris Salas2 dni temu

    Making mileena black is like making jax white idk how the Emily’s got ahold of mk and decided to black wash mileena . 🤦🏻‍♂️😭

  • Alicultivated
    Alicultivated2 dni temu

    1:45 "Basically Scorpion without the mask and hood" Or you could say non-revenant Hanzo Hasashi.

  • PatisauR
    PatisauR2 dni temu

    wheres johnny cage?

  • darkinthedarkness
    darkinthedarkness2 dni temu

    You missed Noob Saibot

  • hubert Leyva
    hubert Leyva2 dni temu

    Did no one notice smoke?!?!?

  • Anthony soto
    Anthony soto2 dni temu

    Dude gotta have Johnny cage! He's a classic!! I hope this cole guy enters the tournament under the name Johnny cage...

  • Gideon
    Gideon2 dni temu

    This whole comment in a nutshell: That's not Mileena. As if Rain, who's also an Edenian demigod isn't portrayed as a flamboyant brown ninja in the games. It's like people here haven't played the games.

  • LordDrakath15226


    Dzień temu

    He's only brown in the latest one, every other appearance he had light skin.

  • Ricardo Gonzalez
    Ricardo Gonzalez2 dni temu

    How do they have a mileena and not a kitana when mileena exists because of kitana

  • Carson James IV
    Carson James IV2 dni temu


  • Ya Red
    Ya Red2 dni temu

    Imagine Kitana played by Sonoya Mizuno

  • TwoLazyPeople
    TwoLazyPeople2 dni temu

    Ouw man this is cool

  • yudhikp
    yudhikp2 dni temu

    Change the actor for Milena or make that character is Jade..

  • The person who makes bad content
    The person who makes bad content2 dni temu

    Mortal kombat: changes mileena’s look Mileena fans:and we took that personally

  • SilentSet 4thowwow
    SilentSet 4thowwow2 dni temu

    I’m black & I’m here to say that we just wanted video game accurate characters.

  • Gabe Stein

    Gabe Stein

    13 godzin temu

    Your racial ethnicity means nothing

  • Didy Triono
    Didy Triono2 dni temu

    raiden movie is weird, not like in the game

  • M T
    M T3 dni temu

    I was so looking forward for Terry Crews to be casted as Jax, I'm disappointed

  • C H

    C H

    10 godzin temu

    Or idris elba

  • Armin Rafeian
    Armin Rafeian3 dni temu

    Whats with the girl with to swords and dark hair from behind .she was only in one frame

  • King D.
    King D.3 dni temu

    Is Cole part of the game? I'm new

  • Ray Anicacio
    Ray Anicacio3 dni temu

    Missed reptile.

  • Lol Fun
    Lol Fun3 dni temu

    I like if they pick someone for the role of scorpion like scorpion revenge

  • Yudho Prakoso
    Yudho Prakoso3 dni temu

    Sub Zero❤️

  • Ty Stewart
    Ty Stewart3 dni temu

    As a Mileena fan I'm not going to lie I do not like how they design her at all. I don't like her hair, her outfit, and her mouth... I like that messy haircut in MKX. We deliberately asked for her to come back on MK11 and now in the movie y'all going to design her looking like she got her outfit from party City and dress her up as game of thrones??? At least put her in pink for Christ sakes! Lol smh 🤦🏻‍♀️😩

  • Saqib Khursheed
    Saqib Khursheed3 dni temu

    Chancellor from Marco Polo Why don't they cast hundred eyes

  • Shomiii
    Shomiii3 dni temu

    Raiden is Asian when he is usually white and no one is complaining, but Mileena is getting the most hate. Edenian is not even a real race. The hatred for black women is to real

  • Richard Fitzwell

    Richard Fitzwell

    2 dni temu

    He was only white in the old movies, then afterwards they made him white in the games. Before that, he was asian.

  • Higgs
    Higgs3 dni temu

    I’m all for accuracy to the game as well, did people get this upset about domino from Deadpool 2?

  • Charlie Díaz
    Charlie Díaz3 dni temu

    "Cole" should have been Johnny Cage

  • Salih Sal
    Salih Sal3 dni temu

    Mileena looks so freaking awesome ‼‼‼

  • Flaquito
    Flaquito3 dni temu

    i honestly done even care that mileena is black. Theyv made her and kitana go from latina looking to asian im the games so a lightskin black person tbh isnt that big of a stretch but what disappointed me was the fact that she has a normal mouth like cmon bru was it really that hard to give her tarkatan teeth. Mf meg the stallion in that mileena cosplay looked better than this

  • Hi-TyCh
    Hi-TyCh3 dni temu

    Mortal kombat has always had different race etc playing different characters. You people are children . Lol

  • Tationo Taliaferro
    Tationo Taliaferro3 dni temu

    Are my eyes playing a trick on me, or is Mileena black? If so, then Imma need to see Kitana.

  • Swifty Kid
    Swifty Kid3 dni temu

    I hope to see Johnny cage but who knows

  • Lunga Lu Macwele
    Lunga Lu Macwele3 dni temu

    I hope Johnny Cage is in the movie

  • Bill c
    Bill c3 dni temu

    The game Sonia has bigger milk bottles

  • Brandon S. Hernández
    Brandon S. Hernández3 dni temu

    How the cast of MK 2021 reboot should it been: -Tony Jaa as Liu Kang -Max Huang as Kung Lao -Thomas Jane as Raiden -Scott Eastwood as Johnny Cage -Jessica McNamee as Sonya Blade -Terry Crews as Jax Briggs -Kristin Kreuk as Kitana -Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion -Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) -Luke Goss as Kano -Ray Park as Reptile -Ladislav Beran as Baraka -Michelle Lee as Mileena -Dalip Singh "The Great Khali" as Goro -Chin Han as Shang Tsung -Takato Yonemoto as Bo' Rai Cho (Shaolin Temple cameo scene) -Carlos Pesina as Mokap (Stunt double cameo scene) -Ed Boon as Ed Goodman (Director's film "Citizen Cage" cameo scene) -Nathan Jones as Shao Kahn (final cameo scene)

  • Anthony Polisi
    Anthony Polisi3 dni temu

    Kano eye is on the right in game but left in movie lil odd to me but looks dope tuna be a great movie

  • Just Random
    Just Random3 dni temu

    oh so its Bi han and not Kuai Liang ok cool so know but was he really evil back then

  • Marquice Marrero
    Marquice Marrero3 dni temu

    glimpse of smoke was in the trailer

  • Diego James
    Diego James3 dni temu

    Who does Mileena look so different. That’s not fan service 😩

  • Hamed Khadivi
    Hamed Khadivi3 dni temu

    It's way bad

  • DoReRu YT
    DoReRu YT3 dni temu

    U missed kabal.

  • KamReSSe BABY
    KamReSSe BABY3 dni temu

    They need the fix Kano his laser eye is on the left instead of right. Dose it matter?

  • Shaunus maximus
    Shaunus maximus3 dni temu

    Hollywood busy blackwashing characters again

  • sammad Ahmed
    sammad Ahmed3 dni temu

    Why does scorpion look more like shang tsung

  • The Unwarded Lock
    The Unwarded Lock3 dni temu

    Americans and race obsession, name a more iconic duo

  • C H

    C H

    9 godzin temu

    It has to do with accuracy as this is based off of a series of video games. It’s not a race issue in any other context.

  • Sonia Rodríguez
    Sonia Rodríguez3 dni temu

    You missed Cole Young

  • Gamestechnmore
    Gamestechnmore3 dni temu

    What race is scorpion?

  • Gamestechnmore


    3 dni temu

    @GhostRider992 ok I watched the cartoon recently and I thought he was African American

  • GhostRider992


    3 dni temu


  • NinjaMonkeyBOS
    NinjaMonkeyBOS3 dni temu

    I thought Noob Saibot was also in the trailer

  • Dog On a Couch
    Dog On a Couch4 dni temu

    Thank you for not putting Johnny Cage in the movie, he is too white and chauvinist for 2021. Next we need to get rid of Shao Khan, he's too misogynist and elitest, next we must remove Raiden, we don't need a male leader. Actually, can we get a sequal with only women and poc?

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang4 dni temu

    Who thinks Cole will be a new character and possibly Scorpions son? Or do you think he’ll be a known character and the last remaining member of the Shirai Ryu and be Takeda but doesn’t know he is?

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang4 dni temu

    I’m sure it would make the continuity be pretty confusing if they recast the original Shang tsung but given that they even used the original actors look for the recent games it feels odd that another actor is playing Shang Tsung lol. This new Cole character could be a huge hit or miss but since they’re hinting at that he is related in some way to scorpion, the best thing for that character would be if he is like a scorpion type character with similar outfits and fighting styles.

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang4 dni temu

    I hope Mileena isn’t just the way the trailer shows and has some way of opening her mouth even bigger and make her teeth pop out more. It’s odd that they’re doing Mileena in the first film without katana given their history together with Mileena being a clone of katana and that they cast an African American to be Mileena when katana is supposed to be an Asian and this film is pretty committed to portraying their characters with the proper racial casting even making Raider Asian when in the games he looks pretty Caucasian.

  • Mr Smiff
    Mr Smiff4 dni temu

    Its funny how you're all commenting like you know something or directly worked on this film when in reality you all know nothing or just as much as the next guy. Quit bitching and wait for it to come out and appreciate that its even being made.

  • soggy biscuit
    soggy biscuit4 dni temu

    Ahhh dat diversity quota 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Suleiman Ayub
    Suleiman Ayub4 dni temu

    Lol they turned mileena black doesn't matter so how about turning jax Caucasian next time . Lets see how these people react lol.

  • Suleiman Ayub
    Suleiman Ayub4 dni temu

    We all know mk female characters are Edenians but the looks & appearance are inspired by real people like us from different race's . Kitana and Mileena are Asian , Jade is black yeah even her mk 11 face model was a black girl , Skarlet is Caucasian and Tanya is inspired by Middle Eastern Looks her mk X look was so Cleopatra. That's it .

  • TheODLawson23


    3 dni temu

    Kitana and Mileena are Asian? Really? They were portrayed by Katalin Zamiar and Becky Gable in the 90's MK video games. Talisa Soto, played Kitana, is Latina in the 1995 MK movie. Tanya is inspired by Middle Eastern looks? She has been black since MK4. You say Kitana is Asian? Sindel is Caucasian.

  • Unruly King

    Unruly King

    3 dni temu

    Was Mileena Asian in the MK 2 movie?

  • Mr. Reaper
    Mr. Reaper4 dni temu

    yuo forgot smoke

  • Spooligan
    Spooligan4 dni temu

    Yall missed Smoke, yall missed Lou Kang, yelled missed Reptile or Animality.

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez4 dni temu

    Not to mention they freakin race swapped Mileena

  • Kraureit Roheil
    Kraureit Roheil4 dni temu

    Suprisingly jhonny's not in the trailer.

  • Tewodros II
    Tewodros II4 dni temu

    Why mileena is black lmao

  • 먹똥
    먹똥4 dni temu

    Mileena just needs a visit to the orthodontist and she’ll look completely normal.

  • Awakened Soldier
    Awakened Soldier4 dni temu

    Everybody misses kano red beam eye is right side and not left like the movie

  • The Lycan
    The Lycan4 dni temu

    Original game? The design of the characters changes with each new game LoL.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez4 dni temu

    Who's the guy with the grey Hoodie supposed be???

  • Silk Lion
    Silk Lion4 dni temu

    Im looking forward for Sektor MK2

  • -
    -4 dni temu

    Black washing asian characters smh

  • Unruly King

    Unruly King

    3 dni temu

    Mileena isn't aisan...

  • Darkpilot96
    Darkpilot964 dni temu

    Netflix/Disney moto: I see white character and I want it painted Black

  • The One Who Knocks
    The One Who Knocks4 dni temu

    This Meleena doesn't even need a mask, all she gotta do is to clean her face and go to the dentist lol

  • Brian Durant
    Brian Durant4 dni temu

    And kano lol WaY off

  • James Lambertus
    James Lambertus4 dni temu

    Smh to the kids having problems with mileena being black. Kitana and mileena skin colors always change from the first game. Early MK they have white skin color like Caucasian. PS2 generations and MK9 and MKX they have brown colors. MK11 they look Asian. It’s different case than making Jax Asian because he’s set to be a black person. While kitana and mileena ethnics and skin colors are always ambiguous.

  • Qobi Kwezi
    Qobi Kwezi4 dni temu

    I'm struggling to find Edenia or Outworld on the world map, particularly on the Asian continent. Please help where is Edenia on earth???

  • Chris Salas

    Chris Salas

    2 dni temu


  • That 80’s Kid
    That 80’s Kid4 dni temu

    They were better off just making a mortal kombat movie without actual actors.

  • Unruly King

    Unruly King

    3 dni temu

    Or just don't watch it, simple

  • HazePR
    HazePR4 dni temu


  • IPIay
    IPIay4 dni temu

    I hope they get Ed Boon to dub the famous line "Get Over Here!"

  • Sean Lann
    Sean Lann4 dni temu

    Goro: For the Horde!!

  • First Last
    First Last4 dni temu

    MILEENA!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! I really hope her mouth actually spits open at some point revealing her monstrous fangs. With Mileena being in my top 3 I admit I have a bias towards her design, but why would they change her most defining feature in the first place. Aesthetics people, it might sound shallow, but it matters more than most people think.

  • Demented Nun
    Demented Nun4 dni temu

    I love that remark Soina always has had the same hair except in 5 games where she had different hair haha